hey guys what's up bulklock here . so this my first Ben 10 preparer for fusion and other stuff I will be baseing this off digimon cyber sleuth and fusion I'm gonna try not to divert from the canon and I'm not gonna describe how Gwen's aliens look because you your probably only reading this if your a ben10 fan and have seen digimon. I will describe the digimon. and also most of Gwen's forms are just deal versions of course however alien x is genderless but does have the same Slim form of a girl. also the parring is Ben x hope or charmcaster as she goes by. because I think the parring is not getting enough action out's side of harems or rebound fics she will be 12 but still the same height Ben and Gwen will a bit taller

I don't own Ben 10 or digimon

digimon attack



on to the Story

no pov.

in every multiverse there is a hero and for this universe it's Ben 10 wielder of the omnitrix hero of the universe there storys of this hero. hero,villan or antihero. this young man has saved the universe several times all with a certain wrist watch but there is one universe with a different kind of Ben one with ties to a world where few Hero's have been. a world known as the digital world.

Ben's pov.

Freedom it's something we all want but what is freedom I always believed freedom was in our actions

it's why I became a hacker.

now your probably thinking oh no I'm a criminal in jail but not quite and there's two reasons why. one I'm the best hacker in the world

second I've never committed a crime oh sure I've hacked NASA the CIA and the white house. but I've never stolen something or commtied any other crimes just left funny videos and cute cat videos . I hacked those place for the thrill of it as well because it's pretty funny

when it comes to hacking I'm a genius every thing else not so much . but you know what I'm getting ahead of my self my names Ben tenyeson or as the place I've hacked know me as greenflare and. you know something I've never been outside of bellwood so when my grandpa said we were going on a road trip I jumped at the chance expecting adventure. what I didn't expect was my cousin Gwen coming along,ruining my planes and her getting a alien watch that that turned her into a aliens.

which leads us to where we at now at the moment my life truly changed forever .

I'm going for a walk said a boy with brown hair emerald eyes wearing a white shirt with large black line down the the middle with drown cargo shorts wearing a green jacket with a white circle with a green flame inside of it. (his alien. force jacket but instead of a 10 there's a green flame inside of it) this was Ben 10

but grampa said not to leave camp said (a young girl around the the same age with a orange haired and lighter green eyes girl with a blue hairclip fiddling with a big bulky wristwatch

that was primarily black with a grey color with a grey or black dial as the with a hourglass symbol that glowed purple. she wore a blue raglan shirt with a cat. logo on her chest she also wore a white pair of capries as she a pair of white shoes with dark blue stripes. this was Gwen Ben's cousin. who with the watch she got Ealier today could turn into aliens.

whatever I'm going anyway better than. being stuck here with you dweeb. I said she and I have never gotten along I'd hacke her but she family and I love my family even my dweeb of a cousin. what ever dofuss get in trouble for all I care . she said as she as she looked up only to notice he was already gone as she snorted dofuss. as she went back to tinkering with watch.

Ben's pov...

stupid cousin I thought to myself. as I walked small trail for a second I just stopped for a sec and sighed guess my master plan of going off on my own is shot said to myself

I prefer being alone with my version freedom which meant no responsibility and knowing I wasn't good with people. call me a loner but it's true and it's like I had any friends. I mean I'm a hacker what do expect I'm still a criminal even if nobody knows it beside I'm not the hero type like my cousin and. well people need a hero not sum punk as walked around lost in my thoughts that's when I heard it, (help) I stopped who's there come out. nobody came the forest was quiet awell I sighed but I stilled listened, (HELP) this time I heard it clear as day. hold on! I yelled as I started to run tword's the injured voice

I jumped over logs and rocks without stopping until I tripped over and started to roll down a hill. ahh I yelled I stopped rolling ow said as got up okay I'm never doing that again. as near a stream was static like dragon figure that looked like it was in pain. hey are okay I asked kneeling infront of it. please help me I can't move. hold on I'll help you I said. but what do I do I have to help him but I don't know how I thought to myself. all of a sudden a green portal appeared in front of me. inside I could hear a voice. Human do you want to save your friend. of course I want to save him please help me. Very well what is you name human. it's Ben, Ben tenyeson. Very well young Ben use this fusion loader wisely. It said as a emerald colored box like device withe a screen at the top a circle of buttons in the middle an't two black lines under the screen (think Mikey's fusion loader but instead red and white, it's green and black) what is this thing I asked myself as I fealt tired started to pass out. the last was that little static figure turn in energy and flow into the box like device.

Ben's pov..

4 minnutes later

ugh my head hurts I said to myself as I looked I noticed I was still at the creek. Was it all a dream I thought to myself. Hey Ben! I looked around but no one was there. Down here the voice said as I looked down I saw the same retangcular device on the ground as I looked at it I knowticed the screen was glowing. Hey there. Who the heck are you i asked? if you wanna know just point your fusion loader in front of you and say realize. truth be told with the day I was having I just shrugged my shoulders pointed the device and realize! all of a sudden energy pops and forms a little dragon with white armored skin, horns as well as a red cloack with goggles embedded into it.

Hi I'm Hackmon your knew partner! it said cheerfuly. I mearly rubbed my eyes and shook my head, wait my what! I yelled.

Arthur's notes so what y'all think are description to long did I miss spell something I want your honest opinion. oh and stay tuned for chapter 2 Roar of hackmon!

till next time this is bulklock the grimhead rolling out!