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digimon attack

digimon talking



no pov...

okay let me get this straight

Ben said. As he cluching is fingers on the the bridge of his nose in frustration and disbelief. your a digital monster or a digimon for short. From a world made of digital data and I am supposedly your new partner he asked? yep and that means your the key to my dream of becoming a royal Knight.hackmon said completely oblivious to Ben's frustation. Ben took a deep breath and then let out an sigh as if he had given up on all logic. okay so what exactly is royal Knight I mean I can probably guess what it is by the name but what exactly is it he asked .

They're the protectors of the digital world and serve lord Yggdrasil. in fact my teacher gankoomon was actually one of them and ever since i was young I've wanted to be one.hackmon eyes shined with was clear he admire his teacher.

so then where is he shouldn't you be with him he asked. as hackmon looked down sadly. not long after my training was completed a disaster struck the digital world he and the other royal Knights tried to stop it. I wanted to come with him but he told me I wasn't strong enough and that I still had one last lesson to learn something I had to learn on my own . but he and the other Knights stopped the disaster however the digital world was split into several zones and the knights were lost. after that I traveled the world avoiding other digimon in hopes of finding out that final lesson and completeing it.

Ben's pov...

wow that's some story I told him. I know he said. but why are you in our world then, I asked? I picked a fight with a powerful digimon named Skullgreymon he said.

oh I said so what are you gonna now I asked him. truth be told i fealt bad for the guy being stuck in a new world must not be very fun. Actually I was hoping I could stay with you know since we're partners and all that now he said trying his best to do puppy eyes. it didn't work very well. I simply sighed,look I got no problem with Coming along but my grandpa and cousin can't find out about you I said. That's okay I can,, He suddenly interrupted as the earth shook slighty and there was a small explosion in the distance . what was that I asked. I don't know but it came from that direction come on. he said as we took off.

Time skip...

As we arrived at where the explosion happened we noticed the area was completely destroyed many trees were ripped out however most of them were either sliced or obliterated there were craters every were creating an open field. and in the middle of the field were two creatures.

the biggest was a bipedal dinosaur with red eyes , covered in mostly blue scales. it had five fingers on each hands and three toes on its feat. it had white fur on its arms,mouth and belly. except for the blue V shaped fur on its chest. it had a single horn above its noes and two horns on the back of his head the latter of ewhich formed a v shape angel. the second was vastly different. it was a. Android like creature.

What are those things I asked as hackmon stood next to me. Those aren't creatures they'er Digimon!

What! you know these guys I asked him. Not personally but I do of them he said. (The big Dino guy is veedramon , a champion vaccine digimon,this mythical dragon that even with the vastness of the digitalworld is rarely encountered. with excepition of it being called veedramon due to the v on its chest, the rest of its way 0f life is a mystery. but it has the power to be as strong an ultimate, and you better watch out for its v-Nova blast . hackmon explained)

( The other guy is andromon an ultimate vaccine data, type. he's an Android digimon that poseses great fighting strength that can destroy a digimon below ultimate in one hit but he's most devastating with his special attacks, lightning blade, and Gatling missile. hackmon said)

lightning blade! andromon yelled as his sword as a blade of lightning was shot from his arm however his movements were slow, it was clear he was exushusted which mad it easy for veedramon to dodge it allowing him charge andromon. ahhh. andromon yelled as he was slammed into a tree argarh veedramon roared at him. we've got to help him come on hackmon. I yelled as I ran tword's andromon. Right I take care of veedramon. he said as he charged veedramon, (Teen Ram) hackmon yelled as he rotated his tali like a drill and thrusted into veedramon gut. as I got to andromon it looked like he was straight to get up. Hey you okay I asked him. I'm okay thank you ,ah Ben Tenyeson I told him, thank you Ben I am in your debt. don't mention it I told him. However the conversation was interrupted as hackmon was thrown right next to us. hackmon are you okay I asked him as he stood up. Ugh,this guy is really tough why is he so angry? hackmon asked. I don't know I was just walking around after arriving in this world and he came out of nowhere and attacked me and it appears we are to weak to stop him andromon said . but there are Pepole near by they'll get hurt if we don't stop him. but how even if we work together we'd only be beaten hackmon said. Dang it what do we do. ithought to myself thats when I remember flashback...

Use this fusion loader wisely. as my loader glowed green. hackmon, andromon do you trust me I asked them ,

hackmon: yes, andromon : very well he said. thanks I said back to them as I raised my fusion loader and shout out to the and Digifuise! (transformation Scene. this happens like in the digimon fusion show as hackmon in position glowing white) Hackmon ready, next was andromon

weapons checked locked and loaded he yelled. (this is when they fuse together)

the two became lights andand began merging together creating a new figure. this figure was as tall as andromon how ever unlike andromon this was pure mechanical hover it had the look of a humanoid dinosaur it was a white color with red out lining it's arms we long with what appeared to be a large hidden blade attached to a long chain wrapped around it's left arm. it's right arm was bigger than the left with a large fist that seem to rotate. legs were long with medium sized spikes pertruding out of the legs down to its human like feet feet. on its chest pointing out of a hole was a short but bulky cannon. pertruding out of its backwas a long mechanical tail on the end of it was what appeared to be small laser shaped like a spear it head was shaped like hackmon's but a bit more humanoid and Sharper eyes and a face guard covering it's mouth

as it stopped transfoming

it yelled HackmonX2! (end transforming sequenceas hackmonX2 stood their in all its glory. I stood there staring at him in awe, okay that's really cool I said to myself. This is incredible he's fused us into one Andromon. I heard hackmonX2 say. Apparently however veedramon was not impressed and tried to attack with a punch him to send him flying keyword tried. considering hackmonX2 caught his fist with ease I knew we were gonna win this.

Nice try big guy. how a bout I give you a taste of your own. HackmonX2 said as he reared his fist as it began to spin extremely fast like a drill. Spiral fist! he yelled as he punched veedramon in the gut sending fly in in to the trees. Alright guys I yelled as I threw my hand in the air and did a little cheer. as they separated back to o their original forms. you guys okay I asked walking up to them. we're fine Andromon said, speak for yourself I heared that the fusion loader could fuse digimon together but I never though it would happen. hackmon said. so what now what are you gonna do now Andromon.

I don't know I've only arrived in this world yesterday. he said as hackmon looked at him well why don't you stay with us.

Huh I said. well yay me and andromon can stay in the fusion loader like I did before you let me out remember he said. now that I thought about it he was right .

I sighed alright but on one condition we can't tell my grandpa or cousin about I said. the two just looked at each other. deal they said. aright now how do put you two in here i said pointing at my loader. just say reload hackmon said. oh okay reload guys I said as they went into the fusion loader. as I looked at the loaded with a smile before walking before walking back to camp.

timeskip whoa what happened I asked looking around. your cousin got in a fight with a robot said a large old man with silver hair wearing a hawian shirt. speaking of which where were you he asked. I just went for a walk i said. okay well get changed and get to bead okay. sure grampa I said. as I got ready for bead I looked down at my new Fusion loader. with hackmon and andromon by my side my nothing will stop my planes. I thought to my self as fell asleep dreaming of future adventures.

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