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no pov,

meanwhile at a Gas Station. a large towtruck two men got ready to make a heist. Max turns a Etty our to see the largest of the two

"out of the way grandpa I've got a major Withdraw to make he said as he threw Max to the ground.

meanwhile in the station..

"You got any cookies and cream"Ben asked "yeah sure kid"the the old employee said. "what about you girly"he asked gwen. she was about to answer when she heard what was outside a smirk can upon her face "I'm about to go rockyroad" she quiped as turned on the watch and turned into a green lines but primarily black with a White underbelly. (A/n it's just regular upgrade)

scene change..

as the second man was about put his foot to the gas something changed as upgrade's face appeared at the wheel. "Your request has been denied"she said. as she threw him out of the truck and unmerged with the truck. "nice work gwen"max said. As Ben came out with his ice cream

and stood next to gwen. "so where to next grandpa" ben asked. "were heading to visit your aunt Vera for the weekend"he said as Ben choked a bit on his ice cream. and screamed in his head boring old aunt Vera no!

scene change in the RV,

"I don't see the big deal is I like aunt Vera" gwen said.

"yeah because you and a 70 year old lady have the same interest" Ben snarked. whatever dork she snapped back.

scene change,

"it's been years since I've seen Max and the kids why don't you stop on by" Vera said. "I'd like that" Marty said as he went turned on TV only to be wrapped in chains and attacked by a green slime creature.


"this is gonna be boring here there idea of fun is probably watching he said to himself when something caught his eye some old man had jumped off his roof and did a back flip. "okay that's odd something up around here." Ben thought to himself. Max so good to see you again" Vera it's been awhile so good to see you again".

indeed come in come in she said as they came in.

Ben looked at the window next door only to see Marty roar at him. "well somebody friendly something's defently up "he thought to himself. neither noticed was a green worm like creature starring at Ben.

scene change,

"sniff,sniff why do old people hours always smell like cooked socks"he said to himself. later at dinner.

"so Vera what's the brown chunks in this Max asked as he took a bite. "porkchop and bits of cauliflower"she said. both ben and gwen looked at each other as both eyed the the gell in disgust."hey I'm gonna use the restroom"ben said. "okay be right back"vera said.

Ben's pov,

As I closed the bath room door he sighed in relief deactivated the hologram on his clothes revealing my Zaxon outfit. "glad that over time to get to work" I though to himself. as I pulled out his Fusion loader. "hey datamon have you finished the solid hologram" i asked?yep I've built it in to your VR mask just push the button on your left side." "excellent I said as I deployed the my substitute as a hologram."you know what to do I said" as it nodded at me and left the room as I activited my cyberbody it took awhile but I manged to get the hang of it and abilitys that came with like stealth hide and security which mad a barrier that can block bullets and energy blast.

"now to find out what's going on in this place " I thought to myself as I went out the window but not before catching a glimpse of something following me. sticking to the ally ways and bushes I could see that these people weren't human from what I saw only aunt Vera wasn't one of them. "I don't get it though I'm getting four digimon signatures on my loader but I haven't see any thing and it's alright past night if it wasn't for my cyberbody I'd be asleep right now. "maybe the fusion loader was mistaken" Aquilamon said. "impossible the radar system I installed works perfectly fine I've checked it twice" datamon said.

"shhh be quite guys" I told them as I listened. "I know your there" I said. as a catpillar like digimon appeared from a bush behind me it had long anntena ten legs and pink claws an ant like mouth and a weird symbol on its head . " how did you know I was there"it asked.

" I caught a glimpse of you when I left Vera's, plus I heard you step on a twig "I said. "better question would be why are you following me and who are you"oh sorry" my names wormmon you see I need your help my friend lopmon was kidnapped by those things with a digimon helping them. along my other friend kurisimon I mange to get away but I can't stop them cause I'm to weak"he said. "I see" I said " tell ya what we'll help you out"i said. "really he said. " yeah but let's do it in the morning okay cause I am tired" I said. "yeah good point let's get some sleep"as he jumped on my right shoulder and we walked off to find a place to spend the night. "" the next morning.

"you sure this it" I asked as walked down in the tunnel with wormmon on my shoulder with both Leomon and hackmon right next to me with andromon bringing up the rear. "positive this is direction were I ran when I escaped "wormmon said.

scene change no pov,

as alien Max was about gwen it tricked her. "now you wouldn't hurt old grandpa Max now would ya"he said as Gwen falters. giving enough time to knock her into a sub Ben came to her aid (A/n form hologram Ben is known as sub,ben while Ben in disguise will be known as Zaxon.) only for monster Max charged them when suddenly.

fist of the beast king!. a voice yelled as monster Max was sent into the wall by an energy fist in the shop of a lion into rubbel they turned to a large lion man hybrid as well as a cyborg a small Dino and a worm with Zaxon. gwen was about respond in a incoherent sentence. only for pick up a scent as she grabbed sub,ben and ran off almost crashing into the make shift wall only for the watch to time out and them to land on their faces. you know you really should of waited for us Zaxon said as Gwen glared at him. "what are you doing here"gwen questioned."we here on a rescue mission

this little guy is wormmon" he said pointing to the worm on his shoulder"his friends have been captured by whatever have been replacing these old people he said. "okay but how do we get past this thing"sub,ben asked pointing to the barracad. "easy enough Andromon take it out" Zaxon ordered as the cyborg stepped forward "yes sir it said as its smaller arm began to spin with lightning cackling around it Lightning blade! it yelled as a blade of energy struck the barracad completely destroying it. "well done andromon" Zaxon praised. the Android digimon neatly noded its head and smiled. "well you guys coming or not"Zaxon asked? as he started to walk away gwen and "ben" looked at each other and shrugged and followed him.

"so what are you guys anyway you don't look like any creatures I've seen before" gwen asked? we are digimon aka digital monsters beings composed of living data from the digital world "leomon answered. okay but what about the big guy I saw back at the lake against those poachers the big guy with the cannons on his back"gwen asked? "your looking at them"hackmon answered. "what but you guys look nothing like it."that true however you see Zaxon has the power fuse us into one being

the form you saw at lake was actually a fusion of myself Leomon and hackmon together we form HackmonX3"andromon answered her response. "but how how does he do it she aske?

with a device know as the fusion loader they're given to people known as generals from what I know of we are the only army in the real world all the others are located in the digital". suddenly Zaxon stopped "we're here "he said as they came upon an where you looked you could see were pods everywhere. "they must have everyone here" "ben"said. "Grandpa!"gwen yelled as went and got Max out. "ugh what happened to me?" he asked as he massaged his forehead. "you were put in a pod by aliens Zaxon said. as Max accidently opened the space ship's door behind him when he stumbled back a bit . "they've got aunt Vera" gwen yelled "we have to get them out of here Max said. all of of sudden, "Heavy metal fire" a yelled as blue fire shot at gwen and Max as both closed their eyes and waited for it to hit them. "not so fast" as they opened their only to see. Zaxon holding his hand out creating a force field as the flames dispersed. "why don't you come out now huh

Zaxon demanded. "hehe not bad kid" a voice said as a being walked at the tunnel was a large being. it was a human bbeing withe a metal skull for a head it hair was blue fire it wore no shirt and had chains wrapped around it's arms and upper body it wore leather jeans with flames on the did and its shoes had skulls on them.(A/n look him up on wikapida if don't get what he looks like)with the rest aliens that kidnapped the people. they looked like slime but with organs visible with sharp teeth. "they've found the food supply we need to get them on the ship they've been marinating long enough"one of the aliens said. "marinating "gwen said surprised."we need to get them out here"max said. your not going any where especially if you want these back" he said pointing to a container that two of the slimes were holding behind him. with in it were two beings one was a was a large Cacoon like being with a red large horn on its head and a similar sized spike at his body with six removals with small spears at the end and small horns around it's head (A/n its kurisimon look him up on wikapida) the other was a bipedal largomorph with brown fur that's stripied pink around it's collarbone paws and the tips of its ears. it had long floppy ears and three horns on its head with black paws and pawpads. "lopmon, kurisimon are you guys alright!" wormmon yelled.

"wormmon thank goodness your alright"lopmon said. "indeed it's good to see you again my friend I'm glad you're alright my friendkurisimon said. "the big one was a challenge but I got them in the end"the skull man laughed. "who the heck is this guy?"gwen asked as the info appeard in zaxons VR.

"his name is skullmeramon a ultimate level digimon his special attack is heavy metal fire" Zaxon informed them. "what are you doing here skullmeramon" zaxon asked? it's simple really I help the fellas catch these old people and give them these digimon in return I get free access to their ship and tech" skullmeramon informed with a malicious grin. "guess it time kick slime tail gwen said. in flash of light she had transformed into a alien Heatblast! she yelled

"you take the Skullman I'll take the slime freaks" gwen said. "fine by me Leomon stay here and help her we'll draw skullmeramon away" he told them as ran off back into the tunnel.

"you boys stay here and deal with these chumps I'm going after the general" skullmeramon said as he went after Zaxon.

scene change gwen's fight no pov,

"you know you guys really burn me up now I'm gonna return the favor" she as shot fire at them only for them to combine into one form

"you've mad a big mistake us Laynex live for the heat why do think we came to the desert in the summer " as it got read to attack it was stoped by Leomon slashing at it with his sword while doing no damage it did get them to falter. "it would appear that your form is useless against them"leomon said. "yea I guess your how ever it looks like your doesn't do much either gwen said. as she looked up to see a pipe that been burned by her attack. "hey I'll distract them when I the say the word hit that pipe with your best shot" gwen said sure thing he said. "good she said as she charged them at them punching them several times not doing any damage only to picked by the Laynex. " did you really think that would do anything" it said. "nope she smiled answered NOW! she yelled "

fist of the beast king Leomon yelled as he shot a fist shaped lion head of his arm hitting the pipe making it burst on the Laynex only for one to get on the ship as Max got the last often residents off the ship only for it to blast of afterwards.

"we should get everyone to their condos before that realize what happened to them"max said. "what about us"lopmon asked? "this cage is mad of digichrome the strongest metal in the digital world we'll have to wait for andromon and the others to get back" Leomon

said. "in the meantime. time let's get everyone back in their homes" Max said "give me a few minutes and XLR8

will get it done "she said with a smile.

scene change Ben's pov,

"get back here you little wimp!"skullmeramon yelled

"catch us if you" Ben yelled

as they ran in to another opening near a chasem and stoped in the center.

"no where to run now huh boy "Skullmeramon said.

"who said any thing about running ready guys ben asked? "ready they both said then let's go.

Digifuse! I yelled.

"hackmon ( ready) hackmon cried as he (lock and load) he yelled as he began to glow to. (begin fusion) as two became lights they began to fuse into one being to form HackmonX2

as hackmonx2 stood against skullmeramon ready to fight. " so you guys can Digifuise doesn't matter you still to weak chumps. chain of pain he yelled as one of his chains and arms like a whip "dodge it" i yelled as hackmonx2 barley manged to dodge. as the tip of his tail began to spin,Bao laser!

he yelled as a thin but powerful laser shot straight at skullmeramon to fast to dodge. Heavy metal fire he countered. As the two attacks collided creating a small explosion kicking up dust as hackmonX2 covered his eyes only to be attacked. Blazing Iron Whip

skullmeramon yelled from with in the smoke as multiple flaming chains wrapped all around but his left arm hackmonX3's body burning him badly "crap he's got them caught what do we do now. I thought to myself. as I closed my eyes and thought and that's when it hit me hackmonX2 the cliff!I yelled to him" "huh" he said as he looked at me and. that's when he caught on to my meaning. "right he said as grabed the chain with his left arm and pulled. pulling skullmeramon towards him."wha-whaat skullmeramon yelled! as he was pull towards hackmon

Blade of the Creed! HackmonX2 yell3d as the large hidden blade in his left arm popped out as he delivering multiple slashes to skullmeramon ending with an upper slash that sent skullmeramon into the air. arggh skullmeramon yelled in pain as hackmon jumped above him ready to deliver the finishing blow Spiral Fist! HackmonX3

yelled as he strucked

skullmeramon in the chest

sending him into the chasm below. " you think he survived that?"hackmonX3

asked "I'd highly doubt it but if he did he won't be getting out for a while let's get back to the others they're probably finished with the slime creatures" I said. "right hackmonX3 nodded to him

scene changel

"and I'm done" andromon he had just finished dismantling and collecting the cage that kurisimon and lopmon were stuck in "okay then reload Andromon" I said as andromon and the digichrome into the fusion loader with out any one noticeing me taking the digichrome leaving only me and hackmon left. as we walked up the others which inclued gwen,grandpa max,kurisimon,lopmon and wormmon. "so what are you guys going to do now"gwen asked the trio of digimon

"we don't know we arrived in this world a few months ago. and wandered around the desert until we were captured"kurisimon said.

as the other two looked down."you could join up with us" I stated walking up to them. as i walked up to them but still remained a good few feet away as they turned to look at me. "we could use allies like you" I told them. "hold on they were just freed and you want them to join your army" Gwen asked? "it's your choice I said ignoring her as they looked at each other."were in"kurisimon said as I noded to them." in that case reload" I said to them as they reload in the fusion loader. once it was done we turned around and began to walk away "wait a second gwen said why did you help us she asked?" I don't know what your talking about I said." back at the lake and once again today why did you help a world famous hacker help us she asked? " becaues I felt like it I answered her. as I began to walk away as hackmon returned to the fusion loader as I activited stealth hide and disappeared leaving her with more questions than answers.

timeskip no pov,

"well good bye don't be stranger's aunt vera said. as huged max and told gwen to be careful of those nasty aliens. she told gwen who looked at her with a small smile. as Ben was about enter the RV after giving vera a huge when Vera said something that mad Ben freeze. "oh and ben she said as he looked at her be careful on the road okay she said with a smile a wave and a known. look in her eyes. as his eyes widen smileing at her "thanks he said as he walked. into the RustBucket

as they drove off for the next adventure on the road.

meanwhile in the rustbucket .

"I wonder what happened to that skullmeramon guy Zaxon fought gwen asked?

"I'm not sure but if what if Zaxon said is and he got thrown down into that chasem I doubt we'll him again" Max answered.

as Ben's eyes narrowed slightly. hopefuly he thought to himself.

scene change at the bottom of a chasem .

"That chump general and pal's got lucky this time. skullmeramon said to himself as he walked in to a small cavern in chasem filled with the Laynex's Tech

"but that doesn't matter anymore I got what I need not only did I get that tech I swiped from those slime freaks but they never noticed that I was feeding off the computers in those condos but also from the computers on in their ship."

he grinned as he gave off a glow. skullmeramon digivolve to Boltmon!

in his place was a large Frankenstein like creature with green skin spikey red hair a metal head piece leather pants a large lighting bolt mark on his chest with bolts drilled in his skin and a large pair of boots with spikes on them and a large battal axe on its back. (A/n just look him up on wikapida) " I may not be the smartest guy around but even I know how important this tech is to the plan and once the device is completed not even that chump general and his little friends will stop us. I just hope that singing fool does't screw up his part"he as he gave an evil laughed that promised pain.

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