Content warning: Injuries throughout (but he gets better). Brief mention of child abuse during Harry's time with the Dursleys. Skip the first section from the Doctor's point of view to avoid it.


Harry noticed the sunlight shining on his face before anything else. He groaned a little bit and shifted in the bed before the sharp pain in his side stopped him from moving. He wrinkled his nose and squinted his eyes against the bright sunlight coming through the window. He was in the hospital wing at Hogwarts.

Harry racked his brain trying to remember how he got there. He was in a building with skeletons and somebody shot him after he talked to a giant floating head.

That couldn't be right. Must have been a weird dream. But Harry couldn't remember anything else and his side definitely hurt right where he dreamed he was shot.

"I must've taken a bludger to the head and got skewered on something in the fall." Harry said to himself. That definitely made more sense than giant floating heads.

Harry tried to move again and found that he could sit up.

He was in some sort of hospital gown and he wished that he could wear his school uniform since he was at school.

Harry was in his school uniform sitting on the edge of a bed in the hospital wing.

"I'm probably late for class." Harry said to himself as he stood up and walked to the door.

He opened the door to the infirmary and found that it led directly to Hogwarts' moving staircases. Well, that is if Hogwarts' moving staircases went seemingly infinitely both up and down with a dark abyss around them.

"I don't think I'm actually in Hogwarts."

That was the first correct thing Harry had said since waking up. If he was even awake at all.

The Doctor

The Doctor was no stranger to the mental arts. All time lords are able to access a mental space within their own minds and some could even communicate with each other and walk together in each other's minds. He had learned about this art at the Academy like all young time tots did.

This particular body of the Doctor's seemed to be especially adept at using the mental arts. So, the Doctor mentally closed his eyes and followed his training. He focused in on Harry's emotions and searched for feelings of pain and fear. Ideally that would lead the Doctor to where Harry was. It might be in a memory or it might be in an empty room. The Doctor just needed to locate him.

When the Doctor opened his eyes, he found himself squatting in a small space with just a bit of light coming in. He stood up from the squatted position his physical body was in only to whack his head on something. He hissed and bent back over a bit and found a cord leading to a light. He pulled it and examined his surroundings.

Cleaning products, cobwebs, and a small mattress that looked like it had once belonged in a crib with a pile of threadbare blankets on top of it. This was a cupboard. And it appeared that some animal was occasionally locked in here.

"Why would this be so clear in your mind, Harry?" the Doctor asked, not fully expecting a reply.

The Doctor went for the handle on the little door on one side of the cupboard and was about to try it when he heard yelling. He paused.

"Do you think that we just buy this food so that it can be thrown in the bin after you ruin it?" a woman's shrill voice asked.

"No Aunt Petunia." The small voice of a child responded.

"But you still thought that you'd go and burn the sausage now, didn't you?"

"It's not like I meant to." The child's voice said so quietly the Doctor could barely hear it.

"What was that?" The woman snapped.

"Nothing Aunt Petunia."

"No. I want you to repeat what you said."

The Doctor heard the child take a breath in before saying with more boldness than the Doctor expected,

"I said it's not like I meant to burn Dudley's stupid sausage."

Then there was a thump, a yell, and some soft crying.

"Oh, don't go crying to me." The woman said. "You got what you deserved being such an ungrateful little brat. Go to your cupboard. Your uncle will sort you out further when he gets back from work. Thanks to you I've got to figure out what my little Dudlykins is going to have for lunch on top of everything else I have to do."

The cupboard door creaked open and a dark-haired child no older than five or six slipped inside. He was rubbing at a knot that was already forming on his forehead and trying to stifle his sobs.

"Oh Harry," the Doctor reached out to try to get a better look at Harry's forehead but his hand passed right through the child. This was only a memory.

Harry plopped down on the old mattress and hugged his knees in close to his chest.

"I can't do anything right." Harry said through hiccups. "Stupid Harry just had to mess up stupid Dudley's stupid lunch."

The Doctor knelt down next to the memory of the child.

"I've been making sausage for a month now. I should know not to turn the heat up that much. Aunt Petunia just said to get it done fast."

Harry then looked up and seemed to stare directly at the Doctor.

"Do you ever try to make things better but only make them worse?"

"Too often." The Doctor replied. "But this wasn't your fault. Your Aunt shouldn't be letting you cook when you're this little."

"I didn't figure you ever did." Harry said after a brief pause. "I mean what's a spider got to mess up?"

The Doctor turned and saw that directly behind him was a little house spider in a web. Ah. That was who Harry was talking to.

"Well, I'm going to sleep for a little while Mr. Spider." Harry curled up on the little mattress. "Hopefully my uncle doesn't kill you when he comes to punish me later. It would be sad to lose my only friend."

As Harry fell asleep the memory faded out and the Doctor found himself kneeling in front of a set of stairs.

The Doctor rose to his feet and found that his own eyes were slightly damp. He wished that he could go back and help Harry when he was hurting back then but he couldn't cross the time stream like that. What he could do though was find present Harry and help him now.

With that in mind the Doctor turned to examine the stairs and found that it wasn't just one staircase but rather an infinite void of moving stairs.

"This might be harder than I thought." The Doctor said as he started up the stairs in front of him.


Harry reached the top of the staircase he was on. It led to a single door. Harry opened it and found himself in the tunnel leading from the Gryffindor locker rooms onto the quidditch pitch.

"Nice!" Harry said, his practice uniform forming around him where his school uniform just was.

He ran out onto the pitch and saw the Gryffindor team from his third year running drills.

"Sorry I'm late guys!" He yelled as his fire bolt jumped into his hand and he took off. "I've been having the weirdest day."

Nobody on the team looked at him. Instead, they seemed to be looking at something higher up in the sky. Harry looked up in the direction the team was staring and saw…

Himself. Flying on his old Nimbus Two Thousand and being chased by the twins as they tried to hit him with the bludger.

"Huh?" Harry flew up to the him higher in the air to get a better look.

"Is that the best you can do?" The Harry in the air taunted the twin that had just whacked a bludger towards him. "Here I thought you two were the best beaters to ever fly through Hogwarts."

"Wood told us that we can't hurt you before our first game." George yelled back. "So, we've been going easy on you."

"But if it's a challenge you want!" Fred called back.

"Do your worst!" Harry mouthed at the same time the other Harry riding the Nimbus yelled at the twins.

"I remember this." Harry said as he flew beside the past version of himself keeping time.

The twins knocked the bludger back and forth as both Harrys flew perfectly in sync doing avoidance maneuvers. When they were close to the ground one of the twins whacked the bludger straight at Harry. It went through him as if he wasn't even there but past Harry wasn't so lucky. The bludger collided with his side sending him crashing off his broom and falling the short distance to the ground.

Although Harry wasn't hit, when the bludger hit past Harry, the injury on Harry's own side burst into pain again, forcing him to land. He kneeled on the ground gasping for air.

"You've got to get up mate." Harry heard one of his team mates say.

"You'll be alright but you've got to get up and get better fast."

"You're not going to have us loose tomorrow over a reckless move like that!" That was Wood.

"Nah, Harry'll be fine," one twin said.

"He's tough." the other added on.

They were right, Harry thought. He is tough. He will heal and he will be fine. With those thoughts in mind Harry felt the pain in his side lessen and the wound start to itch. He looked down and saw a golden light located just around his side.

Huh, that was new.

Harry got up and walked back through the doors leading to the locker room and found himself back on the staircase with a new set of stairs leading to another door.

"I guess these are my memories," Harry said to himself, "but how do I get out of them?"

The Doctor

The Doctor was not having a great time. He had already seen three bad memories from Harry's childhood that involved him being hurt and in pain. As soon as the Doctor found Harry again he was determined that the teen would not be leaving his side for the next hundred years. If anything else wanted to hurt Harry they would have to get through him.

In the midst of his planning on how to bubble wrap a young Gallifreyan, the Doctor felt Harry's presence stronger than he had since he entered his mind. The Doctor looked up and saw a soft golden glow and when he looked closer-

"Harry!" The Doctor called out, jumping and grabbing onto the railings of other staircases to try to reach him.

The Doctor wasn't fast enough because by the time he reached where he had last seen Harry, the teen was already gone and the Doctor couldn't feel him enough to pin point him.

The Doctor slammed his fist into the door that Harry was standing in front of when the Doctor last saw him. The door creaked open.

Inside was a locker room. The Doctor followed it out onto a large field and saw people flying around on brooms.

"Brilliant!" the Doctor said. "I love humans. Wonder what the first one was thinking when they decided to enchant a broom to fly? Probably some kid slacking on their house work and trying to find a way to get to their friends!"

The Doctor focused back on the field and saw that the seats around it were full of people. Upon closer inspection the Doctor saw that there seemed to be two teams playing. And there up above almost everyone else was Harry, flying in circles.

He was older than what he was in the last memory the Doctor was in but still younger than the Harry the Doctor knew. While the Doctor was thinking about how much smaller Harry looked than the other players, Harry's broom began to try to shake him off.

Harry, for his part was holding on tight and though the Doctor knew that Harry would come out of this situation just fine since it was only a memory, he still grabbed his sonic to see if there was anything he could do to stop it. Finally, the shaking stopped and Harry continued on with the game as if nothing happened.

The Doctor closed his eyes and sighed in relief and when he opened them again, everything had shifted.

People were still playing the same game and Harry was still up in the sky, but he looked a little older. He was also being chased by a very violent ball.

The Doctor watched as the ball slammed into Harry.

Harry let out a little yell but kept going until he held up a small gold ball. The crowd burst into cheers and it looked like Harry would receive the medical attention he needed until a smug looking dandy of a man came up and-

"Did he just fully erase his bones?" The Doctor squawked. "Where did he even send them to? Do they have a graveyard just for random disappearing bones?"

The Doctor never got his answer before the scene shifted again to another game.

The sky became overcast and a sense of depression filled the air. The Doctor looked up an was barely able to made out Harry in the clouds before the sound of a woman's screams filled the air. Harry fell off of his broom, plummeting towards the ground.

The Doctor ran forward as if he'd be able to catch Harry but only made it a meter or two when the scene faded around him and he was back at the foot of some stairs.


Herbology was never Harry's favorite class but he had learned that it went a bit better when he partnered up with Neville. The pudgy blonde boy's skill with plants couldn't be called anything other than magic.

In this particular memory, Harry remembered why Neville was at the top of this class instead of him.

Harry stood behind a past version of himself from just a month or so ago.

"Now, be very careful while taking your cuttings of these." Professor Sprout said. "They can get a little temperamental when they're in danger."

Past Harry picked up the pot with a steady hand and lifted it up to his work station. He grasped a branch in one hand and started to cut the branch off with the knife in his other hand when the plant decided to fight back.

A spine grew out of the branch past Harry held and pierced right through his hand.

Past Harry jerked the knife down in pain, severing the branch from the rest of the tree and was left holding a branch in his hand that was equal parts holding him.

"Gah!" Harry huffed at the same time the past version of him let out a hiss through his teeth.

Just like on the quidditch pitch, Harry's current injury hurt again at the same time a past version of him got hurt.

"Oh, Harry!" Neville gasped when he saw the branch. "Arbus Constro really grew on you huh?"

"More like grew through me," Past Harry pulled the spike out of his hand and set the branch down next to the plant.

Neville darted over to the side of the greenhouse and cut a long thick leaf off of a plant.

"Let me see your hand," Neville sliced up the leaf and pulled some of its sticky sap off of the inside of it. He smeared the sap on Harry's hand and the cut went numb as the sap crusted over.

"Is that some sort of aloe?" Past Harry asked.

"A type," Neville responded. "It's really good for temporarily stopping bleeding and numbing injuries but it doesn't work as an antiseptic so you'll still want to go to the hospital wing to get a potion for that."

"You're absolutely brilliant, Neville!"

"It's really nothing," Neville looked down and blushed a bit from the uncommon praise. "I grow this all over my room because I get hurt so much. I always figured that if you're going to be clumsy you've at least got to know how to heal yourself. That way is just different for everyone."

As he heard Neville's words, Harry's side once again glowed and itched a bit more.

"Maybe I've got to fully heal before I can get out," Harry said to himself. "That makes sense. Sort of. I've just got to find a memory where I heal a little faster."

The Doctor

Who would allow a giant snake to live in a school?

And on top of that, who would allow a child to fight it with a damn sword?

The Doctor watched as the memory of Harry fought the basilisk with only a sword and a bird there to help him. The bird tried its best to help Harry, swooping in and blinding the snake. With the opening he had, Harry lunged forward and jammed the sword into the roof of the snake's mouth. Then the child fell back with a fang through his shoulder.

The Doctor then saw why Harry hadn't run away.

On the other side of the chamber from the Doctor, a young girl laid at the foot of an apparition. The girls skin got paler as the apparition became more solid.

The Doctor was reminded of when his old enemy the Master tried to steal the Doctor's own regenerations to bring himself back to life after a failed execution. Only, there was no playful banter here between either of the children or the real monster in the room. There was no past friendship and there was no equal footing. There were only two children laying on the ground dying while a monster got stronger.

So subtly the Doctor almost didn't notice due to focusing on the injustice of the situation, Harry thrust the fang through the diary.

The apparition let out a horrible scream as it disappeared. A bit of life came back to the girl.

Harry was not so lucky.

The Doctor saw the kindness of the child as Harry tried to comfort the bird that helped him fight the snake. Even as he died a painful and slow death, Harry couldn't allow his own pain to be shared.

Then, the bird glowed a slight gold and began to cry. Harry's wound healed and the memory faded.

The Doctor once again stood on the staircase.


The next room Harry entered; he didn't recognize. He stood in the doorway of a small cottage. Harry looked around. He saw a kitchen in one corner that looked even older than the ones he typically saw in the wizarding world. Actually, everything looked older.

That's not to say that everything was in disrepair. No, in fact, the cauldron set up at the brewing station in the back looked nicer than what Harry could typically find for sale on Diagon Alley. It was the technology or lack thereof, that was old.

"What am I doing here?" Harry asked himself as he walked over to look closer at the brewing station. "This has got to be even earlier than Shakespeare."

Harry closed his eyes and tried to pinpoint the date. No luck. It seemed that whatever sense of time Harry gained after his fall didn't apply within memories.


Harry jumped away from the brewing station as the door leading into the cottage slammed open.

Two dark-haired teenagers, one with a beard, came in supporting a younger ginger one between the two of them.

"I'm completely fine!" The ginger objected. "I honestly don't know why you two get so worried all the time."

"Sit down, idiot," The oldest-looking one with a beard shoved the ginger one into a chair at the table.

Then, Harry saw the ginger's arm. One of the bones stuck out a bit through the skin.

"Could you hurry up with that potion?" The oldest asked.

The other dark-haired teen dug through a cabinet near where Harry was standing.

"I'm trying!"

"Honestly, considering how brilliant you are as an alchemist and potions master, I'd expect you'd also have a top-notch organization system." The ginger teased.

"Just for that you're getting the bad tasting one," the younger of the dark-haired teens came over to the table carrying three potions vials. "Give him something to bite down on, Antioch."

The oldest, Antioch, handed the ginger a rag.

He took it with his good arm, wadded it up, and stuck it between his teeth.

"Hold him steady."

Antioch grasped the ginger's shoulders.

"Ready?" The younger dark-haired one asked as he uncorked the vials.

The ginger nodded and then let out a scream as the young potions master set his arm.

Harry screamed with him as his side burst into more pain than he had felt since he woke up in the mental hospital wing.

"Drink, drink, drink," the potions master poured the vials into the gingers mouth.

"GAH!" The ginger spit out the towel. "Merlin, Cadmus! With brothers like you two who needs enemies!"

"I wouldn't need to patch you up so much if you'd just stop taking that old path through the woods." Cadmus said. "There already healing."

Sure enough, the two pieces of the bone were solidifying together and the skin around where it had stuck through closed.

Harry let out a breath as his side healed more than it had in the other memories.

"There's something out there, Cad!"

"There sure is," Antioch squeezed his shoulders before letting go. "There's a wolf that chased you up the tree you fell out of. Do you need to go find him to give him an apology kiss for intruding on his den last time?"

The ginger whacked Antioch with his uninjured arm.

"Joking aside," Cadmus put the empty vials in the water basin. "You have to be careful Ignotus."

"Hard to fulfill mom's dying request that I look out for the two of you when one of you keeps trying to get himself killed." Antioch said.

"I seem to remember mom specifically telling you to look out for your little brother." Cadmus said.

"Brothers." Antioch argued. "But we all know that Ignotus has been mom's favorite since she found him wandering as a little boy near the tree line with no knowledge of anything."

"What can I say?" Ignotus asked from his seat. "I drew her in with my charming looks and amazing personality."

"More like she took you in like one of her stray kittens."

Ignotus whacked Antioch again.

"Can I hit him back yet?" Antioch asked.

"Give him a day to heal." Cadmus rolled his eyes. "Then maybe you can knock some sense into our favorite little mamma's boy."

For the first time since he started going through his memories, this one faded around Harry leaving him standing at the foot of another set of steps.

"Why did I see that?" Harry asked himself. "And how am I connected to them?"

He didn't receive any answer.

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