Chapter 1

For every story must have a start

Before me was a bright source of light. The only source of illumination within my immediate surrounding, now that I got a better look of it. Nevertheless, I moved away from said luminescence, straying from what might be my one last chance of redemption. I don't need nor want a second chance, and also undeserving of one. If anything I hope I could just rest in peace. Or maybe I'll experience the so-called heaven, hell, purgatory, or maybe even Valhalla.

Yet somehow I felt my body move towards the light against my will. It wasn't me changing my mind, nor was it my subconscious controlling me to do so. I could tell there was literally something pushing me towards the light.

I passed through said brightness, and then there was white.

Everything in my surrounding was white.

There were many thing that I couldn't understand, too many to count. Yet I knew that I was still alive. Through all the troubles I had all this time, each and every grain of efforts and will I brought out has created a strange miracle of sorts.

I was alive.

It was a strong emotion, one I never felt before. As if I was horrified yet also delighted, like being hurt and getting healed at the same time. It didn't take long before said feeling overwhelmed me. Stifling yet refreshing, like a bittersweet chocolate yet also the exact opposite. An incomparable feeling I can't even begin to describe.

Yet somehow it made me happy.

My life was full regret. Though there were many moments of happiness, they weren't enough to mute that constant scream of anguish I had in my head. I thought I would have been satisfied with my end, but I guess not, if this feeling evoking deep within me means anything.

At this point I just want to die.

But I am glad I'm alive.

My sense of time is blurry at best, but if I had to make an estimate I would say it has been about half a year since my birth, give or take a month. My days went about as boring as I expected and then some. Nothing impressive enough worthy of telling a tale.

Yet that length of time only emphasized my astonishment at this condition I found myself stuck in. It perplexed me to no end, this fortune of mine I kept hold within my heart. To continue living after I lost all hope in my life… Fate sure has its way to trick its populace.

Most of my days were spent sleeping, and the rare waking moment either feeding or heeding to nature's call. Only god would know how many diapers I have soiled, and even then I am sure the number astonished said being, if it existed at all. For me breast milk tastes bland beyond words, not to mention how awkward breastfeeding is when you are mentally twenty years old. Those kinds of deplorable act would satisfy only the most lecherous of perverts, and even then that's still doubtful. I would rather rather have a bottle of milk formula, or better yet those foods I only know as baby porridge. Then again I'm sure teething is going to be a trouble in and of itself.

Lately the two people who I assume to be my parents started leaving my side every now and then, and instead there is a maid who attends to and takes care of me on their behalf. Her silhouette seems pleasing to the eyes, but I can't even see her details with these eyes of mine. Sadly my five senses are still untrained, incapable of fully taking in information of the outside world. But I'm sure it will be fixed soon enough. I'm rather adamant that a baby should be able to see properly starting around the age of six to twelve months.

Since they can afford a babysitter then I can safely assume I was probably born into a well off, if not straight up wealthy family. That part was the same as my previous family during my past life. I hope that's where the similarity ended, as my family divorced during my previous life.

On a more positive note, I confirmed that magic truly existed in this world. My babysitter can manipulate water, moving them through the air. If I were able to manipulate just one element then I hope be water, or maybe ice. They might not be practical in a fight but they sure are beautiful. For me, water symbolizes solace, and ice determination.

Well, that sure is one thing I could look forward to, I suppose. But for now I think I ought to grant what every men and women who ever had the tiniest of experiences of raising babies in existence must have wished for at least once in their life;

A sleeping baby.

The me half a year ago was proven right, teething was an utter annoyance. It is a pain that simply would not go away no matter how much I struggle to dampen it. And I just knew this but apparently baby porridge tastes horrible and baby milk formula are barely any better. I had thought that babies were fussy, but they must be an utter saint in that one aspect for I don't think I can eat these stuff any longer. I didn't think I was pampered but gosh, I was proven wrong once again.

I'm still unclear of the passing of time because I'm still a baby and all that, but I actually have a clue about my age for once in my life. I mean, those neat tidy boxes means with bows on them should be presents, so I think I can safely assume that I am officially one year old right now. Though there were some memorable lines of thought, this one year since my reincarnation truly passed like the wind, gone before I realized it. It strike me like it was only yesterday when I last soiled my bed. Oh wait, I actually did that yesterday.

I can barely walk now, even without the support of my babysitter, although they still won't let me go anywhere without my somebody supervising. An understandable call considering I'm just a one year old baby. Being the positive man I am I would be more than happy to call that as my win even if begrudgingly.

Huh, now why am I getting lifted up.


Oh no.

Please don't.

Nononononono, No upsy daisy, not the upsy daisy please!



I feel like chopped up vegetables. During my wrecked up state, I wondered whether this is what riding those extreme rides at an amusement park feels like. If so then people who actually rides them must be either masochistic or is a suicidal bastard. As always my mind wanders off as my body tried to stabilize itself. Such was my habits as a writer.

My eyes glared at the person causing this suffering of mine. From what I can understand this woman before me was a sister of mine, one with a bubbly personality, if her constant laughter were to be trusted. Then again that might be just because she was dealing with babies. I mean, who doesn't smile when they are dealing with babies? And I meant that in a nice condition where said baby is neither crying nor in need of a change of pants, so please keep quiet oh snarky part of my brain

Oof, my presumed sister finally put me down back to my soft heavenly cradle. God bless her. Before I realized it she had already went to my twin's cradle and played with her instead. Good. She would probably enjoy it properly like a normal baby should, unlike me.

I gazed at my twin. I didn't even realize I had one during my first few months of living. It was partly the fault of my undeveloped five senses, but at the same time also my own lapse of judgement as I was too focused on myself during those first few months.

Though now that I came into this particular topic, I wish to express my annoyance over this difficulty of mine. Anything that moves faster than a snail are blurry to me, half of everything I hear comes in as mumbles, most of the food I ate are flavorless, and all that I touch are grainy. At least my untrained nose means that I don't have to bear with the smell of my own poop all the time, thank god for small mercies.


My eyes widened as I processed the voice that uttered said word. Its tone was like that of my twin sister. My head turned to see both my of my sisters. My twin was just blinking without a care in the world, while my older sister was stunned with her mouth gaping open.

...Did my twin sister just said her first word?

"Более daha çox?"

Sadly, I still can't quite understand the language of this world. I mean, there is magic here so chances are this is a whole different world from my past one with different linguistic, and I'm not the most enthusiastic person about learning new language.

"Sera, Sera, Serafall!"

Wait what.



That was the name of this sister of mine. with black twintails for hair, who I saw wearing a pink magical girl cosplay a few times before. Within a world that had magic. A girl I once knew as a fictional character.

Oh god, how did I not realize it. At that moment, it was as if I was suddenly struck by a lightning. Like thus, I spoke the two words that suddenly popped out from the depth of my mind;

"Anime tiddies."

Wait what did I just - Crap.

Another two years has passed by uneventful. As a three years old the freedom of my actions are less limited, though I won't call myself either free or independent anytime soon. I mostly play around with my twin sister, whom I now know is actually Sona Sitri.

I have always been a lazy person from my days as a toddler all the way to my death as a teenager, but even then I still have to admit I am merely boring myself to death at this point. children just have too much free time.

It had always been my dream to laze around all my life, but now that I have experienced it myself I can conclude that the previous me was an idiot. Having too much free time is not that good of a thing.

The good news is the fact that my five senses have improved tremendously at this point. Right now I can see my babysitter's appearance in more detail. Both her eyes and and hair were were matching in color. She's an utter beauty too, and her charm only increases with that costume of hers. It was a perfect maid outfit. Stylish enough to be alluring, yet too modest to be called vulgar.

These days they let me play around the house and do whatever, so I ended up spending most of my days wandering around this place I call home. Now that I've explored it properly I can aptly state that this place is humongous. There is no word that could describe it, so I would like to just leave it at that. I played around for days exploring all kinds of place within this castle, yet Sonya told me I haven't even gone through half of the whole house.

Now that I think about it I just knew her name lately. Sonya is a maid working for my father. She is tasked to take care of me and my cute twin sister, and is a part of my father's peerage.

Such a gorgeous beauty would have been treated as a goddess in my original world. But in the DxD universe she is called par for the course, or maybe a bit above average compared to your typical female devils. Or to put it more plainly, there were many others with looks as beautiful as hers.

The moment I realized that fact I gained an epiphany and made what is possibly the greatest poem in the entire universe;

There are many fishes in the sea

You don't have to be so down

There are many beauties in the underworld

What are you waiting for, go get yourself a harem!

It's official, I love this world more than my previous one.

Lately I have started reading books, mainly on the devil native language and magic. The first one because strangely enough, I don't have the ability of auto translation, something that practically all devil have by creation, whether they were human who got reincarnated through evil pieces or devils born as a one. Therefore I have to properly learn all the devil's native language unless I intend to be an illiterate mute.

I thought that it was going to be a rough and troublesome process, but things are actually going smoothly for me. I suppose there is a reason why the early years of human life is known as the golden age. Now I'm convinced that this is truly the best time for humans to grow, both in mental and physical aspect.

Oh, and as for magic… Well, the reason why I'm learning it should be obvious to everyone.

Therefore I spent most of time on the house's library, studying on the devil native language and magic interchangeably. Whenever I'm bored I would read a some other books instead. The mansion has a large library, It's too humongous for what is merely one measly family, but I'm not complaining about it. Reading has always been my to go for whenever I'm bored out of my mind.

Now what should I read ne- Oooh, that one sound fun... but I can't reach it. Sonya, help me get that book please.

No, not that one. Not that one either. Hey, just hold me up, I'll get it myself.


Before me was a toddler with vibrant red hair, clearly showing her Gremory lineage.

"Me Rias. You?" Oh god she's cute as all hell. I want to lure her with lollipop, kidnap her and cuddle her every night. What, that's a crime?

If kidnapping a loli is wrong then I don't want to be right.

-Me, 20XX

"Farith Sitri. Call me Farith."


No, that's Ketsuryuukou, Rias-chan. By the way, if I had to pick my favorite part of a woman body I would say shoulders. Feet is a close second though. Also, yeah, my name is Farith.



Sadly no. I'm not a faithful man of any kind. My whole family was religious but I was practically an atheist. I forgot everything I know about those the moment they're not mandatory anymore. I hated religion classes.



Wait did you just call me a faggot? Are you picking a fight with me? Eh?



You ARE picking a fight with me aren't you?

"Forget it."



God bless America. Parenting must be shitty as fuck. Good thing I was forever alone.

Wait, what are you doing Rias? Nonono, don't climb the bookcase please, that's dangerous. You want to hear a story? Okay, just sit on the sofa, I'll read one for you. I need to train my vocabulary anyway.


"Once upon a time..."

Ugh, training my magic is so much trouble. I'd rather laze around and watch some stuff on DevilTube.

Yup, you heard that right. There is a thing called DeviTube in the underworld. Ajuka was the one who made it along with a few other ripoff website in his project to imitate and surpass the technology humanity has made. He called it the Devinet project, an equivalent of the earth's internet. I can't even begin to understand what he intends to do with it, but I know he is doing it right. Good going, Ajuka. A big thumbs up for you.

The website instantly soared in popularity the moment it was released, so even though Devils have a smaller population compared to humanity DeviTube still have quite the amount of DeviTubers.

Simply put, there are quite the amount of interesting topics stored within it and that is all I need. I even subscribed to this one guy who gives instruction and tips about utilizing devil's magic properly. My progress is going smoothly, and the only predicament in my path to be a magician is the fact that I only have a minuscule amount of what is called [Demonic power].

To give you a grossly simplified explanation of it, demonic power is practically like mana in fighting games. You just use it for all kinds of magic. For once I have a miniscule amount of them, barely enough to vibrate water through water manipulation. I know it is nothing impressive, but my mana capacity is minute as I'm only four years old right now. It will grow naturally as long as I continue to practice repeatedly.

Just like humans, the early years of a devil's life is the point where they grow the most. That also applies to the mana inside our body. The older you grow, the less effective training would be. When one is ten years old, they can reap twice the benefit with half the effort compared to when they're twenty. That is why those who haven't become high-class by forty usually never become one in the first place. Of course, there are exceptions such as owners of some sacred gears or racial traits that awakens a bit later than usual, but that's the rule of thumb.

Usually devils starts training their magic capability when they are eight to ten years old, and I'm only three when I started so I wonder how much mana I would have later in my life.

There are some danger in training too early, but those jeopardy are mainly because devil's magic relies a lot on imagination, and most children delusion are spread all over the place by default. You need to properly concentrate to do magic, so it is out of the question to teach anybody below six proper devil magic.

But I'm not a child. I'm a two decades old young adult, at least in term of mental age, who likes to write a lot, and always fantasize whenever I read a story. Therefore utilizing my mana is a walk in the park for me. Hell, this feels even easier than writing! I wonder if I'm just a genius or am I being overconfident. Now that I think about it, maybe it is like so because I am a pureblood devil.

Welp, now my interest is piqued. Time to open devinet and browse.

Like so, the tip of my fingers started tapping on the keyboard-

"Young master."

Before they froze. I looked at the time on the bottom right part my laptop screen. 20:13. Uh oh. I forgot that I can't use my computer after seven in the night.

That day, I was punished for not abiding my promise.

The punishment?

10 spanking.

I remember Issei and the gangs getting the same punishment in the series, although theirs were literally ten time worse than mine (100 spanking).

Seriously, does spanking have any special meaning?

I am now 6 years old. I never stopped training my magic, even increased my training standard everyday, and would say I was rather adept at it at this point. Every now and then I would go out to the nearby city to play around, all under Sonya's supervision. There was also that one time where I went to the Capital, and I must say it looks like the capital city of a first world country. I must admit it is quite the sight to see so many devils wandering around at one place.

That was probably the moment I decided my goal. I always sought out for a reason for my reincarnation, my cause for existing in this world I once knew as mere fiction. In the end I found it while watching other devils, who were doing normal activities like any human would.

I wanted to protect this peace.

I always sought for a purpose, and that was the answer I found. I wanted, more than anything, to protect these people from all kinds of chaos the cannon timeline would bring to them.

Of course, considering my ability, such a dream could only be an overestimation that I could never reach, but that was good for me. Sky's the limit, and the higher my goal the better off I would be by the end of it. There's no proof that my life would go so smoothly, but that was what my instinct said, so for once I will heed to it and try my best.

"Young master, Lord Sitri has told you to come to 2nd living room."

Now did he? I opened the door to see the wonderful sight of Sonya's face. I had first seen her properly around my ninth month as a baby, so it has been around five years and then some since then. Yet she still looks the same as when I was just born. She have always been an utter beauty to me, not like [The Most Beautiful Under the Heaven] or anything, but more like a flower amongst the bushes. A mortal beauty.

I love her.

"Roger that. It's the one beside the library right?" I knew it wasn't. And from the way she glare at me, it looks like she knew that I know it wasn't. Heh, inception.

"No, Young master, that is the 2nd family room."

"Ah, right, right. Jeez, this is why I always get lost whenever I walk around alone," I pulled out my hand. "Then could you please lead the way?"

The maid gave out a small sigh, before giving me a slight smile that I can only describe as lovely.

"If that is young master's will." She grasped my small hand with her own.

Like so, we went ahead to the living room, hands held together.

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