I need help finding this story or at least what happened to it.

Clexa time travel fix it story. Where clarke dies soon after lexa , wakes up on the Ark and discovers than many other people remember including kane, calli, raven, octavia, murphy and her dad. They plan and train for when the 100 drop to the ground. When they are on the ground they somewhere along the storyline make it to polis and there is a clexa reunion cause lexa remembers too. I simply cant find this awesome story so please help me find it and ask the author to finish it cause i remember it not being finished.

And the other story is also a time travel story. Where clarke goes back after lexas death. She wakes up and remembers everything when roan finds her to bring her to the capital. There she tells lexa that she jumped back into the past. I dont know how it goes on but mabye you recognize the description and remember how these 2 fanfictions are called