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A Life Worth Living

Chapter 3

Wings, formerly Harry Sthils, for Cobalt had adopted him at the age of seven, stood with his father at the wall of Diagon Alley. He was fourteen and Cobalt had decided that he finally do an inheritance test and buy all the teams' supplies.

They strode into Gringotts and seeked out a goblin. When they found one, they requested an inheritance test, and the goblin took them with him. Cobalt payed the ten galleon test fee and they brought out a piece of paper.

"Put your finger here and it will prick you. Your blood will be absorbed, and the parchment will say who you are the heir to. Go ahead," the goblin explained.

Wings took a deep breath before pressing his finger onto the parchment. He almost didn't feel the prick, and watched intently as the blood faded into the paper. On the paper appeared the results. Everyone there gaped at it. It read:

Results of the Inheritence Test of Harry James Sthil:

Rightful Heir/Heir to:

Gryffindor Family

Slytherin Family

Ravenclaw Family

Hufflepuff Family

Merlin Family

Le Fey Family

Potter Family

Black Family

Properties in Rightful Possession (as of now):

Gryffindor Manor - Scotland

Gryffindor's Retreat - Greece

Slytherin Manor - Italy

Slytherin's Cottage - England

Ravenclaw Manor - Germany

Ravenclaw's Trainer - Ireland

Hufflepuff Manor - Poland

Hufflepuff's Nature Retreat - Russia

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Scotland

Hogsmeade Village - Scotland

Merlin Manor - Romania

Merlin's Facility - Italy

Le Fey Manor - Netherlands

Le Fey Village - England

Potter Manor - England (currently in use by James and Lily Potter)

Potter Hideaway - Ireland

Black Manor - Croatia

Number Twelve - Grimauld Place

Vaults Rightfully Owned:

Vault 1 - Merlin Vault - 1 billion galleons

Vault 2 - Le Fey Vault - .5 billion galleons

Vault 3 - Gryffindor Vault - .7 billion galleons

Vault 4 - Slytherin Vault - .6 billion galleons

Vault 5 - Ravenclaw Vault - .7 billion galleons

Vault 6 - Hufflepuff Vault - .6 billion galleons

Vault 10 - Potter Vault - 1 million galleons

Vault 11 - Black Vault - 5 million galleons

Busnisses Invested In:

Nimbus Brooms

Firebolt Brooms




The Three Broomsticks


Quality Quidditch Supplies

Madam Malkins

Wings stared at it in wonder. How he was related to all of these families was unknown. This... he was probably the richest person in the world. He probably had about a hundred different magical relics and a hundred thousand books in his possesion. He was shocked. He turned to Cobalt, who was still staring at the amount of galleons Vault 1 had.

"Do you mind if I take this?" Wings asked weakly to the goblin, whose head shot up, eyes gleaming with respect.

"Of course, young Prince." The goblin bowed respectfully and, at Wings' confused frown, explained. "You are heir to one of Gringott's most valuable invester. We treat you with respect and you get top perks here at the bank. We are always open to see you at any time. Come, I will take you to Head Goblin Ragnok."

The goblin lead the way to another office and nocked on the door. He opened it to another goblin, this one slightly taller, and left Wings and Cobalt with Ragnok.

"Er, hello, Master Ragnok, I have the results of an inheritance test." Wings handed the test to Ragnok, who shot up when he saw it.

"Young Prince! We have multiple ways for you to access your money, sir. We have bank slips so you only have to write how much on this and give it to the store owner. Used mainly for large purchases. We also have wallets that connect directly to one account for smaller purchases. Would you like any?"

Wings thought about it, then nodded and said, "Yes, please. I'd like some of those bank slips and one of those wallets. I'll hook the wallet up to the... er... Le Fey Vault, please."

"Of course." Not long after, the two left Gringotts extremely happily. Wings stuffed the results of the inheritance test in his pocket and forgot about it. First they got robes, books, and the rest of their supplies. They skipped wands; all of the Order had learned to do wandless magic.

The last thing was pets. The letter said that they had to bring a cat, owl, or toad, but it didn't say anything about other pets. Wings was a bit disappointed when they didn't go to a shop that sold dangerous pets in Knocturn Alley, but he was still fine. They got a snowy owl named Hedwig for him. The others already had pets.

Then, much to Wings' surprise, Cobalt took him down to the shop that sold dangerous pets. He entered the store eagerly and glanced around. He frowned when he saw an orange, white, and gold pheonix cooped up in a tiny cage. The pehonix looked incredibly disheartened and Wings felt a tug towards it immediately.

Knowing that he would get it, he turned to see a black dog that looked an awful lot like a Grim. He frowned at it and said, "Well, you don't look too bad, do you?"

He almost fell backward onto his back when he heard it say, "Yeah, sure."

"Woah, I was just wondering why nobody had bought you. You look like a perfectly fine dog. Grim?"

"I'm part Grim, part wolf. Nobody's wanted me because you're the only one who can speak to me, so they think I'm a terrible thing. The name's Jax, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Jax. Say, do you know the name of the pheonix over there? He looks really sad, it breaks my heart."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, that's Viksin. Nobody wants her, think she's broken. She's been her a long time, longer than I have, and that's saying something."

Wings nodded and turned to see a runespoor, a snake that had two heads. It was rare and usually seen as the pet of dark wizards. Despite this, they were usually quite nice.

.:Hi, human:. The runespoor hissed, not expecting Wings to understand. Surprisingly, though, he did.

.:Uh... hi, runespoor. Do you, er, have a name?:. Wings blinked. He had never talked to a snake before. Apparantley neither had the runsepoor.

.:Oh, uh, yeah. Pilm. Nobody's asked that before, how interesting. I've never met a Speaker before.:.

Wings turned towards the store clerk and, clearly and confidently, said, "I'll take the pheonix, Grim/Wolf, and Runespoor."

The store clerk eyed him carefully, then said, "That'll be a thousand galleons."

Unfazed, Wings took out a bank note, filled it out, and gave it to the store clerk. The clerk just stood there, shocked, while Wings let out Viksin, Jax, and Pilm. He motioned them to follow him and Cobalt, and they left.

When they were a safe distance away, they disapparated back and told everybody what they found.

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