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A Life Worth Living

Chapter 4

Wings stood outside of the great hall, leaning on the wall. He took a deep sigh, and pushed the doors open. Today they, as in the new Gryphem Order (they had 'graduated' the day before,) were getting their first mission. This mission was usually a long one and Wings was nervous about staying away from Fawley Manor for long.

He strode in, sitting at the head of the table next to Cobalt, and said, "Hello, father."

Cobalt smiled warmly and affectionately. Wings was now fourteen years of age and a perfect leader. Wings glanced over the table noticing that Wind (Hannah for how quick she is), Splash (Hermione for her animagus), Scale (Blaise also for his animagus), Flame (Ernie for how good at fire magic he is), and Clutch (Neville because he thought it was cool) were already there, eating. That meant that just Bone (Ron for his animagus) and Carbon (Seamus because he's always blowing things up) were not there.

Bone and Carbon suddenly burst in, discussing happily, and sat down. Cobalt stood up and cleared his throat. Suddenly eight fourteen year olds' eyes were directed at him and he smiled fondly. "Well, as much as it pains me to say, you are going to depart today for your first mission. You," he sighed before starting again, "will be going to Hogwarts to protect the Chosen One," he practically spit the words out, everyone here knew that Wings was the actual Chosen One, "Eva Potter."

He launched into details before telling them to all pack quickly as they would leave in two hours. Half an hour later everyone was packed and ready to go. They all sadly, and fondly, said goodbye to what had been their home for nine years. Overall, and two hours after Cobalt had told them to pack, they left for Hogwarts. They put an invisibility spell on both Viksin and Jax while Pilm wrapped himself around Wings' waist and promised to not move too much.

Once they apparated to Hogsmeade village, they bade Cobalt a 'tearful' (some actually cried, others painfully held their tears in) goodbye and moved up to the castle. Wings arched his back, unhappy that he wouldn't get as much time to fly with his wings as normal, and they entered the castle.

It was the beginning of the second week of the beginning of term and everyone was at the great hall eating dinner. The Gryphem Order waited outside the doors of the grat hall and heard all the noise disappear. They heard Dumbledork's voice ring out, saying, "We have, ah, hired, a team to protect all of our students. More specifically, Eva Poter. They are called the Gryphem Order."

At their name, Wings nodded to Carbon, Wind, Flame, and Clutch, who apparated inside the hall, each standing on a table. There were shrieks and laughter. Wings smirked and heard Dumbledork ask, "Where is your Alpha?"

Before anybody could respond, Wing nodded to Bone, Scale, and Splash, who apparated into the hall in front of the doors of the great hall. There were a few more screams and Wings grinned. "Where is your Alpha?" he heard again and chuckled. He took a deep breath and apparated just before Bone, Scale, and Splash.

They all had hoods covering their faces and Harry flicked his hand, a motion for the Omegas to take off their hoods. They did and thankfully nobody noticed them. Next Beta, Charlie, and Delta took off their hoods before Wings finally did. Fortunately nobody noticed them and Dumbledork took a step forward.

"Ah, Alpha Wings, so nice to see you." He held out his hand to shake, and Wings regarded it coldly.

He replied, "You wanted us here, sir?"

Unfazed, the old coot put his hand down as the Omegas joined their leaders. He said, "Ah, yes, I have brought you here to protect Eva Potter, the Chosen One." If he had expected any of them to gasp or say how honored they were, he was dead wrong. If anything, they sneered.

Then, to their right, they heard a girl's voice yell, "I don't need protecting! I'm the Girl-Who-Lived, I think I can take care of myself!"

Wings turned and glared at the girl, Eva. She had shoulder-length dirty red hair and hazel eyes. She held herself in a confident and I'm-better-than-you manner and had a knot of friends and followers nodding and agreeing.

Dumbledork didn't say anything, then said, "Right, Minerva will be right back with the Sorting Hat and you will be sorted."

Wings' eyes snapped back up to the old man and he frowned. "That wasn't the deal."

"Well, I see no other way for you to live here." Dumbledork eyed him and Wings decided to let him have this one. He would feel more confident.

"Fine," Wings said smoothly and before anything else happened McGonagall entered with the Sorting Hat. All of the Gryphem Order eyed it with disdain, but stepped back respectfully as it was placed on the stool.

"Right. When I call your nickname, you will come up, put on the hat, and be sorted into your house." McGonagall pulled out a long list and Wings raised an eyebrow. The deal had been that they wouldn't be sorted by their actual name.


The Omega strode up to the hat and put it on. After a while, it yelled, "HUFFLEPUFF!"

The rest of them smirked. Wind was next and she was also put in Hufflepuff. Clutch was put in Hufflepuff too while Carbon was put in Gryffindor. After this everyone leaned forward. They all wanted the leaders in their house.

Scale was called first and put in Slytherin. Splash in Ravenclaw. Everybody was on the edge of their seats as Bone put the hat on. After a few minutes, he was placed in Gryffindor. Then came the moment everyone was waiting for.


Wings sat on the stool, smirked at the Order members, who were also smirking, and put on the hat. They all knew that the hat would not be able to sort him, he being the Prince of Hogwarts and all.

Well, well, well. Hiding an identitiy, are we, Harry Sthil? Or should I say Harry Potter? Wings heard the Sorting Hat in his head.

Let's see. Ooh, very difficult, very indeed. Oh. I see. The Prince of Hogwarts, are we? Well, that will cause problems. Do you want me to tell Dumbledore or not? Wings thought about it and, before he could think better, replied Oh yeah. See that meddling coot's face, it'll give him a good surprise.

The hat opened its mouth and everybody leaned forward, expecting to hear it shout out a house. Instead it yelled, "Dumbledore! I cannot sort him!"

Everybody was shell-shocked. Dumbledork flailed for words and eventually said, "What? Why not?"

"He is the Prince of Hogwarts!"

Everybody gasped and looked at Eva, confused.

"I believe you are confused, hat, Eva is the Princess of Hogwarts!"

"Nay, if she was I wouldn't've been able to sort her."

"Th-just have him choose a house!" Dumbledork shouted.

Wings smirked, chose Gryffindor, and sat down next to Bone, across from Carbon. He activated a mind link between all of them and said, Well. That was interesting, huh?

Did you see Dumbledork's face when the Sorting Hat said that it couldn't sort you? Carbon sent, snorting. Everybody at the table looked at him funny as he covered it up with a false cough.

Remember, everyone, we've got to be discreet when we do this, or people'll get suspicious. Splash sent in a monther-like way.

Oh, have some fun once in a while, will you, Splash? Bone sent teasingly.

Wings glanced down at the table, sneering at where Eva and her followers were. He did catch the eye of a flame-red-haired girl by Eva, who blushed and looked away. He tilted his head, and glanced at Bone, who was engaged in the conversation going on between the rest of the Order.

Hey, Bone, I think that's your sister down there. What'd she be this year, thirteen? Wings sent.

Oh, yeah. How did you notice her? Bone replied. Now everyone else was listening intently.

She, uh, she was looking at me. Our eyes met and she blushed and turned away.

Oooooh, Wingsie has got an admirer! Carbon cooed.

Wings could feel his cheeks getting hotter. Oh, shut up, Carbon. It's not like you would know what it's like.

Oh, but of course, we knew that you woulld have an admirer. I mean, who could resist that handsome face? Those jet black lucious locks, the extremely handsome Potter face. Carbon continued. To most this would seem weird, but it was an ongoing joke about how handsome Wings actually one. He was by far the most handsome, yet somehow was not in a relationship.

Those excelent beautiful green eyes... just like a fresh pickled toad. Flame joined in.

And that bod... mmmm, that bod! Scale teased.

Wings groaned. Merlin, guys, stop! Please!

Huh? But we're just beginning! Clutch said softly.

You're in for a lot more, mate. Bone said casually.

Not you too! Everybody's going after me! Wings said in his mind.

I would be sorry, Wingsie, but mmmmmm... those strong arms and hands... Wind joined in.

Hey! You're in a relationship, remember? Flame sent.

Haha, I was just joking, Flame! Wind sent fondly.

Good. Flame seemed satasfied.

Yes, who wouldn't be just perfect with you? You're amazing, the arms, the abs, so juicy... Wind sent.

Ugh, I think I'm going to puke! Bone sent, gagging.

The Order could easily see both Wind and Flame's cheeks getting redder and all laughed. Nobody but them truly knew what they were laughing about. Little did they know that Dumbledork and the two Professor Potters were watching them with disdain and anger.