A young girl,who was about 16-years old ,named Rory Gilmore watched a bunch of trucks from Michel Gerard's chocolate factory drive away. Rory didn't always believe she was faster or stronger or even clever, as most children were at her age. Sometimes, this belief made her feel bad about herself. Most times, it just made her try harder. Rory felt a cold breeze freezing through her body. She decided it's time to go home. Rory didn't live in a nice, fancy home as other children. Her family ( which was just her mother) wasn't rich or powerful or well connected. In fact,they barely had enough to eat, sometimes. Rory Gilmore,she just didn't know it yet...

Tonight, it was dark,out and inside of Rory's house there. was cooking some cabbage soup. Rory worked on her homework until her father, came home.

"Rory.", he called out.

Rory lifted her head up from her books to face her father.

"I found something you may like...", he said.

He gave Rory some tooth paste caps. Rory's father worked at the local toothpaste factory. The hours were long and the pay was terrible,but ,there were always unexpected surprises. Rory picked up the toothpaste cap and she smiled at her dad.

"It's exactly what I need!",shouted Rory excitedly. She got up from her chair and ran to go get something.

"What is it,Rory?",asked Grandpa Richard,one of her grandparents. Rory brought out a sculpture that was built with a lot of toothpaste caps. She put the toothpaste cap with all the others.

"Dad ,found just the piece I needed.", said Rory.

"What piece was it?",asked Grandpa Richard.

"A head for Michel Gerard.", answered Rory.

"Oh,how wonderful.", said Grandma Emily.

"It's quite a likeness.", said Grandpa Richard,as he took one look at the sculpture. "You think so?", asked Rory.

"Seemed so. I know I saw Michel Gerard with my own two eyes! I used to work for him,you know.",said Grandpa Richard.

"You did!?",Rory was amazed.

"He did.", said Grandma Emily.

"He did.", said Grandpa Morey.

"I love grapes.", said Grandma Babette.

"Of course, I was a much younger man in those days...", began Grandpa Richard.