After stepping through the gates, the group was soon greeted by the anametronics singing a Michel Gerard theme song. This happened before they were malfunctioning then burst into flames!

Out of nowhere they were introduced to Michel Gerard, the chocolatier of the big factory! At first, it was like all of a, "How did he get here?"

They all thought about it as he quickly introduced himself and he got up onto the big stage instructing everyone on how on they going to behave on the tour. Some of Michel Gerard's rules seemed weird. The parents of the 4 children listened. Grandpa Richard used to work for him. He completely trusted Michel Gerard with all his might.

"Great now let's move along.",said Michel Gerard as they turned into the entrance way of the factory.

One of the kids, Tristian said, "Don't you wanna know our names?"

"Do I look like I wanna know?", answered Michel to Rory.

She found that weird, maybe it's because he already has stuff to show them, but, who knows? They're already moving on.