Luciano Vincenti was a mid level Freelance Hitman. He was good at his job if he said so himself. In and out like a ghost only leaving his target bodies behind. So why was he here in nowhere Japan just to kill a civilian brat? True the brat in question is Vongola's Young Lion only child but it was still insulting in Vincenti opinion to be hired for such an easy kill.

Vincenti crept into the window of what his information said to be the brat room only to sneered in disgust. The brat wasn't even a year old! A simple pillow to the face would be more than enough to kill the brat. Feeling more insulted than before Vincenti walked closer to the crib where a fluffy caramel brown haired baby slept but before he could touch the child something grabbed HIM! Before he can even screamed in shock everything faded to black. The last thing he saw was the now awake brat glowing sunset orange eyes.

Vincenti came to in a dimly lit basement tied to a chair and gagged. His head was screaming murder at him and he could feel blood sluggishly pouring from a cut on his head where it had hit that damn orange eyed brat crib.

"It seems the pest caught in Tsuna's room is awake now my child.", a male deep clear with an undertone of static(?) voice spoke. Something about that voice sent the hair on the back of Vincenti neck to stand up.

"Thank you daddy. Did you mind taking Tsu-kun with you to your place? I don't want him waking up due to the pest again.", said a female voice that sounded happy and amuse but there was barely hidden anger in that voice. That voice….that voice made every cell in his body scream Danger! Predator! Killer! Run! Hide!

"I don't mind spending time with my grandson and I'm sure the others wouldn't mind either. Beside Jeffery have been disobedient lately so setting him on babysitting duty should be an appropriate punishment.", assured the first.

Vincenti saw movement from the corner of his left eye. What he saw when he focused on the figure terrified him so much he screamed through the gag loudly. It was an abnormally tall thin male humanoid figure. It was dress in a black suit with a white shirt and red tie. It had no hair, it skin was pure white, and it face…it had NO FACE!

"Good thing Jeff is Tsu-kun favorite babysitter if only because he the one usually stuck babysitting him!~ Mu I'm starting to think Jeff only misbehave so he can babysit Tsu-kun!~", giggled a inhumanly beautiful caramel haired woman.

"Hmm perhaps you are right", acknowledged the creature,"In any case it seems Tsunayoshi and I must bid you goodbye my child. Have fun with the pest."

With a dark chuckle the woman responded, "Oh I WILL daddy bye now and have fun with Tsu-kun!~" The creature and the woman hugged each other before the creature disappeared in a blink of an eye leaving no clue it was even there.

"Now that my little Tsu-kun is out of the house I don't have to worry about you waking him up anymore so we can have a nice long discussion on why you were in my BABY'S room.", growled the woman.

"Now how will I get you to talk is the question. I can't cut out your tongue because then you can't talk. Same for cutting you open and taking your heart or brain although E.J would like a free meal of your kidneys so I can do that later after all no matter what you won't live anyway. Hmm decisions decisions. Oh! I know what I can do to get you to talk and best of all I don't need to take off the gag and you won't be able to lie to me at all!~", cooed the woman as, to his horror, her hair began to grow and move like tentacles!

He whimpered as one of her tentacle hair grabbed his face and forced him to look deep into her evilevilevilevil caramel eyes. "Don't worry this is only going to hurt a lot!~", she purred as suddenly his mind exploded in pain. Vincenti screamed like a pig in a slaughterhouse through his gag as the woman torn his mind apart looking for the answers she seeked. Bringing forth and discarding memories faster than his human mind could comprehend. Luciano Vincenti last sane thought before his mind shattered beyond repair for even a Mist to fix was 'What sort of nightmare have I angered?'

Nana looked down at the now vegetable man twitching in the chair with an angry expression. As she thought of what she had learned in the pest mind her tentacles like hair moved to unbound the comatose man only to bound him again to a butcher slab against the wall where many bloody tools hang. The tentacle-hair began to work on cutting up the brain dead but still alive man and placing the pieces into a large wheeled cooler as it owner pace and ranted angrily at Iemitsu's lies towards her and how he would pay.

The tentacle-hair now finished with it task of cutting up all the desired pieces of Vincenti body began turning on the furnace to burn the clothes and what remain on the body. Before the tentacle-hair threw in a body part Nana snapped out. "Oh don't throw in the bones! I wanted to make some bone soup for the others so just scrape off as much meat as you can from it and throw those in.", ordered Nana as the tentacle-hair gave a motion equivalent to rolling it eyes before going back to the slab to do as it was told.

"Don't you backtalk me young lady! I'll get a horrible hair job if you do! Maybe a bowl cut in the color of Neon Orange and Hot Pink spots?", threatened Nana with a smile as the tentacle-hair stiffen and turn to look at her as though saying 'You wouldn't dare!' Nana smirk widen, "Try me and we'll see but if you behave I'm sure we can splurge a bit and get that very expensive and very nice looking brush you've been wanting. You know the one that leave you shiny and bouncy and untangle ALL your knots very gently." At this the blood soaked tentacle-hair happily wagged like an overexcited puppy as it 'hugged' Nana and gave bloody kisses to her face. Nana laughed at her tentacle-hair antics, "Now I'll only get it if you behave and do as I ask okay so go finish your job and after we pick up Tsuna we can go buy it got it?" The tentacle-hair happily nodded and went back to work with a bounce in it movement.

Thanks to the promise of a new brush the tentacle-hair finished it work much more faster. Nana with the tentacle-hair help wash off all the blood that remained in the basement and themselves before grabbing the cooler filled with the remains and in a blink of an eye she disappeared from her home in Namimori.

Nana appeared in front of an old decrepit looking mansion surrounded by skeletal trees or tall towering pine trees with a thick creeping fog all around. Nana breath in the crisp air closing her eyes in bliss at the peaceful surrounding before she was tackled to the ground. Nana looked to see her 'attacker' was a young bleeding girl with curly chocolate brown eyes and emerald green eyes in pink pajamas holding a teddy bear.

"Nana you're here! I missed you so so so so much! Are you staying long? Are you staying for dinner? Are you going to make it? Can we bake cookies for dessert? Are you staying the night? Is Tsuna?", babbled the girl.

"I miss you to Sally!~ Yes I'm staying the night with Tsu-kun so yes I'll be making dinner and of course we can bake cookies!~", laughed Nana.

"Yay! Best day ever! I got to go tell L.J! I'm sure he'll love to help us make cookies!", Sally squealed as she ran into the direction of Laughing Jack's 'play area'.

With a chuckle Nana got off the ground and went inside the mansion. She passed by the living room where Ben and Jeff were in an intense Mario Kart race with Tsuna on the ground prompt up by a sleeping Smiley gnawing on a teething ring Jason had made for him. Unable to resist the adorable sight in her opinion she took out her cell a snapped a few picture. Even better?Jeff had accused Ben of cheating after he had won for the fifth time in the row and had pull out his knife so he can try to stab the other in the gut. It was just too cute in Nana's eyes. Thanks goodness for Smiley who had woke up when the two started yelling and had grabbed Tsuna by the scruff of his 'Chunky thighs and spooky vibes' onesie and moved them to the other side of the room to avoid being caught up in the two idiots fighting.

Nana continued on to the kitchen where she put all the items in her cooler away in their place and got started on making that bone soup as well as other options for those who had less...peculiar tastes. With that done and leaving the meals alone to simmer Nana headed towards her father's office. They needed to have a little chat about her husband lies and what they should do about them. One thing was for sure. Iemitsu better watch his back from now on because if he did anything to harm Tsuna he will be a dead man walking. At the same time in Italy Iemitsu had the sudden feeling that it would be good idea to avoid visiting Namimori for the next few years...or decades.