It had been 3 months since the Mochida siblings had join the Sawada family and in that time many things had happened. For one they now know what Tsuna meant by his Grandpapa having Creeps. Kensuke first meeting with the one know as Jeff the Killer could have gone much better than how it did. Nana wasn't very pleased with how they nearly destroyed her kitchen trying to kill each other. There was also the unfortunate incident where Reito had developed a fear of clowns due to Laughing Jack having dropped in for a surprise visit through his bedroom window. Also the less said on how Toby managed to lose Yakumo for a couple of hours when he was left babysitting her was best to be avoided spoken of for all parties involved. Thank Kami for Splendorman for finding and taking care of her until they found her. On an unrelated note Splendorman was hands down Yakumo's favorite Creep family member. Beside these 'minor' hiccups everyone had settle in the new family dynamics. So of course something had to come in and upset the status quo.

Jeff was once again tasked with babysitting Tsuna and co. for disobeying Slenderman. Reito, Yakumo, and Tsuna weren't giving him much problems but Kensuke was being a downright little shit with him.

"I said Go. To. Fucking. SLEEP YOU LITTLE SHIT!", roared Jeff as he tried to grab the 6 year.

"Make me you Joker reject!", growled Kensuke as he headbutt Jeff in the stomach to escape his grasp once more.

"I'm so going to make you pay for that you little bastard!"

"You got to catch me first!"

"So who do you think will win this little battle of will this time?", asked Sally.

"Depend if Jeff get too angry to care about Mama 'no pulling weapons on kids' rule.", answered Tsuna watching the show.

"Got you!"

"Let me go you demonic spawn of Barney!", howled Kensuke as Jeff carried the squirming boy like a sack of potatoes.

"Yeah yeah whatever you little brat." Fate seem to be in Kensuke favor though. For right after Jeff said this Kensuke manage to kick Jeff in particularly right angle to land a rather devastating kick right to Jeff's little Jeff. With that Jeff was down for the count and Kensuke was free once more.

"Ha! Take that!", taunted Kensuke.

"That's it! You're dead you little punk!", yelled Jeff as he pulled out his trusty knife.

"Bring it dickhead!", smiled Kensuke as his eyes glowed electric green and he pull out his wooden Shinai.

Just as the two were about to attack each other they were both grabbed by sleek black tentacles."Now children I seem to remember my daughter telling you two to not kill each other and to play nice.", scowled Slenderman.

"HE STARTED IT!", both shouted pointing to each other.

"It doesn't matter who started it the point is it should not have happen to begin with. I understand neither of you like the other but I expected you to at least be civil to each other for Nana sake.", chided Slenderman.

"For my sake what?", wonder a blood soaked Nana with four unknown equally blood soaked children.

"Er Mama who are they?", questioned Reito with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh these four are the cutest little homicidal near Creeps I ever came across!~", cooed Nana as she picked up the feral looking blonde one and began rubbing her face against his.

"Let me go byon!", whined the boy as he struggled to get out of Nana embrace.

"Hi my name is Tsuna!~ What's your names Kiri, Ame, Hare, and Ozora?",

"What?", deadpanned the boy with the barcode on his cheek.

"I had the same reaction too when Tsuna called me by my Flame. It a quirk of his until he knows your name. In this case he's referring to pineapple, glasses, animal boy, and tiny in that order.", chuckled Kensuke.

"Kufufu do you want to die?"

"Excuse me?"

"Oi take that back you bastard!"

"I'm not that short!"

"Now no need to get angry boys Kensuke is just teasing you!~ By the way why are you and Jeff tied up by daddy?", Nana quiered.

"These two were in the process of trying to kill each other again my child.", Slenderman replied as both Jeff and Kensuke shot him a betrayed look.

"Is that so well I guess no dessert for either of you for disobeying me. Now kids I like you to meet Mukuro Rokudo, Chikusa Kakimoto, Ken Joshima, and Tony Amoretto. Boys this is my son Tsunayoshi Sawada, his Lightning Kensuke Mochida, his siblings Reito and Yakumo Mochida, and finally Sally Williams one of my daddy's Creeps."

"His Lightning?", inquired Mukuro.

"I'm a Sky like your friend Tony only his haven't gone Active yet when he does I'm going to take care of him like a big brother and teach him all that I know! Which admittedly isn't a lot since I'm still learning too but it better than nothing. Anyways Skies like us we bond with special people who become our Guardians one for each Flame type usually but there have been rare cases in the past of Skies having more than one Guardians with the same Flame types but those cases usually involved the Guardians in question being on the exact same wavelength.", Tsuna explained, "Kensuke my Lightning and first Guardian. I still need a Sun, Storm, Rain, Cloud, and Mist. Of course not just anyone can bond with me or Tony it just doesn't work like that."

"And how do you know who you can bond with?"

"Most don't know until it happens but I'm special thanks to my bloodline."


"Yep I know who are just right for my Sky.", chirped Tsuna as his eyes glowed a sunset orange as he happily glomped Mukuro. The boy stumbled before left eye glowed an intense indigo as Flames of the same color as his left eye sprung to life around his right.

"W-what was that!?"

"Welcome to the family Mukuro!~ For now on your's are mine to protect and vice versa."

Mukuro was lost in a dazed happy feeling of home when he was rudely brought back to reality by Kensuke exasperated voice, "Really Tsuna? I have to call that Pineapple brother now?"

"Kufufu look like you wish to die.", growled Mukuro as he materialized a trident and lunged at Kensuke.

"Well look like they'll get along well.", cheered Tsuna.

"Tsuna you have a weird definition of getting along.", deadpanned Reito with a shake of his head as he led the other three to the showers to wash up before dinner. After all Mama didn't like blood on her dining room table set.