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Despite the nature of Izuku's Quirk, this is not a crossover story or multi-crossover. There may be references and Izuku might pull certain individuals from certain worlds, but there will never be a full crossover.


Four-year-old Izuku couldn't sleep. He was too excited. His fourth birthday just passed three days ago, which meant he was at the age where his Quirk would manifest.

And how could he not be excited? Today he saw on TV the biggest collision of heroes in his entire life. Everyone was there to fight the villains - Endeavor, Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, Gang Orca, and of course, his all-time idol, All Might.

Imagining what kind of Quirk he would have was simply too great. As the night went on however, the energy he had earlier faded and gave way to exhaustion.

Izuku finally drifted off to sleep.

But the little boy would experience something very, very different when the sun returned. His Quirk would manifest tonight as he had hoped, but the consequence of it would turn Izuku into something…

Beyond... and more.

In an office located beyond space, where even Death could not reach, where Time ignored, and where Life could not see, two men – no, not men, entities that happened to be human at one point, were having a meeting.


"Yes, today, V."

"Are you sure about this, Professor? I have a very tight schedule. If I delay my flight to Guam until tomorrow my superior will definitely want to hear why, and if this turns out to be a false alarm, well, let's just say a few lives have to be… disposed of, shall we say," V snarled.

"I am more than certain. It will be today. You can meet him at exactly a quarter past ten, while he is getting his superpower-"

"-Quirk," V corrected.

"His... Quirk inspected at the Musutafu Hospital; Fourth Floor, Right Hal-" V beckoned for Professor to stop.

"Alright, I see you're certain about this. I'll go see for myself."

"Good." The Professor took a look at his watch. "Mind, look at the time, I will have to take my leave now." He turned around to leave.

"Hold on," The Professor turned back to face V. "Why the sudden interest? I know you love to play the role of 'the protector of time and space', but this is outside your usual scope. Not to mention you told me, of all the people, and you've never trusted my organization before. So, why now?"

The Professor only smiled at him.

"Because I don't know why or how this boy can suddenly interact with the multiverse – or what he'll do with it." That statement seemed to genuinely surprise V. "If I don't know and you don't know, then the chances are a lot more entities in the multiverse don't know about this as well. This will not sit well with most of them and there's no telling what they will do to the boy because of that. I know you don't run a charity, but you are the best hope for the boy compared to many others, myself included. I will leave this to you, V." The Professor finally left into the black void behind the office door.

V only sighed. He looked at the picture in his hand one more time before he got up as well. "Let's hope you are worth more than a ticket to Guam, Midoriya Izuku."

When Izuku returned to the land of the wake, he could feel that there was something else under his sheet. When he looked down, he noticed a large bulge next to him. Something - someone – was hugging him.

He quickly pulled the blanket away to reveal…


Not his lower body, no, literally another Midoriya sleeping next to him.

The 'other' Izuku slowly shuffled and noticed the missing blanket. When he opened his eyes, they met each other with shocked gazes.

Inko Midoriya was getting out of her bed; always at six, rarely later. She prepared to leave for the bathroom.

Suddenly her son burst into the room, or rather, her sons, to be exact. They waved their arms frantically, trying to gesture something to their mother. Inko, for her part, was momentarily dumbfounded at the scene before her.

"Mom! There's another me!" The Izukus shouted in unison as they finally managed to stop their frantic gesturing. Panic was clear on their faces.

Inko snapped out of her dumbfounded state; letting her jaw hang open in disbelief instead. Before long, she regained her senses, closing her mouth. Yet she could already come up with a very logical explanation for this.

"W-well, this is probably your Quirk, honey… s?" She tried to calm her sons, whom at the mention of 'Quirk' paused their frantic gesturing. They slowly turned toward each other. Their lips formed into bright smiles.

"I have a quirk!" They shouted in unison before taking a momentary pause and correcting themselves. "We have a quirk!"

While they were celebrating their newfound power with their cheering, Inko calmly walked toward the phone to make an appointment with the doctor.

They arrived at the hospital a few hours later. They were sitting, all three of them, in front of the doctor, waiting for his evaluation.

"Hmm," the doctor mused as he looked over the paper on his clipboard.

"I-is there a problem?" Inko asked, interrupting the doctor and prompting his attention; his eyes shifted between the two Izukus.

"Well, this case is certainly… unique."

"What do you mean?" Inko and the Izukus asked in unison.

"Well you see, normally when it comes to cloning type Quirks, the clone is… how do I say this… not real." The two Izukus looked at each other in worry. In their mind, they had only one question. 'Who's the real one?'

"But in this case, the two are….literally the same." The two boys stopped staring at each other and turned back to the doctor.

"From their weight down to their DNA, everything matches. I have no idea how this is possible," the doctor admitted.

"But couldn't he just… literally, make another him? Maybe… maybe like from another cell?" Inko herself was at a loss for words. She was not used to these strange Quirks. Luckily, the doctor understood what she was trying to say.

"To split yourself into two like that always has very visible side effects. Yet both of your sons don't appear to be weakening, losing weight, or displaying any drawbacks. Maybe this is another kind of Quirk entirely…" the doctor grumbled as he tried to recall any old cases about duplication Quirks.

The phone in his office rang. The bald doctor lifted an eyebrow. He had made it clear to the nurses that he wouldn't accept any calls during check-ups with patients. This had better be an emergency, or the nurse would be getting a lecture from him.

"Hello?" After a few more moments, he spoke again, "On whose authority again?" Silence followed. The doctor sighed before setting his office phone down.

"Well, it appears," he turned back to Izukus and his mother. "That your son's Quirk was more than simple cloning. It's the kind of Quirk the government likes to take an interest in."

Inko tensed up a little. Something bad was approaching, she could feel it in her stomach.

"What kind of Quirk?" Inko asked. Her voice was almost shaking.

The doctor shook his head. "They said it's not my place to know the details. You and your sons will be meeting with an expert and representative of the government in Room 405. I will let the nurse escort you to it." Inko nodded before taking hold of her sons in each of her hands.

She didn't care if one of them was a clone-her son was her son.

They walked out of the room and into the hallway of the hospital, where a nurse was already waiting for them. As she led the family to the meeting room, one of the Izukus tugged at her hand.

"Mom, are we in trouble?" He asked her, worry in his eyes.

"No, honey, this just got a bit...complicated that's all." Inko tried to reassure with a half-hearted smile. Both Izukus looked at each other; dread was apparent in their eyes.

They arrived at the door with a sign '405' above it. The nurse opened the door to let them in and closed it behind them. Inside was a Caucasian man with long, blond mane that seemed to curl at the ends into a number of thick, and well-defined rings. He turned his attention away from the clipboard he was reading from, directing it towards them. The man adjusted his pink necktie and tugged the cuffs of his jacket a few times before finally walked up to them, offering a hand.

"Hello, are you Mrs. Midoriya?" He asked in fluent Japanese, his words slightly accented, as most Westerners tended to be. Inko nodded and shook his hand. "These are your sons I presume."

Inko nodded again. "And who are you, sir?"

"You can refer to me as Mr. V."

That was not a name.

"Since my time here is short, I will be direct. I work for the CIA." he pulled out several things at once from his pockets. Inko was first drawn towards his badge, as it was concrete proof he was indeed working for the government of the United States, before shifting her attention to a certificate that proved he worked on the authority of both countries and the Central Intelligence Agency.

By the time he pulled out a diplomatic immunity warrant, Inko was gaping. "Take them and contact any of these agencies if you wish to confirm my validity. I am not an undercover officer, just an expert they employed."

"What do you want with my sons? What's this about?" She asked with a fearful expression as she pulled her sons closer to her. There seemed to be a stare down between V and Inko. The Izukus, for their part, could only do so much since they were both just children caught in a conversion between adults.

Mr. V sighed, "I know better than to fight a Spartan mother." His tone indicated defeat. "Allow me to explain. Your son possesses a Quirk that allows him to interact with the Multiverse."

"Multiverse? Like in those movies and crazy theories?"

"Yes, it's real, and it's something that needs to be monitored - which is why I am here." He took a glance at the Izukus. "As of now, I see no reason to give special attention to your son's case, so all we want is a promise to a certain extent of secrecy and a willingness of your son to train this Quirk of his."

One of the Izukus, for the first time since meeting this man, spoke up, "Does that mean it would help me become a hero?" For a kid, training was usually limited to the concept of 'train to get into school', 'train to perform in an event', 'train for a future career', and other such thoughts. As much as he wanted to break that illusion, to tell the boy that his training was to keep him in check, Mr. V decided on a compromise.

"True, you could be a hero with this kind of Quirk, but you have to be able to control it; it is a truly dangerous Quirk that, should you lose control, could be… destructive, to say the least." Both boys nodded. The man turned to Izuku's mom and gave her all of his certificates and papers, "If you want to inspect them and call any of these agencies then be my guest, but let me talk to the boys in the meantime." Inko hesitated before nodding, taking it.

Mr. V pulled out a rather high-tech looking phone and tapped it a few times.

"I could use a scanner, but first-hand testing is always more accurate. Besides, who would trust a machine to do a man's job?" Mr. V grumbled. "Okay. First, a question for both of you. How many days are there in a week?" Both boys lifted an eyebrow at the surprisingly basic question.

"Seven," they answered in unison.

"What are the names of these days?"

The two gave the correct answer.

"Which days are considered weekends?"

And that was when their answer diverged. One of the Izukus answered Monday to Friday, while the other Izuku answered Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. V mentally nodded. The one who answered 'Saturday and Sunday' was from another dimension.

This universe, however, was where Monday to Friday were considered weekends; everything that normally took a span of five days to be processed took place within two days, yet they would get the same result as five days. The students would make progress in their studies in two days, rather than the usual five, and all office work that normally took the whole five-day working week to be done was finished all within two days. People would still treat their five days off as if it was still too short… some things never changed.

"Alright, we have identified who is not the native," he said while sliding his finger across his phone a few times. He put the gadget away before taking out two handkerchiefs and two pens. "Now, another test."

Mr. V placed the pens on the bed in the middle of the room before placing the handkerchiefs on top of them. He pushed both pieces of fabric onto them and the bulges made from the pens underneath the material disappeared. He showed them his phone. The screen was occupied by the bright blue numbers, '193.8.'

"Remember these numbers. Try to reach the handkerchief and the pen."

Both boys, including Inko, seemed confused. Nevertheless, they complied.

Both of the Izuku's burned the number into their minds and reached under the handkerchief. The native-Izuku's hand collided with the bed's surface, while the other Izuku sunk his hand beneath the cloth and into the bed as if he had pushed it through the surface of the water. Both boys were quite amazed. Inko couldn't help but gape.

"Can you feel the pen?" Mr. V spoke up, breaking their spell. The Izuku from the world where Saturday and Sunday were weekends nodded. "Good, pull it up." The green haired boy did so, and there the pen was in his hand. "Alright, this will cut most of my work short."

"What do you mean?" Non-Native Izuku asked as he handed his pen back.

"Since you are the one who crossed into our dimension, it would be best to leave most of the explanation to your world's version of me."

"You'll come to find me?" Izuku asked. Mr. V quickly took a picture of Izuku with his phone before tapping once more at its screen.

"Yes, he will." He took out a piece of paper from one of the inside pockets of his suit. He filled in several empty lines on the paper with his own handwriting before handing it back to Izuku. "Everything you need to know is on there." He then turned to Inko, who had just finished inspecting his documents and contacting the government. "Since this world's native isn't the one related to the multiverse, you're unlikely to hear from me again."

V took a look at his watch. "Well, I'll have to go now or else I will miss my flight." V pocketed his pens, handkerchiefs, and documents before he made for the door.

"Wait! How do I get back?!" Non-Native Izuku asked in panic.

"Remember the pen," V answered; he didn't bother to turn around, and then – all of a sudden - he was gone.

Izuku was left confused. There was a fear in his mind that he wouldn't be able to go back to his real mother. That worry was quickly smothered by Inko who gently ruffled his hair.

"We'll think of something, honey," she said, before pulling both Izuku into a hug, which they happily returned.

No one spoke to each other on the trip back home. It was hard to imagine that just a few hours ago both Izukus were bouncing in their seats with excitement.

Once they arrived back home, Non-Native Izuku looked at his mother.

"Umm, should I go now?" He asked, voice somewhat timid.

Inko looked at him. His eyes downcast, and his hands fidgeted together. She couldn't stand it, the sight of her own son being so nervous, anxious, and afraid. She wanted to fix this.

Inko kneeled down to her son's eyes level, "How about a spot of lunch first? Wouldn't want you to go back on empty stomach." She stroked his head while offering her usual smile; a honey-sweet smile.

"Well…" Izuku paused to think.

"We're having Katsudon today." That was the bait. Inko knew what his favorite food was, even if he came from a different world. The eyes of the boys seemed to sparkle in response.

"Okay!" They said in unison.

Both of them went to the chairs in the living room and seated themselves while Inko left to prepare the meals.

Inko had to admit, having another person in the apartment certainly made it livelier. It would normally be just her and Izuku, but now that there was another person in the house, and the voices of children echoing in the air; it filled Inko's heart with warm and fuzzy feelings.

The non-native Izuku, for his part, used the remaining time to satisfy his curiosity about what differences there were here compared to his home dimension.

"So, like everyday is a weekend? Except for Saturday and Sunday?" Non-Native Izuku asked.

"Yeah, I mean, how else would it work?" Native Izuku answered. Non-Native felt like he should be the one saying that.

"Does this mean you stay home all five days?" Native Izuku nodded. "You're so lucky."

"Would be luckier if I have a Quirk," Native Izuku muttered as he cast his eyes away.

Izuku felt uneasy. Here he was, having a Quirk and celebrating his newfound power, but his other self still had to wait it out. He needed to make him feel better.

After all, that's what heroes do.

"It's fine! You will get your Quirk, and it'll be as awesome as mine!" The boy reassured with a smile, just like All Might's. The other boy returned the encouragement with the smile of his own.

"You bet I will!"

Inko walked in with three bowls of Katsudon, interrupting them. "Alright boys, it's time for lunch."

Without further ado, they dug in.

Non-Native Izuku read the instructions Mr. V had written on a piece of paper. It was a guide for him to use when he returned home, but he had to return home first. Another thing on the paper was a line saying 'think of the numbers '153.13' and think of an arrow symbol pointing at the numbers '273'.

He still had no idea how to do this.

"How do I get home?" He asked out loud.

Inko and Native Izuku were there to help him figure it out as well.

"What was the last thing you remember before being here, honey?" His mother asked.

"I went to bed and then I woke up here," Izuku answered.

"Well, does that mean you use the bed as a way to get here?" His mother asked again.

Inko suddenly remembered something, something Mr. V said. 'Remember the pen.'

During the test, the pen had been covered under the handkerchief while on the bed before being transported into another dimension.

So, was it possible for her son to use that same method? That Izuku was a pen and he needed to be in-between the blanket and the bed, or something similar, to make his Quirk work? Inko believed it would, but another question presented itself in her mind.

Did this mean V had the same Quirk as her son? Because she was certain Izuku wasn't the one who pushed those pens into another dimension. She shook her head. This was not the time to think of that. She had to get her son home first, still...

"Honey, I think I get it," his mother said. "It's like the pen back there. You need something to help you go home, something that can cover you from both sides… I think." There was uncertainty in Inko's voice; she was still not sure if this was how Izuku's Quirk worked. "So, I guess you could use the bed to get home?"

Her deduction was met with a gleaming smile from both Izukus. "You're so smart, mom!" They shouted in unison. Inko just smiled at them.

"Let's go try that now!" Native Izuku said.

"Hold on, honeys," the boys turned back to Inko. "Just go wait in the bed room, I want to write something to your mother." The boys nodded and went into their room.

Inko picked up a loose piece of paper and a pen before writing a warning about V and his power to herself in another dimension, and her hopes that she could stand up to the CIA. Once finished, she seamlessly combined them with the paper V gave to Izuku. She didn't want to worry her son about this.

Once that was done, she went into the bedroom where the two boys were admiring their All Might collection.

"You have the Golden Age model?!" Non-Native Izuku asked in shock.

"Yup!" Native Izuku said with his chest puffed in pride.

"Alright, honey. Here's your paper." Inko interrupted them and handed the paper to Izuku.

"Can I come here again?" He asked Inko as he took the paper from her hand.

"Of course. Feel free to visit whenever you like or if there's any trouble," Inko reassured her other son with a smile.

"I hope you get your Quirk soon," Non-Native Izuku said to his counterpart.

"Yeah! And it will be just as cool as yours!" Native Izuku replied with a wide smile on his face. Izuku nodded.

He climbed onto the native-Izuku's bed. "Goodbye," he said before he went under the blanket.

He tried to recall the test. He concentrated on the given numbers and symbols and relaxed. With his mind steady and the numbers burned into his mind, he reached beyond the surface and onto the other side.

He sunk as if he had been thrown into water, and emerged on the other side again like he had just been pulled out of a lake, even though there wasn't anything in-between the worlds that he could feel.

Izuku threw the blanket away to reveal his empty room.

'I'm home!' He couldn't help but smile.

He climbed off his bed and went out of his room, expecting his mother to be in the apartment, but found no one.

Believing that his mother went outside, Izuku went over to the phone and looked over a list of phone number his mother told him to call if anything happened while he was alone. One of these numbers had the contact 'Mom' labelled at the end.

Izuku dialled the number.

"Izuku?!" His mother answered the call, her voice was very worn out. She could probably guess it was him from the fact that this was their home number.

"Yes," he replied.

"Oh, Izuku!" His mother sounded like she had just lifted a mountain off her chest. "Where have you been?! I couldn't find you in your room, I couldn't find you at the Bakugou's, I couldn't find you anywhere! Where have you been?!" There was a bit of anger mixed into her voice now, or was it frustration?

"It's… complicated."

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