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Beyond and more

A few hours earlier, the U.A. staff and their allies were about to conclude their meeting for the day. Of course, their discussion was far from over and talks would resume at a later date. They still had one topic left on the table, however.

"Right, I think before we go home for the day, we should talk about our most important link to the multiverse," Nezu addressed the people in the room.

"Midoriya, right? What about him?" Mandalay asked.

"Well, some of his alternate selves have apparently given us this." Naomasa showed them a simple white paper parchment. "It warned us about 'Main' and that he is allegedly mentally unstable.."

Hound Dog growled. "From what they wrote, they might believe that it might not just be a normal mental illness, but outright insanity."

"Is he though? I mean… he's looked like a normal, functioning person so far," questioned Fat Gum.

"They said that is what he appeared to be on the outside to them as well, but they have spent enough time with him to detect the faults in his behavior. Drastic mood shifts, an inconsistent personality, periodic displays of bipolar syndrome, random fits of heightened aggression, et cetera. Though, they are starting to figure out what might have been the cause of these problems," Hound Dog informed.

"Great, so our most valuable ally is mentally ill. Fantastic," Rock Lock said.

"What triggers him though? Maybe we can properly help him?" Vlad King proposed.

"The Midoriya Assembly expressed their doubts about curing him through normal means, like a therapist. So, this might be very difficult. As for the trigger, one of the Izukus who went by the codename 'Analytic' researched it after witnessing one of Main's inconsistent personality outbursts," Hound Dog continued. "Unfortunately, he didn't know at the time that delving into this issue wasn't only depressing but also incurred Main's wrath, and our Izuku lashed out at him. Analytic has steered clear of Main afterwards and dropped the issue almost entirely."

"'Almost'?" Tiger asked.

"Well, the Izuku Assembly observed that while Analytic's main field of interest appears to be on the study of Quirks, he's still researching into the subject of psychology as a sideline project or a 'hobby'. So, suffice to say, while he will not push the issue any further due to his schedule and the risks of doing so, he is still concerned about Main," Nighteyes answered.

"They gave us a method to contact him. We have to look into this when we can," Nezu added.

"Okay, noir stuff aside, what's the trigger?" Mt. Lady urged, feeling like this was dragging out.

"His mother," the Principle of U.A. answered.

"What? She's looking pretty fine to me as a parent. Why would he have an issue with her?" Mt. Lady asked further.

Sighing, Nighteye clarified."It's not a problem which he has with her, but a problem he has with everyone else around her."

"He seems to have gone above and beyond in protecting his mother. One incident occurred when someone insulted him with 'your mother is whore' and it ended with Main breaking all of the offender's limbs," Hound Dog revealed.

Those in the room stared at them in shocked silence.

"He… he said he has never killed anyone before the raid," Mirio recalled, but doubts filled his words.

"Oh, he hasn't kill anyone alright. Only crippled them for life, psychologically damaged them, threatened more violence, or just let some of his more… malicious selves take care of them, but none of them died, that's for sure," Hound Dog informed with dismay.

"Some fates are worse than death," Naomosa added.

"Though to some of his credit, once he seemed to have snapped back to reality he usually calms down and tries to fix his mistakes when, and I quote them here, 'when the victim deserves it.' That's why those few incidents were generally dismissed by the majority of the Izukus and Izumis," Nezu explained. "That's not to say they don't remember, and, after the raid, they are afraid he might well and truly not be holding back any longer."

"That… makes some sense now," Aizawa spoke up. Though still shaken by the revelation of what had become of Oboro, he still had an obligation to his student as the teacher of Izuku Midoriya.

"What do you mean?" Naomasa asked.

"I had investigated Midoriya's middle school after he made his intentions of enrolling here clear. There wasn't really anything fruitful, since most of his records are either forged or being locked inside governmental vaults, and the staff and the students didn't have much to say about him. Despite that, there's at least something about Izuku from his old school, a rumor." Aizawa paused for a moment. "Aside from the part about him being a 'demon' who can travel through dimensions, which we know is true in some senses already, there was an incident involving a bunch of students from another school called 'Ike High' attacking him after losing a fight with Katsuki."

"They are from the same middle school?" Mt. Lady interrupted.

"Yes," Shouta gave a short answer. "Now, being a rumor, there are multiple versions of the story, but there is one unanimous point in each, Izuku crippled them for life by tearing off their limbs and then erased their memory. Though there is one interesting variant of it that stands out to me; it follows everything I have just said, except for one thing. One of Ike's students insulted his mother and that's what caused Izuku to go that far."

Another silence followed.

"D-Does his mother know about this?" Ryukyu asked.

"Definitely not," Hound Dog answered. "The Midoriya Assembly has made it clear that she does not know anything regarding this issue. Main made sure she wouldn't."

"Well, in any event, we have to go through these issues one at a time," Nezu said. "For now though, it is already 10 PM and this has been an exhausting day. You can take the files on what we have discussed today and review them in greater detail tomorrow when we come back to discuss more of this on Monday."

"Are you… sure we shouldn't tackle Izuku's issue head-on, sir?" Mirio asked. "Not only is he our most valuable ally, but he's a student here and neither his mother nor Eri would want him to be so violent. Plus, this will likely be an obstacle in his desire to change."

"The thing about mental problems, Togata, is that it's never wise to tackle them head-on. It requires a delicate process, not simply calling people out," Nighteye chastised his pupil. "In addition, we are all exhausted; it would be unwise to continue the meeting." Everyone nodded in agreement. "Besides, as long as nothing triggers him, everything should be fine for now. It's not as if someone has also been informed of this fact and will march up to him to solve this without any solid plan first."

Nighteye didn't realize how wrong he was. How very wrong.

In the few minutes leading up to Itsuka saying those fateful words to Izuku, in the Dreamland King Kuranes was standing in front of the barricaded door that housed a part of Izuku Midoriya's consciousness.

Before reinforcing this door, the King of the Dreamland had called Izuku here to explain himself. Suffice to say, after knowing what had transpired, he was disappointed in the boy. Killing here and there he could at least understand, and even the Kind of Dreamland's hands aren't clean. But to commit nothing short of a mass slaughter especially after promising not to do so? That was not something he liked.

The light he'd seen in the boy wasn't completely snuffed, but it wouldn't emerge again untainted.

Though he wished he could help the boy more, he had too many duties to attend to. He could only hope that Izuku would find something in his life that would heal his madness. The King was turning to leave; already his entourages were coming up to him with reports and reminders of his many kingly tasks.

Then the steel bars used to barricade the door began to shake, making everything around them come to a halt. It stirred again. Kuranes sighed. Izuku's mind had begun to act up again. The monarch had risked his palace by allowing the boy to store part of his consciousness here.

The King of Dreamland merely shook his head. As his weapon materialized in his hands his subordinates either cleared out or prepared to assist their master. It was as he instructed the boy the last time: if what behind this door caused a problem again, he would toss it back to the boy and let him deal with his own problem.

So with a warhammer in both hands, Kuranes awaited to see if Izuku would drive his kingly patience beyond its limit.

Back to the present (right after Itsuka had connected Izuku's issues to his mother), all of Izuku's movement came to a halt. He became still, almost like a statue.

Itsuka was about to follow up on her guess at the cause of his problem, but even she could feel that something had gone wrong.

Midoriya slowly twisted his head toward her. Shadows fell over his face, and his eyes became very wrong. Kendo felt that, maybe, she shouldn't have said that.

"I will pretend I didn't hear that," Izuku said, his tone devoid of emotions, yet he spoke with finality.

The greenette tried to walk away again, but Kendo's hand still held firmly onto his.

"No. This is about her, isn't it?" Kendo asked. Her eyes, equally fierce, met with Izuku's feral glare. The greenette bared his teeth and growled at the orangette. Seeing this, Itsuka inhaled a deep breath but remained calm; one of them had to keep the conversation civilized. "Look. We've got a problem on our hands, and I am not letting this slide until it is resolved," Itsuka insisted.

"If you dare to push this issue any further, then I can tell you right now that things won't end well for you," Izuku threatened. He leaned in closer to her face, glaring right into her eyes to let her see that he truly meant by what he said.

"So it's an issue then? You admit it as much," Kendo baited.

"Don't get smart-assed with me, Itsuka," Izuku warned, his voice possessing much more venom now.

"And what are you going to do even if I push it, hmm? Your alternate self already killed me a few times," Kendo bit back. "There's nothing worse than that."

"If you think I can't do worse than Healer, then you would be wrong," Izuku hissed.

"And would your mother want you to do something like that?" the orangette asked.

Izuku's eyes twitched. He reached under the coffee table and pulled out a cubic device. The greenette pushed a few buttons on the device. Once it started to emit low droning noise, Midoriya tossed it over his shoulder where it ricocheted off the wall.

"What's that?" Itsuka asked.

"A Quirk Disabler." As soon as his answer left his mouth, Main threw the opening punch.

Itsuka, already expecting this conversation to turn south at some point, only just manages to put up a guard. Unfortunately, she instinctively tried to activate her Quirk, forgetting that it was disabled. With a step in her defense missing, she couldn't follow up on her defense and Izuku exploited that opening.

Using his body weight, he threw himself onto her; his arm pinned her down by the neck. As an extra measure, he pushed his kneecap into her stomach and kept her core down. Itsuka tried to resist, but one of her hands was pinned along with her neck, while the other was held in place by Izuku's free hand.

"Just go to sleep, would you? I will erase a chunk of your memories and be done with this," Izuku hissed.

However, she still had two limbs left that she could use. Kendo used her legs to try and shove Izuku off her. Seeing this, the greenette used his free leg to lock one of Kendo's two remaining appendages. Now, with only one leg left, she'd started to run out of breath; Itsuka had to put all her energy into her remaining leg. She knew where to strike, even if it was a dirty blow.

Itsuka kicked him in the groin. The blow connected, but Midoriya didn't move. She tried again, this time a painful expression overtook Izuku's face, which was then followed by a few droplets of blood leaking from his mouth. He was biting his own lip to suppress the pain. Leaving no choice, the orangette kept repeatedly striking at the same spot until Izuku finally was unable to stand the pain and finally let go. Kendo used this opportunity to shove him away, but in the process fell off the sofa.

Kendo coughed as she began taking in the air that her lungs were missing, all the while crawling toward the device to shut it off. Izuku, meanwhile, kicked the entire coffee table upside down, revealing a supply of several high-tech-looking devices. He reached for a tube-shaped device filled with bluish liquid and stabbed himself with it—there was a label on the side; it read 'Bacta Injector'. The blue substance inside flowed into his blood stream and soon all the pain he felt began to dissipate. [1]

With his injury healed, he turned his attention back to his opponent, and just in time as Itsuka was about to reach the Disabler. Izuku leaped toward Kendo. He managed to catch her legs and prevented her from getting a hold of the Disabler.

"Izuku! Get a hold of yourself!" Itsuka screamed at him as she tried to deliver a kick.

"I warned you not to bring up my mother!" Izuku yelled back. "You think you can bring her into this!?"

"She's your mother for gods' sake! Think about what she would feel about what you're doing!"

Having enough of the orangette, Midoriya dropped his elbow onto the back of her knee. Kendo grunted in pain, but even so, she had managed to land a solid blow with her foot, forcing Izuku back. Seizing this chance, she reached toward the device and grabbed a hold of it. Itsuka brought it closer, examining a way to stop it from working.

Before she could figure out which switches or buttons to push, however, Izuku lunged, throwing his full weight over her back before trying to wrestle the cube out of her hands. Itsuka kept her grip over the object firm. As they tugged and pulled, their position on the floor began to shift as each of them kicked, legs locked, and screamed for the other to let go.

Eventually, the two ended up coming face-to-face and that's when Kendo decided to do something drastic. The orangette reeled her head back and used her forehead to strike Izuku in his nose. The greenette was dazed for a moment, but his hands still remained on the device. So Itsuka prepared to headbutt him again, but this time Izuku was ready for her, reeling back his own head.

The two launched their heads forward, colliding in the middle and producing enough force to make both of them let go of the cube while grunting in pain as a trail of blood ran down their foreheads. Unfortunately for Kendo, Midoriya was the first one to recover. He reached for the cubic device, just a few moments before Itsuka could extend her arm to take it. Izuku turned around and threw the device all the way to the other side of the room, but his fixation cost him. Instead of continuing a desperate attempt to get her Quirk back, Kendo came up with a new tactic. Before Izuku could turn back to deal with the orangette, the martial artist came up behind him and put him in a headlock—her arms firmly between his throat and her legs locked down his upper limbs.

"Just give it up!" Itsuka yelled, demanding his surrender, but it fell on deaf ears.

With only his legs, Izuku began his struggle. As mad as he currently was, he wasn't blinded by insanity. Though he thrashed around at first, he was merely moving towards the right angle. When the position was right, he used his lower limbs to push both of them toward his target, the edge of a nearby drawer. Itsuka's head made impact, producing a cry of pain and loosening her hold on him.

Midoriya broke free and leaped away, creating distance between the two. He did not immediately jump back into their fight. Rather, he stood up, which gave Kendo a chance to do the same.

"Fine," he breathed, one hand wiping away the warm blood running down from his forehead. "I am knocking you out the hard way then. You wanted to fight me all that time we were fighting at the Festival, didn't you?" He put up his guard and beckoned for her to attack. "Come on then, let's see if Todo teaches you well enough, or is he yet another definition of 'nothing special' in the martial arts world."

Kendo gnashed her teeth at the insult but did not take the bait. She couldn't lose her cool while fighting, that would spell her loss. Instead, she merely entered her stance and waited for him to move, which didn't take long.

Believing he had the advantage of experience, Izuku charged in—not expecting a swift, easy, or painless win, but still predicting a decisive victory.

Itsuka decided to counter-charge. She had much less space to fall back to in comparison to Izuku. If he could manage to push her back, she would end up being cornered, and thus would be left with fewer options in fighting.

The two met midway. Itsuka came in from the lower right angle to try getting a proper uppercut, but Izuku, having enough experience in fighting to quickly react to her move, attempted to use his knee to push her back. The two blows ended up grazing each intended opponent, unable to get past the other's defense.

Now their match had turned into an exchange of blows. Punches, kicks, elbow strikes, headbutts, every fighting move known to them they exercised within this bout. A flurry of attacks was traded. Despite their best effort to guard themselves, many attacks still connected to their intended target.

However, the sound of flesh against flesh was getting wetter and wetter as both of them began to bleed. Several wounds had opened on their visage. Their noses and mouths were already leaking a constant trickle of blood. It was a fight between two human beings, no Quirks, no tricks, just raw strength, guts, and skill. Both of them exchanged one more blow that made a full impact against each other's faces, which was enough to send both of them back a little and forced them to disengage.

Their breathing was heavy. The two enemies had engaged in constant brawling for longer than their lungs would allow in their current condition. Adrenaline might help mitigate some effects of the fever, but not all of it. As the two took a moment to rest and evaluate the situation, Itsuka was trying to figure out a way out of this. She believed that the items under that coffee table were just a small stash. The greenette definitely had more tools at his disposal; gadgets that would be a disaster for her.

With the storm outside, running away was impossible, so the ideal choices were locking herself away in one of the rooms and staying there until Izuku calmed down… No that wouldn't work. He would have a way to break down and immediately fix the door, neither Inko, her parents, or her would even know that this fight ever happened. That left her with only one option, knocking Izuku out first before he could get his hand onto more of these contraptions.

Izuku, meanwhile, observed his surroundings calculatively. This was his place—his den—and Itsuka was treading in it. He quickly derived a new tactic on how to deal with Kendo. Though he hadn't fully recovered his stamina yet, he decided to act now.

Izuku walked back a little while kept his eyes on Itsuka. Once he was where he needed to be, the Dimensional Traveller executed his plan. With his hatred channeled into a renewed strength, Izuku shoved the sofa forward, it collided with the wall and blocked Itsuka's escape path back into the small hallway; or at least slowed her down if she decided to run. With his enemy in place, Midoriya charged in, and, on the way, he grabbed the flipped coffee table and used it as a shield.

For once Itsuka was caught unprepared, she didn't expect him to have enough strength left to push an entire couch, even if it had just traveled for a short distance. As soon as he picked up the table, she contemplated vaulting over the furniture that blocked her path but it was too late.

Midoriya bashed the orange-haired girl with the table and sent her up against the wall where he followed and slammed the table onto her again. He backed off a little before rushing in and slamming his make-shift weapon onto Kendo again, and again, and again.

'This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!' Itsuka thought.

With each slam, the daze she felt became stronger and stronger—she even started feeling the wetness of her own blood that had stained the table. With this method, Izuku left the orangette with no options for defense, even if she put up a guard it would only marginally mitigate the damage of a full slam. Instead, her hand reached over to the top of the drawer to her left—the same one Izuku slammed her head onto— blindingly searched for anything to help her out as her face was still being smacked against the table. Her hand finally felt something, metallic, solid, and quite spiky. She contemplated throwing it at Izuku but decided that she needed to make her strike count, so she decided to take a different approach. The 1-B student might not be able to see what she had grabbed, but neither was the greenette from behind his shield.

With one more slam, Itsuka went limp. The only thing keeping her upright was the fact that Izuku was keeping her pinned against the wall with the table. Midoriya paused for a few moments, waiting to see if his opponent was truly unconscious, though also to take a breather. Once the greenette was sure he had triumphed, he stepped away, letting the orangette's body fall. Her face was a mess, what with all the blood—a bruised eye, and a broken nose—but he couldn't care less. He had a lot of healing items that could fix all the damage in no time. What mattered, for now, was to get her memory erased.

Unfortunately, he was too eager to get this over with and missed something in her hand. When he was too close, he realized his mistake.

Itsuka's eyes flashed open. She struck with the object in her hand, right in Izuku's face, which sent him tumbling backward. Only now did she have a chance to look at what she was holding.

It was… a lotus? No, a sculpture of a lotus flower, made from a dark metallic material, likely iron. A great deal of work was obviously put into it, from the decorative carving to the likeness of the petals. It was a rather beautiful imitation. What a shame that it would be stained with blood soon.

Not wanting to lose her momentum, Itsuka picked up the fallen table before slamming it onto her downed enemy's hip. She sat on top of the furniture, using her weight in conjunction with it to keep him pinned and his legs unable to move while her free hand kept Izuku's wrists against the floor. The martial artist began pummeling him with her makeshift-weapon, aiming for the chin to knock him out. The sharp petals left several cuts on Izuku's visage, while the hard metallic nature of the sculpture created multiple bruises as a result of the impact.

Itsuka was too careless, however, and her hand, during a swing, strayed too close to her opponent's mouth. Izuku did not hesitate to sink his teeth into the appendage. Kendo screamed. She tried to remain calm, but the pain she was receiving reminded her too much of… her.

'Nononono! No! Not again!' The orangette began to panic. The excruciating memory of what Healer had done to her began to resurface. She tried to yank her hand away, but it only served to tear her flesh apart further as Main's teeth stuck firmly into her appendage.

"Let go! Let my hand go!" Kendo yelled, retreating her other hand to try and punch him to make him let go. It didn't work.

She began to see them again, the sharp teeth, the sound of jaw snapping, the agonizing noise of bones being grounded and broken. The image of her own stump hand played out in her memories about a dozen times. The worst thing was, if she lost her hand, she lost her Quirk; so by instinct, this was her ultimate fear. Now Itsuka's terror had surpassed its threshold. She began to struggle with no patterns or plans, simply the following instinct to get herself out of this situation.

Izuku had lost himself in his hatred, adrenaline, and memory. He would not let anyone disturb his mother, make her sad, threaten her, or even draw a comparison to her with any of her less stellar selves. No one! Not even… himself. No, he wouldn't do that from the start. He had always been there for her, his father was never around and he couldn't entrust the task of protecting his mother to anyone else. No one-

Main was snapped out of his vengeful thought when a drop of liquid fell onto his cheek, it wasn't blood.

Itsuka leaned over him, her eyes filled with tears. She had stopped struggling, but her entire body was still shaking. Her fight with Healer and how her entire hand was bitten off had imprinted a fear into Kendo's brain, and Izuku had brought that nightmare out into reality once again.

"Please… let go," she begged.

Izuku was shocked. There were so few universes where Itsuka showed any fear or cried that upon seeing the ever-bold girl losing all form of confidence and bravery the greenette was stunned. Now, the boy began to become conscious of his actions, his true self recalled from the depth of madness and hatred.

Slowly, he moved his jaw, pulling his teeth out of Kendo's hand. The salty and iron-like taste of blood began to spread through his mouth. Once her hand was free, the 1-B student pulled her limb away. She got off him and knelt down some distance away, panting and holding the arm of her injured appendage. While her back faced him, Izuku could still see that she was shaking and the sound of her sobbing rang through the room.

The greenette wasn't sure about what to do next, but he didn't get the chance to decide.

"What are you doing?" someone asked from the hallways. Izuku's heart dropped to his feet as he turned to see a person standing in the hallway, Eri. "Izuku… what's going on. Why is Kendo crying?"

A look of distress painted itself onto Eri's face as she began to take in all the details; from the mess that was once their living room, to the heavily injured and bleeding teens, and especially a sobbing Kendo—who could not even suppress her pain and fear to turn around to meet with Eri.

"What happened?! What did you two do?!" the white-haired girl asked, raising her voice.

Izuku merely looked down in shame. His throat suddenly dry despite the fact that it was a little moist with some of Itsuka's blood that slipped down. A part of his brain, however, commanded that he answer her, and so he did. "...fighting."

Something inside the white-haired girl stirred. Seeing that Kendo was the one who was crying and that Izuku was not willing to defend himself in any way, she could quickly draw a conclusion of whose fault this was.

"What did you do to her?!" Eri asked, this time her anger was quite apparent. Her older brother did not answer, merely continued to look at the ground. "I thought that you two would stop fighting and become friends! Then you two fought each other! Again!" Eri yelled. "You started it didn't you, Izuku?!" The white-haired girl pointed her index finger at him. "Why are you like this! Why can't you treat others well! Why can't you get along with other people?! Now you're hurting Itsuka! Again!? Why?!" It was amazing how loud Eri's voice could be, or how much she hammered home the point. "Will you hurt mom too?!"

Izuku's eyes suddenly flared with murderous intent, directed at none other than the little girl he thought as nothing short of his little sister. The sheer alienness of hatred from someone she loved so much being aimed at her made Eri pause in her outburst.

"Shut up! She isn't your real mother! She's mine! I would never hurt her! Unlike you! You unwanted child!" Izuku screamed. Unlike before, however, this was a mere moment of rage, and once it washed away the greenette was horrified at what he had done.

Eri stood there, completely still and expressionless for a few moments. Once the weight of Izuku's words finally sunk in, her face contorted as trails of tears began to roll down her cheeks. Sobs and hiccoughing sounds escaped her throat. The white-haired girl did her best to try and suppress her emotions, but to no avail.

"I hate you!" Eri yelled at him and ran off, back to the bedroom.

Izuku extended his hand as if he could reach for her, but… his legs refused to move. He was stuck like that, hand stretching outward as if he could grab Eri to stop her and tell her that he was sorry. But his hand was holding nothing…

The greenette suddenly felt something stabbing his back. He turned his head around and saw Kendo, using her undamaged fist to 'punch' him in the back; there was no force behind it.

"How dare you," Itsuka breathed. Her face was obscured by her hair. "How dare you say that to her… She loves you, trusts you, but you said that she's unwanted?!" Kendo lifted her face up and let her hair part to reveal her bruised-yet-still-tearful face. Those tears, however, were shed for a different reason than pain now. Her teal eyes stared right into his emerald. "How could you?!"

She continued to 'punch' Izuku in the back for a little while before what remaining strength she had left faded away. Darkness crept into her vision

Before unconsciousness overtook her, she heard chuckles coming from Izuku that began increasingly hysterical, before evolving into full-blown laughter. That was the last thing she could remember before she fainted for good.

Itsuka's consciousness faded in and out about a couple of times after she had lost her battle against them the first time. The first time she woke up was only for a few moments, but she no longer felt any pain from her previous fight. The second time she felt… naked and the sensation of warm water washing over her body. The third time she could hear the sound of hard objects being arranged, furniture perhaps. Then she fully returned to the waking world.

Kendo immediately sat upright from her laying down position. She looked over herself. Nothing was out of the ordinary, she was perfectly fine. Though she did note that her clothing was a different set than what she'd worn during the fight. The orangette then quickly turned to her surroundings. She was in Izuku's bedroom, on his bed, and the boy who she had supposedly fought against was sitting on the bedside just a few centimeters away from her. Was everything that happened just a dream? It was so surreal seeing a person like Izuku became like that, and what he said to Eri…

"Izuku?" Itsuka asked, still uncertain that all the previous events had been real.

The greenette merely turned around to look at her; his eyes looked almost… empty.

"Itsuka," Izuku began, his voice devoid of any emotion. "Can I ask you something?" Kendo, still confused at everything, merely nodded. "Can I trust you to take care of Eri?"

The orangette was now sure that what happened wasn't a dream, and her boiling anger returned to her tenfold.

"Yeah, I can! Probably better than you at this point!" Kendo bellowed at the boy, but there was no viable reaction. "What compelled you to say that to her?! You're her brother!"

Izuku merely stared at her, almost like a dead fish. Even Itsuka's aggression regressed a little at such a… pitiful display.

"You want to know what makes my mind so screwed up?" He dropped something in his hand to the floor and kicked it under his bed. "Fine. Go bring Eri so I can explain it to you both. You two deserve to know, I suppose."

"...where is she?"

"Eri is in Mom's bedroom… I can still hear her sobbing." Saying that left an intense bad taste in his mouth, mainly because he had caused Eri's distress.

Itsuka growled at him and went off to get Eri, while Izuku walked open his drawer to search for something. The orangette left the room and stood before the door to Inko's bedroom. Even from outside, she could hear faint crying from behind the entrance. Kendo's knuckles turned white. Her hatred for Izuku only grew, almost overtaking all of her previous desire to help him in some way.

The 1-B student took a deep breath. Eri had been through enough, she didn't need to see yet another person she loved turning into a demon. Itsuka knocked on the door.

"Go away!" Eri shouted from the other side. God, Kendo had never heard the little girl this upset.

"It's me, Eri," the orangette quickly stated. "Kendo." The teen could hear a gasp, followed by the sound of light footsteps. The lock on the door was soon undone and the door swung open to show a tearful Eri.

"Kendo!" Eri cried and rushed in to hug Kendo. "Kendo! Kendo! Kendo!" Eri kept repeating. It brought her great relief to see her guardian alive and healthy after seeing how injured she was.

Kendo wasted no time in picking Eri up, and brought her in close in a parental embrace. "Shh, shh, it's okay, Eri, I am okay," the orangette hushed, gently stroking the little girl's head and planting a few warm kisses on her cheeks. "It's alright, Eri, it's alright."

"No…" the white-haired girl said between sobbing. "It's not alright… Izuku hates me. He hates me!" The young girl's grief only intensified as she said those words.

Itsuka bit her lower lip. Though the glare in her eyes was intense, there was also moisture gathered at the edge. Seeing Eri like this was beyond awful. Izuku better had a damn good explanation if he wanted to stop her from marching out of here with Eri in tow after their parents got here—or at least after she'd convinced Inko to do something about Izuku somehow.

Kendo let Eri bawl her eyes out for good minutes, doing her best to comfort the little girl with gentle hands, light pecks, and soft shushing sounds. For someone so young, and who had been through so much, to be told that they were unwanted would be devastating. Itsuka could only hope that after today, Eri could still smile.

No, no, she was underestimating Eri, the white-haired girl was stronger than that. It would take time, but this wound would heal and Eri would smile again.

Eventually, Eri calmed down a little and Itsuka took this chance to finally talk to her.

"Eri," Kendo began, her hand still brushing through the other girl's white locks. "Izuku said… he wanted to explain himself. He was angry, I think both of us know that, but his anger has to come from somewhere… Do you want to hear what he has to say?" Much like how Izuku gave Eri a choice whether to study at the dojo all the way back then, so too did she give Eri a choice to hear Izuku out. If she said yes then they marched back to him. If she said no, they would go back into Inko's room, lock the door, rest, and wait until either their parents returned or Izuku came knocking.

"I… I…" Eri went a little still, trying to think. She inhaled deeply before exhaling. "O-Okay… let's go talk to him."

"Alright… Let's get you washed and changed first though." Indeed, Eri's pajamas were stained by tears and snot.

The little girl nodded before resting her head against the orangette's bosom. "Please don't leave me…" Eri moaned.

"No. Never," Itsuka firmly replied and tightened her embrace. "Even if I have to go away from time to time, I will always come back." Kendo lifted Eri up to her eye level to stare right into the little girl's red orbs. "I promise."

Eri wrapped her arms around the orange-haired girl's neck. Itsuka let her while she walked toward the bathroom. It took them a good ten minutes to get Eri clean. She had to, unfortunately, change out of her cute cat pajama and into more plain white pajamas—Eri still looked cute to her though.

"Right… let's go talk your troublesome brother, shall we?" Kendo asked. Eri meekly nodded.

They headed to Izuku's room. Itsuka twisted the knob and pushed the door open.

Izuku turned his head to greet them, looking at them with his tired empty eyes. Itsuka stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. None of them said anything, Eri was still clinging to Kendo, Itsuka stared at Midoriya, the greenette looked like a walking corpse.

Finally, the Heroine-in-training sighed. She strolled over to Izuku and sat beside him on his bed.

"Well?" she asked, obviously referring to his promised explanation.

Izuku took a deep breath. "Do you know how much I love my mother?"

"A lot, apparently. More than your own sister," Itsuka replied, but regretting it when she saw Eri shrank in her arms. "S-Sorry."

"No," Izuku quickly denied. "I love my mother much more than that." Neither was expecting that answer. "I love her even more than anything, more than any of my alternate selves, more than this entire godforsaken species, and certainly more than my life" Izuku confessed. "But how can I not do something like that for her? She's almost divine." The greenette's lips curled into a smile.

"In a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it is a great comfort to know that, in the end, she will be there for me. Whenever I returned from a dark reality or confronted the bleakest of foes, her smile and voice brightened up my day. When the world saw me as nothing short of a Villain, she's the only one who still believed that in my heart there's goodness in there. When I finally realized and understood the true meaninglessness of existence, she was the one who gave me purpose—to cherish her, care for her, and save her. She's a saint. A saint, I tell you!" He raised his voice; "The coming of a new Savior! The daughter of heaven! The prima donnas of the play called life, and the stage of existence! The greatest mother in the multiverse! None compare! Ahahahahahah!" Izuku's laugh was too genuine for such an insane statement.

His mood soon shifted again. Midoriya's smile dissipated. His expression turned dark. "Which is why anyone and anything that dares to hurt mother, tries to hurt mother, thinks about hurting mother, will pay!" Izuku hissed.

During his speech, his breathing had become heavy; disjointed and manic. "I want to hurt them. I want to hear their cries. I want to hear their screams. I want them to suffer. I will strip their flesh from their bones if I have to, and tear them limb from limb, but no matter what my mother shall have her revenge. And if I catch any of my alternate selves deciding to… to do the unthinkable." Izuku bent his neck to one side and produced a frightful crack. "They will be taught a lesson they will never forget."

After he finished, it took a while for him to catch his breath, since his insane rambling had took a while.

His eyes shifted toward the pair of girls. They looked fairly unsettled by his monologue. Izuku soon realized that he was… acting up again and looked away bitterly. "And you probably wonder why I would go so far? To think so highly of her, to go so far to avenge her. Then you must see it, know it, live it." Izuku extended his hand toward them, in his palm were three crystals—one in blue, the others in white. "With these magical items, you will relive parts of my life, feeling and experiencing whatever had happened to me. It won't be pretty, and there will be moments where everything is beyond 'fucked up'." At this point, he no longer cared that he was using bad language around Eri. "The question is will, you two take it?"

"Wait… you will let Eri see this?" Itsuka questioned, incredulous.

"When the devices are activated, our minds will merge. Even if she's just four now, she will gain intelligence equal to yours and mine while going through the memories. I take no joy in letting you see this." Izuku extended his hand toward Eri. She flinched at his approaching hand, but he paused to let her see that he meant her no harm before resuming his movement this time much slower. Eri let him rest his palm on her hair and gently pat her head. "I am really sorry for what I did, my little Eri. You're not unwanted, not to me or mom or Kendo," he said in a soft tone. His expression finally showed something, regret. "But you will have to understand why I can be driven to do, say, such… heinous things. I do not want you to see it, I really don't… but I know you wouldn't have it any other way, right?"

The little girl nodded. "I… I know you can be… angry at times, but you never really mean any of it… that's why you always cry afterward. A-And yes… I want to know why… you said that to me. So that I can help you, somehow," Eri promised.

"You are such a wonderful girl." The corner of Izuku's lips twitched, but despite his best effort, he couldn't muster up a real smile. "Let's get st-"

"No," Itsuka interjected. "Do you seriously want Eri to see the downward spiral that is your life? If it turned you into who you are today, then think for a second at what that would do to Eri."

"B-But I want to help," Eri said to her surrogate big sister.

"Just watching the rollercoaster that is your brother's life isn't going to help fix him immediately." Still, Itsuka could see the determination in the little girl's eyes to see the memory of her older brother. The orangette sighed. "At least let me see it first, and maybe we can cut some parts out for you. Is that possible?"

The dimension traveler nodded. "Yes, I can do that, but the vital parts would remain the same. They're still messed-up memories, no matter what." He continued to stare at Itsuka as if he was searching for something. The orangette looked weary under his gaze. "I do not understand why you keep insisting on this. Is it all really because you wanted to help me? Because so far, in my experience, people have a limit to how much they can forgive."

"It's… difficult to say," Itsuka admitted. "I guess that might not be the only factor; maybe I am also curious, maybe I just want to do this for Eri? But I am not lying when I say I want to help. So..." She let Eri out of her embrace. It might not be a good idea to keep hugging the little girl while she did this.

Kendo closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Let me in."

The martial artist took each of the white crystals. Izuku began to instruct her,; "place them on your forehead. This is your last chance to back out." She didn't answer, simply followed his instructions. Izuku sighed. "Alright, try to relax." The greenette placed the blue crystal on his forehead before chanting an incantation, and then everything went dark for the two of them.

But soon they could feel something again as Itsuka began reliving Izuku's memories…

Izuku could feel an impact of a fist against his face, with enough force to knock him off balance, and his back hit the floor.

"Damn you, Main!" Another Izuku, dressed in ragged winter clothing, cursed as he stood over Main while other Izukus and Izumis rushed in to pull him away. "It's because of you that my mom died!" [2]

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