Chapter 2

3rd Person

Itsuki went home that afternoon fairly pleased. He could tell Kyon was aggrivated with him, but at least the boy cared for him.

Itsuki walked into his house, a sigh resonated on his lips.

He knew what was happening, and while he knew it would never turn out the way he wanted, he couldn't stop it.

Itsuki Koizumi was falling in love.

After eating his dinner, the esper checked his phone for any sudden calls or texts from the organization then climbed into bed.


Itsuki woke up the next morning, sweat pouring down his neck and a boner straining in his underwear.

"Not again." He groaned. "This one's worse than last time."

Luckily, Itsuki had woken up earlier than usual, so he got to spend more (much needed) time in the shower.

After relieving himself, Itsuki got dressed, ate a light breakfast, and started walking to school.

No matter how he felt, he still had to do his job as an esper. It was upsetting, but there was also the fact that the person he liked wouldn't fall for him in a million years. He had no choice.

His love didn't mean anything.

Or, at least, it shouldn't have.

"Alright, everyone!" Haruhi shouted to the brigade members that day after school. "Even though we have Sunday off, that doesn't mean we can slack on our SOS Brigade responsibilities! We're meeting at the train station at 10 am sharp, ya hear?!"

Kyon wanted to protest, but it just seemed pointless. This was Haruhi, after all.

Of course, Kyon was the last to arrive, even though he was ten minutes early.

"Penalty!" Haruhi shouted. "Buy us drinks at the café!"

Koizumi sat across from Kyon, his usual (fake) smile on his face. Haruhi was on a rant about using special tools to summon some crazy entities from space and hanging out with them.

After they finished drinking (not alcohol) Haruhi got up loudly and dragged Mikuru outside, Nagato following suite. "Don't forget to pay, Kyon~"

Kyon sighed, reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

"I'll pay." Koizumi said suddenly, taking out money from his wallet.

"Oh," Kyon was surprised. "Thanks, man."

A part of him wanted Kyon to think it was a friendly gesture and mention it again in fear of Miss Suzumiya's wrath, but another part of him wanted Kyon to think so highly of him and be so grateful.

It just wasn't fair.