Hey guys the name's TrueHorror88, but you guys can call me Tony. This is my first time ever writing a fanfictional story. I would like to thank HORRORMANIAC19 for inspiring me to write a story of mine.

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Chapter 1: Origins

(On a road, a motorcycle leaving New York City)

Even with a couple of cars and vans on the road, the loud engine of a big black Harley Davidson could be heard throughout the city, the rider of the motorcycle has a large body. Some would assume that he's 23 or older because of that, when in actuality he's 18 years old. Covered in a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, as well a black leather jacket covering him. No helmets covering the blonde hair on his head.

The rider is sitting and driving within the speed limits in silence. When he looks, he sees a sign saying: Now leaving New York City. Hope to see you again. Upon seeing this sign, the rider's face turns with anger and he clenches his handles. As he does this, he speeds up driving above the speed limits.

"You sure that's a good idea? Don't wanna end up upsetting the cops now, would we?." asked the deep demonic-like voice in the back of his head.

The rider replies after a moment of silence. "Sorry about that, V. Kinda hard leaving the New York now. Especially after everything that happened there, you know." The rider answered out loud. Not that any of it was heard by anyone, because of the revving of the engine on his motorcycle.

"Trust me, I know John. Like you, I too wish that it had ended differently. I may not have known her as long as you did, but she still accepted me as part of the family. Like you did." The voice in the back of his mind said.

As the rider road along the road away from New York City, he couldn't help but think back to how he had come to meet his partner. As well to why he had to leave his home.

How it all started and why it all started. It all started 2 years ago...


John Wells Strikez was leaving the gym after another hard work out. His psychique was quite big around 6 feet tall. People always assumed he was in the military because of his body, no that he had any scars or anything. John always found that funny considering he was only 18 years.

Although that was his goal, to become a sergeant in the army. To fight for his country. John knew that he had be faster and stronger to be enlist in the army, so he chose to begin working out about 9 months ago.

He was on his way home. His house is not far from the gym, just a couple of blocks. He was able to see his house from where he came, and when he finally reached the door and opened, something immediately tackled him to the ground.

John opened his eyes and a smile come across his face, when he sees a familiar head with strawberry blonde hair on her stomach. It was his Little sister, Ruby who had tackled him AGAIN. His little sister Ruby Evelyn Strikez was 7 years old, a 1st grader who loved her older brother.

When she sees that I'm looking at her, she just smiles back and hugs me. John rolls his eyes and looks her. "Seriously Ruby? Again? When are you gonna stop tackling me, every time I come home from my workouts?" John asks with a laugh, which causes Ruby to giggle.

"When you stop leaving for your workouts, silly" she answers while still holding on to me, tighter. John rolls his eyes again, and rose to his feet while his sister is still clinging to him tightly.

It was little game of theirs. Whenever John would return from his workout, they usually last about 2 hours, Ruby would tackle her big brother to the ground because she missed her big brother.

John looks down at Ruby, while she looks up at him. She knows what's going to happen next. John grabs Ruby and throws her over his shoulder, and he carries her back inside while she is laughing with excitement.

Nostalgia washes over the older brother's face when puts his sister down and looks a framed picture. The picture shows a family of four: John, Ruby and their two parents. The older brother gives a sad smile when he thinks back to the happy times.

John feels his hand being squeezed and looks down to see his sister holding his hand. "Do you miss them, J?" Ruby asked her brother with a concerned voice.

He let go of her hand and picked her up in his arms. "Yeah I do." He then looked at her and smiled. "But I still have my annoying little sister, whom is still with me." He saw a wide smile spread on her face at that. The siblings gave each other a short hug and let go of each other.

It's been about 7 months since their mother and father were killed in a drunk driving accident during a night, where they had gone late shopping. After that accident, John became the legal guardian of Ruby, and with the help from a few relatives, they managed to buy a small house.

John managed to get a job at an auto shop, so he could support Ruby and himself. During his free time, John would work on a motorcycle, a big black Harley Davidson. The motorcycle belonged to his father. John and his father used to work on it together a lot before the accident.

Later that day, the two siblings were midway through making dinner. They were making fajita chickens, Ruby's favourite meal. They were about set the table when a loud explosion could be heard nearby.

The siblings ran out to the street, and horror filled their faces at the cause. Not even four blocks from where they stand, a massive roadblock caused be a tank explosion. John looked closer and saw that many cars were jammed there. John looked to right and saw their neighbours, the Stevensons.

John grabbed his sister's hand and brought them over to their neighbours. The Stevensons looked at them. "Hey, keep Ruby safe. I'll see if I can help the people in the cars." After saying that, he gave his sister a last glance and saw her worried expression. With that he ran to the roadblock.

When he arrived at the roadblock, he was instantly hit by the smell of smoke and gasoline, as well as the heat of the flames. All of which became meaningless, when he heard the sound of an infant screaming. He looked around, left and right, but could not see where the sound originated from.

He looked to the right once again, and saw a yellow Chevrolet with a window down. He got closer to the car and the sound of the infant's scream became louder. John saw the infant, and instantly opened the door. John picked the baby tried to calm down the baby "Hey buddy. Don't worry, we're gonna get you out of here and find your mom-" he cut off when an another car nearby exploded and John was hurled to the ground.

John opened his eyes and say that the infant was (thankfully) still in his arms. He tried to rise to his feet, but an instant pain from his legs stopped him from moving. He looked and horror instantly hit him, when he saw that pipes from an engine were stuck in both his legs.

John looked around in even more horror, and saw line of gasoline drawing closer to a line of fire. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." John chanted and shouted. "HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US! I GOT BABY HERE, PLEASE HELP US." John shouted again and again for what felt like hours, but in reality was just for a few minutes.

John looked down at baby in his arms and tried curling himself around the baby in an attempt to protect to the young life in his arms. John thought that this was the end for him. The gasoline had come in contact with the fire, and John only thought. "I'm sorry Ruby."

John heard the spark, but then a sudden wind burst came from behind him. The burst put out the flames, but John thought it was strange because the burst sounded more like a roar.

John felt his heart stop when he felt the ground beneath him shake in short quakes. The quakes soon stopped got closer and closer to John's position on ground, and then they stopped. John knew that there was a figure behind him, the cause of the short quakes. John was scared to even look and then he did the only he could think of. "Please kill me if you must, but let the baby live. He's innocent. I beg of you" John pleaded.

The figure behind him exhaled. "You have nothing to fear, my friend. You and the child are safe." The figure spoke in a demonic, but still sincere voice. The figure went around John so look down into his eyes. John saw the movement and noticed the honesty in the voice and looked up to figure. John's mouth gaped open upon the sight.

The figure was a big man, bigger than anything John had ever laid eyes upon. The figure's muscles were bigger than bodybuilder's, and the skin was all white that seemed to move around. There also a big black spider on the chest, with its legs connecting to the figure's back.

John looked upon to see its face, and felt that he had come face to face with a demon. The figure before him had a face of a demon that was black and red eyes that he swore looked like flames.

The figure met the human's gaze and gave a smile. "You are very brave soul, my friend. To put your life aside for the life of an infant, is nothing short of bravery What is your name, brave warrior?" The figure asked and John was surprised at creature's interest and its compliments.

John gulped before he answered. "John. John Strikez." The figure gave him a nod. "Pleasure to meet you Strikez. In this form, I bear the name of Anti-Venom." John smiled and gave him a returning nod.

Anti-Venom looked down to John's legs and his face showed a shocked expression upon the sight of the pipes in his legs. The figure looked back at John's eyes and looked to mull something before asking. "John Strikez, what would you do if you were granted powers beyond your human capabilities?"

John was surprised by the question and before he could answer, Anti-Venom said. "I ask you this because the time of my host, my current partner is nearing its end. He has grown old and weak, as such he gave me temporary control of his body." Anti-Venom clenched his fists before continuing, something John noticed. "My partner, Flash Thompson, said to only use the last of his power when the situation called for it. Which was used for this situation"

John seemed in shock of the revelation of the fact, that this demon-like figure has a heart and is loyal to his partner. John mulled it over before asking a question of his own. "Your partner. Is he dead?" Anti-Venom gave a saddened expression at the question.

"Sadly, but yes he is. I have many powers but none of them can prevent death." Anti-Venom answered sincerely. John was about say something, when the child in his arms cried. Anti-Venom took notice of this and got down on one knee before the humans.

"His lungs are slightly damaged because of the smoke he has inhaled." John was terrified of the fact, that this child could die before being experiencing the full aspects of its life. Anti-Venom saw the look on the older human's face.

"The child will live, John Strikez." Anti-Venom raised his hand and touched the forehead of the infant. The skin of his hand spread across the child's head. Less than minute later, the skin returned back to the hand and the infant's crying stopped.

Anti-Venom rose back to his full height. "The child is now healed and will live a long and happy life." He said before turning serious. "Strikez, would you with these powers, if you were in possession of them?

John was lost in thought of the creature's healing powers as he stared into the child's eyes. He looked up at Anti-Venom. "You want me to take over? As you?" John asked and before Anti-Venom could say anything, Strikez asked again. "And to answer your question. I don't know. Maybe I would use them like other people with great powers have. To save people, maybe. What if I'm not ready for it?" John asked in a serious tone.

Anti-Venom smiled upon his questions. "Yes I do, and you are ready. Because you would cast your own life aside for the life of the innocent. So I ask, will you accept this power and the name of Anti-Venom?"

John knew that he could help a lot of people with this power, and if he needed look like a demon to help people, then he would do it. He looked upon the hero, and answered. "I will accept this power and the name of Anti-Venom, and swear to do only good with it!"

Anti-Venom smiled again and grabbed his hand. "From this moment, we shall become one." The skin of the creature spread over to the Strikez boy, till he was cover from head to toe in by the white Anti-Symbiote. The pipes in the human's leg was shot out in different directions. The wounds from the pipes have all been healed up, so the new hero was able to stand again. This time though, he stood again as the new Anti-Venom.

The new hero was still holding the baby, who looked at the new Anti-Venom with a happy smile on his face. John thought it was strange to see that, but thought nothing more to it. "Let's get you back to your mom, little guy." The hero raised his hand towards a building, and from his wrist a line of web-like substance was shot forth and connected. The hero yanked his hand back so he was propelled towards the building. "Let's give these powers a test drive." The hero thought to himself.

Flashback end

"We really did a lot of good things as Anti-Venom, didn't we V?" John asked out loud with a chuckle. His other mentally nodded in agreement. The rider looked up to see another sign. "Welcome to Chamberlain, Maine"

"New home, new life" John thought to himself. He sped up the motorcycle and entered the city limits of his next new adventure.

(Somewhere in Chamberlain)

"Why am I alone? Will no one care for me as something other than a freak?" Carrie White thought to herself. Carrie always hated herself for never being able to get a friend and for never standing up to the ones who have made her life a living hell. Even though they only hated her because of her mother was extremely devoted to her

Her mother was so devoted that she had put the same beliefs in Carrie when she became old enough. She even made up some beliefs about how God would punish her and send her to hell if she even thought of something sinful. Carrie always thought her mother knew better, like any other child.

Now because of an important moment in her life had taken place, her first period, she was punished for it. Her mother thought her own daughter was having lustful thoughts about girls, which caused the blood spilling from within her. Because of that she was now shoved into her "Prayer Closet", where she was sent to pray for hours if she was doing bad.

She hated all the people who made her feel less than the human being she is. Chris Hargensen and her band of "Ultras" who hated Carrie for no reason whatsoever. Her mother who never cared for her like other parents do for their child. She never even once hears mother say "I love you" to her. Carrie always thought she was alone and that she never belonged anywhere.

Now all Carrie ever wanted was a friend, someone who spend time with her, someone who help her feel normal. Like she actually belonged somewhere. She just wanted to feel like someone cared for her.

For that to happen, was enough for Carrie to pray. But not for forgiveness. No, she prayed for a friend, someone who would save her from all the bullying. Someone who would help her in her dire times of need. Someone who would not see her as the freak, she was portrayed to be. Someone who would accept her for who she is.

Though she couldn't hear it the loud sound of a motorcycle driving past her home, was the sound of her hope soon becoming true.

To be continued…

So there it is people. Hope you enjoyed it.