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Chapter 15: Storm the world.

"Carrie White!" Principal Morton called out in his microphone with a smile.

The young girl smiled as she made her way up the small stairs up to the stage.

This was her moment, no. This was the moment for all of the senior students at Ewan High School. The moment where all students are dressed in red gowns and red academic caps and are ready to graduate from their school.

Carrie looked around, seeing so many of her fellow graduates smiling brightly at her and cheering, she could see that the other students were shaking, might be because of the excitement that awaited them when they took their place on the stage. The young girl's eyes instantly widened and even watered a bit when she saw John standing beside Rita Desjardin, both of them smiling widely and cheering loudly too.

She was reminded of everything that had happened after prom at the sight of the rider. Sleeping in John's new house for the first time with him beside her. It was an incredible feeling for the young girl, even more when she learned more of his friends who too were heroes like the rider himself back in their home of New York City.

She was surprised by how much she had in common with the four other powered individuals, how they all had abilities had all manifested during moments of distress and such. Carrie was surprised by even their interests. David who liked to work on machines, Jason who liked playing music, Ariel was a hacker, the young telekinetic was sure that was however a crime, but made no mention of it.

Scarlett's interest was the one who surprised her a lot, because like Carrie, the elder redhead was too intrigued by the arts of clothing. However, she had no skill in sewing unlike the younger girl, who were willing to teach her. The older girl was grateful and even offered her own assistance, helping the town native with her abilities in the future.

Few days later, the foreigners announced to the rider and his new friends that they each had decided to leave. The siblings had decided to leave for New York again. "Someone has to protect their city other than then the friendly neighborhood webhead", they replied with smiles.

David told them that he wanted to go take some time off "hero-ing" for a little while. He chose to go to a mountain, someplace cold he thought.

Two days after prom, Jason got a call from a doctor, telling that his "dad" was calling for him. He told the others that Ethan Renner needed him, so he would leave shortly the same day. "I may need you if necessary" he told the rider before taking off.

That was two weeks ago, when the gifted people who had saved her magical night had to leave. But they promised to stay in contact with her and John, and vice versa. The siblings even said that if John ever messed with her, then she should give them a call, so they could "set him on the right path again" they said.

She snapped back of her trance-like state when she stood in front of her principal who smiled brightly as he shook her hand. "Congratulations Carrie, you deserve this." He said. "But I have to say that I am sorry for not being able to put an end to the suffering you had to be put through. For that I am truly sorry."

"It's okay, Mr. Morton. The bullying was painful, yes. But I was able to get something even greater in return of all that. I got a protector." She waved off his worries.

"So I've heard. And I couldn't be happier for you, Carrie." He said as he turned to his assistant who handed him her diploma. "Once again, congratulations Carrie White. And may great things await you in the future."

Her principal handed Carrie her diploma, the young girl accepting it with a bright smile. She turned the tassel to the other side as she waved to the audience with smiles.

She returned to her seat as the other students were still waiting for their own diploma. She knew that she had to wait.

But she waited patiently anyway, knowing was waiting at the end of this ceremony.


After the ceremony, Rita invited Sue and Tommy to her house for some light celebration but also as a farewell party for John and Carrie who would leave for their trip around the world.

After the celebration at the Desjardin's, John approached the other couple. "Hey, while we're gone. How about the two of you keep an eye on my house?" he asked as he pulled out the house key.

The couple was surprised to hear such a request from the rider. "What? You want us to stay at your house while you and Carrie are gone? Why?" Sue asked

"Well thought you guys should have some time for yourselves. That and you are the only ones in town I trust, aside from Rita of course. So how about it? Just till we get back." He raised the key.

The couple were still unsure of what they should do, the rider seeing this decided to try a different tactic. "What if I told you guys that if you accept this offer, then all taxes, bills and such, are already forward paid for the next year and half?"

Their eyes widened at the piece information. "Are you sure dude? This is much you know." Tommy expressed.

"Absolutely. Consider it a reward for redeeming yourselves guys." He said as he took Sue's hand and placed the key in her hand before walking away. "Besides your kid needs a place to grow up for a while, right?" he said got of the couple's sight.

"Their offspring should be quite happy with this gift." The symbiote added.

"Definitely." He thought back to his partner.

The couples took each of his words in them, and was even more surprised by that. "He knew?" Sue asked as she looked at his key.

"Well he does have a residential alien in him, so it's not that surprising I guess." Tommy said with chuckle before kissing his girlfriend who returned it immediately.

Both of them happy to get this chance.


Carrie and John, each of them putting a small bag into the saddle of his motorcycle. They're both ready to start their journey around the wide world. Both of them had said their goodbyes to the other town-natives and now they just needed to take off.

"Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" John asked as he closed the saddle after putting the bags in it. After he did, he got on the motorcycle.

"It's a girl. They're having a girl." She answered with a smile. "You really gave them a house, that's incredible, Johnny." She asked as she got on the motorcycle.

"Well I was thinking of doing this when I remembered that they're having a kid. So why not?" he started his motorcycle and turned around in the driveway before turning to Carrie. "No second thoughts?" he asked the girl, who shook her head.

"No, just gonna miss the new family is all. And Sue and the rest. And Rita's become a real mom, so I'm gonna miss her."

John nodded to her as he drove of the driveway. "That's good… but don't worry about that, we're coming back to Chamberlain after our trip, I promise. We're gonna visit a lot of different places, sightseeing a lot and definitely eating a lot more than that. And I was thinking…"

Carrie looked over his shoulder to see his face, seeing that he bit his lip as though he was in deep thoughts. "What is it John?" she asked as they drove.

John inhaled, before halting his motorcycle. "When we get back… how about we find a place… together?" he asked nervously.

"About time you asked that. When are you gonna declare your mortal love you then? Remember, big diamond ring and down on one knee." the symbiote mused its host.

"Shut up, V." The rider thought to his partner before looking back to his mate. "So, what do you think?"

"hmm…" she hummed to herself before leaning forward, placing her chin on his shoulder. "After we come back, after traveling the world, sightseeing a lot and stuffed you with a bunch of food. Let's find a place together John. So yes, I would love that." She added a kiss to his cheek.

"That's great to hear." He added his own kiss to her cheek, before starting up his motorcycle and continuing on their way. "Remember, I will stand beside you anytime and anywhere."

The young girl smiled and placed her head on the rider's back. "I know." She said as she closed her eyes in thoughts. She was nervous of what might be waiting for them in the future but she wouldn't have to face them alone. She was with a protector now, a hero.

To gifted individuals, one a telekinetic another an anti-hero.

Both ready storm the world.

The end

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