Ever since his first time drifting with a Kaiju, things were off. But not entirely at first. It only worsened as the days went by.

The first sign was nightmares. He'd be asleep in his bed, resting after a long, tiring day from dissecting Kaiju blood and learning about how their parts worked. Well, it was either that or purposely bothering his lab partner, Hermann.

The visions would come in flashes, but despite how quick they came, they were petrifying. Not only that, they dragged on for longer than it actually was. On the outside, it was quick, but to him, it felt like eternity.

The ghostly, obsidian eyes of the monster that would stare back at him. Its grey, scaly body and disturbing ambiance that would radiate off its body. Blue plasma dripping out of its jaws in huge amounts, a demonic growl echoing from the back of its throat. What made it worse was that there was something else there besides the very creature itself.

A voice. Talking to him. Telling him what to do. Telling him who he is.

A voice taking over his body. His soul, his mind, himself.

Then everything grew dark. Sometimes everything would light up in a splintering white, only the monster unchanging in its place. He would hear a clicking sound, then screaming, terrible screaming, before the Kaiju would lunge and snap its jaws around him.

Newton would wake up with a start, his body jerking as he sat up, gasping for breath as if he had been under water for so long without oxygen. His skin would be drenched in sweat, heart pounding heavily in his chest, fear pumping through his blood. He would draw a hand up to his head, his forehead beaded with moisture as he panted, his mind disoriented as he tried to adapt to what was happening.

The first word that would come to his mind was danger, but that's what he thought. He'd realize he wasn't in danger; that it was just another one of those dreams, no, nightmares, he had almost every night.

The nightmares that would never leave.

That was ten years ago.

The side effects of drifting with a Kaiju brain never left.

He wasn't the same man from before.

He wasn't the same Newton Hermann knew.

And somehow…he managed to escape.

They didn't know how it happened, or why. One of the security officers had went in to check on him, and he was gone. How did he manage to get past security? They don't know the answer to that, too.

But it shouldn't have been the security officer to check on him.

It was supposed to be Hermann.

He had gone to do something important; he wasn't expecting someone to intervene in his business – to put their nose where it shouldn't be. He was pissed, actually. No one was supposed to have access to Newton except him. He knew him best, and he was best fit and classified for the job to figure out what was exactly wrong with the young man, and he was best suited to fix him.

If it was him who had checked on Newton, and if he had seen that he was gone, he wouldn't have told anyone. He would've blocked off access to his imprisonment, and set off to find him himself.

Unfortunately, not all things were in his favor.

Now he was in a rush. He had to find Newton first before anyone else did. He was currently making his way down the hall, walking as fast as he could, his injured leg not allowing him to run full capacity.

God knows what could happen if they got to Newton first. What if they hurt him? They didn't know what they were doing; all they saw was a threat. Yes, he was a threat but…it's not his fault. He isn't himself. It isn't Newton. It wasn't the Newton he knew. So his job now was to locate him, talk some sense into what was left of his personality, and make sure he doesn't get himself killed. He didn't think it'd be this way, but he hoped that Newton's alternate evilness wasn't stupid enough to get both him and itself killed. As much as it was forbidding to imagine, the Precursors were as intelligent as humans were.

Considering all things, they were even more so intelligent with the possession of a human body. A scientist! Out of all things, it was a scientist, who now knew too much for his own good. The knowledge the Precursors had access to was extravagant. The things they could do with it were abysmal.

Now the problem Hermann faced was one that didn't hand him an easy solution. Where would he find him? Or them? It was best to check the places a Precursor would run off to first.

Thinking the day was just as bad as it already was, Hermann had to face a greater problem than before. Finding his lab partner in the huge city of Tokyo. Or, should he put it more accurately, the destruction and demolition of what's left of it.

He didn't know how he would be able to find him, but he was determined to accomplish it. His life depended on it, quite literally if he put it so. He knew the others were already searching for him. Hell, they were probably already further in the streets and closer to him than he was. He had to get a move on, and quickly.

Where would a human, Precursor induced individual, hide in a place like this?