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-place Living realm-time unknown-

-Coco's pov-

Both my daughter Elena and i flinch at the sounds of Miguel's screams both of us wishing with every single bone in our old ageing bodies that we could stop his pain and suffering to stop them from doing what they've done to him since he was three years old and have continued to do now for six long years, and we have been unable to keep that sweet, special, broken boy safe and that i don't think of him as a grandson but as a much younger brother one who reminds me so much of my papa, it was Miguel who remined me of papa just six short months ago then he told me that night after he came back to my room covered in his own blood with new skin covering his bones that he had met my papa and my mama, and that his big sister Coco was lucky to have parents who loved her one's that didn't peel the skin off of her bones before breaking them and only to leave her laying in a pool of blood to make shoes with her skin like his blood parents do, and i hold my little brother in my fragile arms as i apologized for not being able to protect him from those monster's and he cryed in my arms as he said brokenily your the only reason that they keep me alive and the only reason that i came back at all and i know that when you go to join Papa and Mama in the afterlife that I'll be following sooner rather than later i can feel it in my bones.

Miguel's words ring though my mind almost as loudly as his screams do one's that one else not even our neighbors seem to hear only my daughter and i hear them, and a heart stopping scream snaps me out of my thoughts as i turn my now angery gaze towards my daughter who may be the second oldest here, but that doesn't stop her from being in my arms as she crys like a child and i gently make her look at me as i say seriously yet gently "listen to me carefully my little one i am unable to walk anymore, so i need you to quickly go get a phone along with all the pictures of the dead family members along with the picture of me, you and baby Miguel the only picture that there is of him and bring all of them here, we may not be able to save his life but we can save his afterlife along with the good members of this family, now go quickly child before the younger generation see's what you are doing we haven't much time!' i watch with hope as my daughter moves like a woman about the age of 30 years old instead of her real age as she goes to do as i asked of her.

It's ten minutes later when Elena returns with everything that i asked for, and as she puts the pictures in a box i quickly call the phone number that i know by heart the line connects and i hear a male voice say irritated *"who is this? and why are you calling me at one in fucking morning!"* i sigh tiredly as i say calmly "Iori it's Coco Rivera i need to cash in that bet reward that you owe me" i hear a growl of irritation as Iori says "well well if it isn't little Coco what can this old fox do for you at this lovely hour" this time i growl at him making Elena jump in surprise and Iori laugh as i say seriously "dammit this is important i need you to put all of the pictures from the box i need you to come get right now, up in a safe area near your house or in your garden so that we can cross over on the day of the dead and most importantly i need you to remember us" i feel a gentle fur like touch on my shoulder as Iori stands beside me while he still talks though the phone as he says coldly "tell me everything Coco".

I shake my head slowly as i put the phone away no longer needing it not now that Iori has teleported here using his powers as i say gently "listen and the screams well tell you all you need to know old friend" Iori listens with his black fox ears as Miguel screams again and i see Iori's black fur bristle in horror and rage as he growls dangerously as he heads towards the door but he stops in his tracks as i say "you can't save his life it's already too late when i die tomorrow night Miguel's life well turn even more hellish before they kill him, but you can help me save his afterlife by doing as i asked of you, after all your immortal so anyone who is remembered by you won't be forgotten" Iori looks at Elena who is looking at him curiously having never seen a demon fox before let alone a friend of mine that is as interesting as Iori is.

Iori turns his duel color eyes towards me as he says seriously "alright Coco I'll see if my mate Kuu well let me put the pictures in the shrine near the garden, and if you want me to I'll kill those dammed humans who seem to take sick joy in torturing a young pup I'll gladly do so" i shake my head as i say sadly "i don't want those monster's any way near Miguel or the rest of my family and i get the feeling that you won't have to deal with them much in the life or the afterlife, because i bet my left shoe that my Papa and Mama terrify them more than you ever could when they find out what happened to Miguel" Iori gives me a sharp fanged smile as he takes the box into the hold of one of his ten long black fox tails as he begins to vanish while he says gleefully "make it both shoes and that's a bet I'll take, see you later little Coco" i shake my head at the antics of my demon friend as i share a sorrowful look with Elena as we think the same thing [the screams stopped] and i look towards the door waiting for my blood covered little brother to walk though the door hoping that they didn't kill him this time.

-three days later-

-place death-afterlife realm- time unknown-

-Hector's pov-

IIt's been two days since my little Coco came to the afterlife and i am happy to have my daughter back after so many years along with my mate Imelda and our family, but the way Coco ran into my arms when we were reunited crying tears not those of joy but sorrow and anger that made me remember on the last day of the dead when Miguel and i were trapped in the water cave, where i noticed something wrong with him after he began to break down in my arms crying fearfully into my rib cage and vest.

When i took a closer look at the nine year old boy's almost visible bones i saw old and very new breaks, cracks and other injuries that almost made my phantom heart stop beating and i almost transformed into what I've always been, the last secret that I've kept hidden from everyone and Miguel finding out that i am not what i seem, would not have been good especially when he was having his break down about going home and that the only reason he was even going back was because his big sister Coco needed him, and then soon after words i found out that we were family all along that Miguel is has my blood and not another man's like my murderer's running though his veins-bones.

And even now i feel my bones run ice cold at the thought of the boy that i should only love as a great-great-grandson but instead i love like the son that i never got the chance to have with Imelda when i was alive, and i feel my phantom heart tighten painfully at the thought of Miguel inheriting more from me then just my looks, spirit, and love for family-music, i hold tightly on to the gray bandages wrapped around my radius bone on my left arm, much like the black one on my lower left leg tibia bone hidden mostly by my raggedy old pants and the reason for my strange walking, both bandages hidding something from the view of everyone just like i hid myself from everyone and even worse from my family, out of fear that the past well repeat itself.

And i can only hope that i am wrong but if i am right then i need to prepare for Miguel's arrival tonight if not sooner, because i think that the past has already repeated itself in the cruelest way possible.

-place living realm grave yard time noon just before lunch-

-Miguel's pov-

I watch from far away as Coco is buried next to her husband Julio and as the living members of the Rivera family say their words before they begin to leave i walk towards my big sister Coco's grave as i begin to sing, no music, no guitar just me singing her's and papa's secret song.

Remember me

Though I have to say goodbye

Remember me

Don't let it make you cry

For ever if I'm far away

I hold you in my hea- i find myself on my back as i am beaten with shoes, bats, sticks, punched and kicked then when Elena try's to save me i shake my head at her telling her without words to stay away, as i still continue to sing.

I sing a secret song to you

Each night we are apart

Remember me

Though I have to travel far

Remember - i don't scream this time not even when they start to peel off my skin with shoe making tools and break my bones with hammers along with their last ditch effort to silence me they snap my neck breaking it but i still keep singing.

Each time you hear a sad guitar

Know that I'm with you

The only way that I can be

Until you're in my arms again

R- seeing no other way to silence my singing they throw me in a unmarked grave, no name, no markings or anything else and no people to tell someone that Miguel Rivera is being buried alive in the hole that is at the back of the grave yard by people who are suppose to be his family and not his killers, but i can't find it in myself to cry about what should have been not with them not when i know the truth i try to smile at what i know only to fail as i still sing even while dirt is thrown on to of me.

Remember me

For I will soon be gone

Remember m.. i begin having trouble breathing under the heavy earth and the pain of a broken neck yet i still keep going

And let the love we have live on

And know tha... i hear the people who have hated me since my birth walk away knowing that even my strange healing ability won't save me this time, not even as i near the end of the song.

I'm with you the only way that I can be

S... i cough harshly as i hear Elena crying above ground and i know that she wants to save me but we both know she can't she is to old to dig me out, and by the time she comes back with help it'll be to late, so i sing the line for Elena, Coco and Papa.

until you're in my arms again

Reme... my burning lungs finally give up on me just before i am able to finish my song and my broken neck hurts more then before as i cough up blood while my heavily eye lids close one final time in perfect sync with my final heart beat and i die in the unmarked hole that is my grave with only Elena knowing exactly what happened in the living realm.

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