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-place after-life park-time unknown-

-Miguel's pov-

We stay in our beast forms as we watch the sun rise as the site of red, gold, orange, yellow and white growing just over the tree tops i feel something that i haven't felt since first coming to the land of the dead last year as a tear falls down my cheek and i know papa is in the same state as i am because i can smell his own tear falling as a spark enters both of our eyes and a smile appears on our now youkai-human faces both of us having transformed back at some point and i let papa carry me in his arms to the house as i keep my eyes locked on the sun rise behind us.

The spark still remains even when Mama hugs the both of us in a tight hug as she curses at us telling us how much we had worried her and she gasps when she looks at our spark filled brown eyes as she says shocked "Hector, Miguel your eyes what happened" papa kiss's mama by surprise with me still in his arms a i say brightly "nothing bad mama we just needed some time to find a little hope that's all I'm sorry we worried you its just we wouldn't be here without hope" mama looks at us curiously to which i look at papa who nods his head slowly leading mama by the hand to the living room where the rest of the family is waiting for our return.

The whole family is gathered around us as papa sits down with me in his lap while i say softly "we wont show any of you the memory but if none of you say anything until papa is done telling you about something important all of you well get to know why we had to leave in such a rush yesterday night it took two sun rises to get us back here so please understand that is this something that nether papa nor i really want to talk about" the whole family nod their heads silently and i hold papa's clawed hand in my own as he takes a deep breath.

He opens his soulless eyes now a dull brown color with the spark of hope the only thing remaining in them in a voice void of emotions which seems to shock the family for some reason even as he says "I've said it before and you may have heard it said by Iori as well but youkai are not meant to be alone completely without their pack not for long amounts of time, it can create some lasting effects that are far from being kind, and i well say this now what happened to me, what's still happening to me and what's now happening to Miguel due to the shared memories he gained from me two weeks ago, none of this is Imelda's fault she didn't know what would happen by denying me to be near her or the rest of you because i never told her the truth about me not being human before or after my death" he stops to take a long phantom breath filling his phantom lungs with air.

And my hold on his hand tightens papa pets my hair gently knowing why i tightened my hold even as he says in the same tone of voice as before "dead or living when a youkai is alone completely for a long time they begin to loss pieces of themselves little things at first like hot, cold, emotionless, feeling of touch, taste, smell then as time continues like that and they stay alone they begin to feel jaded, uncaring, unloved, not needed, lonely, soulless and broken and when they are nearing the end the only sound that is heard by them is only silence and they lose the ability slowly until their no longer able to speak, i was past the final stage long before the last day of the dead the only thing that keep me going one day of the year was trying to see Coco year after year yet even with or without Coco remembering me the sun rise marking this years day of the dead would have been my last i would have dead a second death in the most painful way by complete and utter loneliness, until Miguel saved me in more then one way last year he unknowingly got all of you to accept me back into the family before my time ran out which would have been a few mouths from now thus saving my afterlife, their well still be times where i wont be all there and Miguel well be a much less serious case on days or nights when this does happen i well take Miguel with me no questions or warning given to any of you we well return a week later in the event of a very bad case".

Mama, and the others all have tears going down their faces she entrances papa after i get off his lap to go comfort the crying Coco and i hear mama say sorrowfully "i am so sorry Hector i know that no amount of words can make up for the suffering that i-" papa cuts off mama's rant by kissing her as he wraps her shaking form in his arms then he press's their foreheads together as she looks into his clear brown eyes once again shining with the spark of hope we both gained this morning from the sun rise as he says gently "i told you earlier that what happened is not your fault my love i don't blame you i never have and i never well, i love you Imelda Rivera thank you for letting me come home" i smile a real smile at the site o my parents as i go to play with Dante outside.

However just because i have hope doesn't mean cant still be afraid and i am very afraid when i see the members of the Rivera family who buried me alive and sensing soothing wrong though our bond papa leads the others out of the house as he rushes to my side and he has me in his arms as i begin to cry terrified into his right collar bone.

-Hectors pov-

As i hold my terrified son in my arms while he sobs uncontrollably into my right collar bone i see the same gate keeper who put Miguel's info into the city data base lead the former living Rivera's towards us i see a couple look at my son like scum of the earth those must be his former parents as well as his abuser's and murder's.

And i do something that shocks the gate keeper i glare hatefully at the group behind him while i say coldly "I Hector Rivera head of the Rivera family disown and banish every single person from the Rivera who had a hand in the abuse and murder of Miguel Rivera this i vow on my soul so mote be" my sun flames dance around me wildly as the gate keeper look at the paper with their names only to find no last name on the paper any longer.

The gate keeper looks almost sick as he says "you kicked your blood out of your own family because a boy who refused to give a cause of death started crying at the site of them for all you know those could have been tears of joy -" Miguel begins to cry even harder and i flip the gate keeper a flaming bird as i sneer at him while i say harshly "does my son look fucking over joyed to see the people who buried him alive on Coco Rivera's funeral day at the back of the grave yard in a unmarked grave for singing oh and lets not forget the fat the peeled his skin off broke every bone in his body and snapped his neck before burying him alive, so tell me you fucking asshole does my son look happy is he crying tears of joy no he is not" the gate keeper looks pissed as he turns his gaze towards the former Rivera's then before any of them can blink their all in chains headed towards the prison.

Then on his way to keep them in line the gate keeper turns towards Miguel as he says sadly "child i am very sorry and i shall make sure personally that not a single one of them see's the light of day out side of prison bars ever again i hope you have a better after-life with your parents and family call me if any of you need anything i have done you all a great disservice and i intend to make things right any way i can had i known what those monsters had gone i would have taken them right to the prison instead here and for such a error on my part i am sorry Rivera family" he leaves and we all go inside to do damage control again.

-time skip three years later-

I watch from the crowd as Miguel preforms the same song he did five years ago on this very stage and to my surprise Dante once again drags me onto the stage along with Imelda who i quickly take the hand of as i begin to dance us around the stage while we sing together with Miguel while our family and the crowd begin to cheer louder, seeing the very real smile on my son's face fills me with pride, joy and hope as both our eyes are locked on the sun as it rises over the city bringing with the fifth day of the dead since we become a family and i couldn't be more hopeful for the future for myself and most of all for Miguel who's eyes shine brightly with love and hope both of us having healed a great deal over the last three years, the song ends and Miguel laughs happily when i take him down to the rest of the family on my shoulders.

As we head home Miguel whispers so only i can hear him as he says "thank you for saving me from myself papa" a smile appears on my face as i think to myself [silly pup that's my line Miguel your the one who saved me] while walk clawed in clawed hand with my son to our family all of whom are waiting for us to catch up and i hope they wont min waiting a little longer for us to get there maybe not today or tomorrow but one day soon both of us well be able to walk beside our whole family with nothing but songs in our phantom hearts and hope in our eyes but until then i can only hope that it wont take us to long to get home.

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