DarkWay -Ryan Lomax

NOTIFICATION: all characters used in this fan fiction belong to the fabulous Robert Muchamore, except ones made by me eg. For this story 'Tom'.

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Chapter 1:

*BEEP! BEEP! BEEP* was the sound of James' alarm and work him up with a bit of a startle. James didn't mind though, and four years of early rising had gotten him used to the feeling. James didn't take long to pull himself out of bed and after a drink of water and a brush of his teeth he headed off for a shower. James was happy that he had an en-suite bathroom but got distracted by his grumbling stomach as he soaked in the hot water.

Once his shower was finished he put on his black cherub shirt, which was freshly washed, his camo trousers and his muddy boots. After this he headed off for breakfast, and felt good as he walked out his door and saw his best mate Kyle and his girlfriend Kerry waiting at the end of their coridoor for the lift to come up.

"Aight?" Kyle asked James as he reached the lift

"Good, you?" James replied

"Yeah, me and Kerry were just talking about you getting into more shit with Lauren and Bethany"

Kerry started smirking at this is and added "you'd better hope you get a mission before they get to you, or else your gonna get beaten up"

"lets hope so" James replied, now in not so much of a good mood. The doors of the lift opened and they strolled in and clicked the 'G' button, standing for ground floor and the lift started moving downwards.

As they reached the bottom, the doors opened and they headed to the cafeteria. As they reached the door to the cafeteria, they literally bumped into Zara Asker, the chairwoman, and quickly said sorry.

"That's quite alright, but James I want you to come straight over to the mission building, after you've eaten... same with you Kyle."

"yes miss" they replied in unison, before walking to the serving area.

"Well isn't that convenient." Said Kerry

"Yeah, now I don't have to deal with Lauren and Bethany" replied James, stuffing his plate with bacon, fried egg and bread, before buttering it and walking over to the rest of his friends.

"I'm just happy to have a mission" Kyle said

"Yeah greedy guts gets them all!" replied Shak, whilst pointing at James. Gabrielle nodded in agreement, although she was also a black shirt and must have had quite a lot of missions to get it.

James and Kyle ate quickly before going back to their rooms, which were opposite each other and decided to meet back in the coridoor in 5 minutes. James brushed his teeth again, went to the toilet and neatened his uniform, before going back outside to see Kyle waiting for him...

That was the first Chapter of my fan fiction story... Planning to do more but would love feedback for an idea of the mission Kyle and James go on. Thanks for reading and hopefully a new chapter will come soon :D