Chapter 3: School
James and Kyle woke up early, and took it in turns to have showers. They then got dressed into the new uniforms and went to have breakfast.

They went downstairs to see John, frying some bacon and eggs and buttering toast.

"I just popped down to the shops to get some nice breakfast... You boys up for some eggs and bacon?"

The boys both replied with yes, before eating and then going upstairs to brush their teeth and grab their bags.

"James... Kyle!" John shouted

"You're going to miss the bus!"

So the boys pulled their shoes on and started running towards the bus stop, to catch the school bus.

As they were getting closer, they saw quite a few people, in the same uniform, waiting for the same bus. There seemed to be a large-ish group of boys standing out from the rest of the people. They were scruffy, with loose ties and untucked shirts.

They called James and Kyle over as they reached the stop, before what seemed to be the 'leader' came over and started talking to them.

"So, you boys are new... Huh?" The guy said

"ye, we just moved in at the end of the street" James replied
The boy gave him a funny look before saying "Well newbies have to give up things for trade... So I will take those shoes from you and the tie from ur brother" he said pointing at Kyle.

"Nah fuck off" James replied, pretty miffed af the guy already tryna bully them.

The guy didn't like this and pushed James. It didn't really do much as James and Kyle were properly built, from all the cherub training.

James swiftly took the guys legs out, so not to hurt him too much but to make him back off. It didn't work and the guy jumped up and threw a lousy, slow punch at James.

James dodged it and quickly returned his own punch to the temple, knocking the guy out on the floor. His friends of maybe 4 or 5 ran towards James and Kyle and unlike in the movies, where they take it in turns, they all went at once.

James grabbed the first guy and put him in a painful armlock, whilst kicking another guy in the groin.

Kyle at the same time side kicked a guy in the stomach to the ground before getting attacked by others. This was no bother to him as he took at the first guy with a strong punch and James got the other guy in an armlock before Kyle kicked him in the face.

They all backed off to a safe distance except for the guy who was only just becoming conscious again.

James walked over to him and whispered in his ear "don't mess with us" before dropping him a couple of paracetemol... For the headache.

They got on the bus, staying a safe distance from the boys and looked at their new timetables.

"Ok James" Kyle said "You've got Art, French and English with Tom so try and get close to him and talk to him... Meet up with me at break and we will go and visit Mr Harris."

"ok" James replied.

They reached school and went their separate ways. James' first lesson was art with tom, so went to his lesson.

He walked in and saw most students already sitting down. A middle aged woman with brown hair and green eyes walked up to him.

"hmm. James Hoiker?" The lady asked. James had changed his last name for the mission.

"yes miss" James said, looking for Tom...he spotted him, on a table in the corner.

"Well, you choose where you want to sit and we can get you to work with someone." the teacher said.

James went and sat down at Tom's table. He talked to Tom for most of the lesson and even tried to help him with his art, which didn't turn out very well.
They then went off to French together and Tom told him that he was trying to get into the school football team. James loved this as it would bea great way to bond with Tom and told he would try too.

Even though James wasn't any Lionel Messi, he was still decent at football as were most cherubs.

They got to French and started their lesson when James started enquiring about Toms life.

"So where do you live tom?" James asked.

"in the care home, really close to the school." Tom replied

"oh cool" James said

"not really" Tom said... "it sucks"

James decided to question anymore , as it seemed like a soft topic for Tom.

They finished French and James told Tom that he was going to find Kyle. He didn't tell him they were going to see Mr Harris.

He found Kyle with some old guys and the went straight to the PE office.

They saw Mr Harris. He looked a lot older than in the photos in the mission prep. He also had much redder skin, portraying that he smokes.

As they walked they were shocked to see...

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