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Tosay in the least, the first impression she'd been expecting from her new team wasn't what she received. Instead of the usual eager greeting, she was met with the scowl of a man with salt and pepper hair and what looked to be a woman with dark curly hair, a bronze-skinned man with brown spiky hair and a man wearing a weird uniform with a brightorange tie and a bunch of badges.

"Vance, what is this?" the scowling man asked, gesturing to Dawn.

Vance smiled and then looked down at the dog standing next to him. "Sitzen."

"Sit," Dawn translated, and immediately obeyed.

"Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva, McGee meet your new teammate," Vance started. "Dawn."

To say that Gibbs was pissed when he saw the dog at Vance's heels is an understatement. His scowl went deeper than Dawn could imagine and his blue eyes went stormy before he looked at Dawn sitting next to Vance. Of course, Dawn naturally thought that he was pissed at her so she avoided eye contact at all costs since she couldn't stand with the "Sitzen" command still in play. Dawn wasn't allowed to disobey the human handling her and if she did she could expect pain from her collar. At least that's what she learned when she was being trained.

"Why wasn't I told about this?" Gibbs asked Vance after looking away from Dawn.

"I assumed you had been told that you were being assigned the first NCIS K-9 officer to your team," Vance answered the scowling man. "Didn't Director Shephard tell you?"

Gibbs looked Vance in the eye. "No, no she didn't."

Gibbs abruptly walked away from the bullpen and up the stairs towards Director Shephardsoffice. Vance stood there awkwardly as Agent DiNozzo, Ziva, and McGee looked at him questioningly.

"Well then," Vance said clapping his hands together. "I'm just gonna leave Dawn here in the bullpen."

Vance looked down at Dawn. "Blieben"

Dawn stayed exactly where she was as Vance walked away towards the elevator.

"Oh, and she was trained with German commands!" Vance called as he walked away.

The elevator opened with a dingand Vance disappeared from sight. DiNozzo the walked up to Dawn and crouched down in front of her with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"German commands, eh?"


Being a service dog has its perks but what DiNozzo had told Ziva to say to Dawn in German was a little over the boundary of what a service dog is trained to do. She sighed mentally and wondered what she'd be doing at that moment if she weren't a service dog and just a regular old pet. She envisioned herself as the pet of a little boy with too many siblings to be noticed by his parents so he had her, his best friend and loyal companion. But sadly, that vision would never come to be true due to the fact that in reality Dawn was a service dog and she would spend a majority of her life as a service dog until she retired from service. But the fact still remained that Ziva should have recognized what DiNozzo was telling her to command the K-9 to do. Seriously, who commands a service dog to steal a meatball sub!? Seriously, it's just ridiculous that DiNozzo even thought of telling Ziva to command Dawn to steal McGee's sub not to mention the fact that Ziva actually fell for his trickery.

"Bringen," Ziva commanded pointing to McGee's desk.

"Retrieve," Dawn translated. "Well, here goes nothing!"

I stood from my place in the middle of the bullpen and walked over to where Ziva pointed and grabbed the sub in my teeth by the foil and brought it to her. She gently grabbed the sandwich from my mouth and looked at it confusedly before turning to DiNozzo.

"Why did Dawn bring me -" she was cut off by DiNozzo as he snatched the meatball sub away from her grasp and took a good-sized bite out of the thing.

"'Cause I was hungwy o'course" DiNozzo mumbled out while chewing.

Ziva raised an eyebrow before shaking her head. "McGee's gonna get you back y'know?"

DiNozzo raised an eyebrow at Ziva's statement. "Sure, I'll believe that when McGoober figures out how to keep a girl interested in him for more than thirty seconds."

The next day...

I was in Abby's lab sitting next to Agent McGee while Abby showed the group of boys her fingerprint system. I didn't know much about Abby other than she was the forensics specialist for Gibbs' team and that she was an excitable goth. I had just met her this morning and just thinking about her reaction to me makes my headache. I mean seriously, if you were in my situation would you expect a perky goth forensic specialist to nearly pummeling you on site and talk to you as if you were a child?


I walked down the hall with Agent Gibbs after getting out of the elevator and stopped when he came to a see-through glass door. I looked up to the key-pad as Gibbs typed in a code and saw the plaque on the wall next to it that read: "Forensics". Why were we down in forensics? Surely there must've been a reason that Gibbs brought me here otherwise I would still be upstairs in the bullpen.

Gibbs hit the enter button and the door slid open with a hiss. I walked along with him until he came to the table where a pale girl with black, pigtail braids and a spiked dog collar around her neck was sitting in front of a computer typing away. Gibbs set the large Cafpow drink onto the table next to the girl, bringing her attention from the screens to Gibbs.

"Abbs, what's the situation on the Diablo evidence?" Gibbs asked. (I made up a fake case...don't think too much of it.)

"It's packed away in the evidence room, Gibbs," the goth girl said. "I labeled it and everything."

"Good," Gibbs said. "Since that's settled, Abby, I want you to meet the newest addition to the team."

Abby turned away from the screens again and looked at Gibbs with a confused look. "What new addition?"

Gibbs pointed down at me and Abby's eyes followed to where he was pointing and they landed on me. Her first reaction was not one I was expecting. She literally squealed and jumped from the chair she was sitting in only to land on me and push nearly to the ground. I let out a yelp and tried to back up out of the goth girl's grip but it was a fruitless attempt as she wrapped her arms around me tightly.

"She's sooo adorable!" Abby squealed in my ear. I could've sworn the high pitch of her squealing was going to make me go deaf soon.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gibbs!" Abby said, looking up to Gibbs.

"It wasn't my decision to have a K-9 on the team," he remarked. "It's because of some new government order that Vance has to follow."

Abby just smiled.

"And apparently, we're the trial team that was chosen to house a K-9 officer," Gibbs said solemnly.

Abby then thankfullygot up off of me and stood. I was so glad I could have broke command and howled for joy. I stood up from the ground and sat back down at Gibbs' feet. I looked ahead and listened to them talk about me.

"Well, I'm happy that we were the ones chosen!" Abby stated happily. Maybe she wasn't all that bad, just a little bit excitable. I did know that I was in for quite a ride with my new team, however.

"I have to go talk with director Vance, watch her will you?" Gibbs said, turning around and walking out of the lab.

Abby smiled and squealed happily once again. She looked down at me with a mischievous look in her eye and I shuddered internally. Whatever she was thinking couldn't be good for me...

Flashback ends...

That's how I wound up like I was right now, black and grey striped bow behind my right ear and a spiked collar above my NCIS issued one. All I could say was that Abby was certainly a character and was a person to watch out for when it came to dog makeovers. It was safe to say that I was embarrassed and frustrated beyond belief when McGee's boy scout troop came in to tour the lab. I hadn't been expecting to be seen like this by children and a pack of ten-year-old boys at that. McGee brought them over to Abby and she began to introduce them to all of the forensic equipment.

"In the land of forensic science technology, the mass spectrometer is king," Abby explained as she stood in front of the machine. "It uses the basic magnetic force of a charged particle to measure the mass and relative concentration of atoms and molecules. Pretty cool huh?"

Abby struck a pose excitedly and looked around the group of young boys. The one that stood in the front of the group closest to Abby looked her up an down before speaking.

"Are those tattoos real?" he asked, referring to the multiple tattoos that lined Abby's body. I narrowed my eyes at him and looked to the NCIS visitors name tag that hung from his shirt. "Carson Taylor" is what it read. Abby stopped short at his question and looked at him weirdly.

"Um...yes," she said. "Any other questions?"

Carson raised his hand and spoke again. "How many do you have?"

Abby looked surprised and a little self-conscious that she was getting asked all of these questions.

"A lot," she answered. "That's all I'm gonna say about that." She reached over me and grabbed the lab coat that hung on a chair next to the mass spectrometer.

"A lot?" Carson asked. "I only counted five."

As Abby put the lab coat over her shoulders she replied to him. "The rest of them are um...hidden."

Carson looked Abby up and down again.

"Hidden where?" he asked mischievously.

"Um...they're...uh.." Abby struggled to respond.

McGee walked into the room carrying a box of case files that he set on the counter.

"Hi guys!" he greeted.

"Hi!" the youth rangers responded to their troop leader.

"What'd I miss?" McGee asked.

"Nothing yet," Carson said. "Abby was just about to show us her-"

"AFIS...Program," said forensic scientist interrupted him, looking at his name tag. "Right, Carson?"

"Right...," Carson said as he looked up to Abby.

Abby walked around the table to the AFIS database and started explaining what the heck it was. I followed her over there and sat down at her feet once again.

"Now, if the mass spectrometer is king of the land, this little darling is definitely the queen," Abby stated.

"In the last four years, we've made over two-hundred arrests thanks to AFIS fingerprint matches," McGee spoke up.

"We?" Abby laughed.

McGee put his hands on his hips. "It's a team effort."

"So, uh this is an L SCAN," Abby continued, grabbing Carson's hand.

Holding Carson's right she placed his finger on the plate that scanned the fingerprint.

"All you do is put your index finger on the glass..." she paused to press a button. The screen began to scan Carson's fingerprint.

"and, voila, you're in the system!" she finished spinning around and pointing at Carson.

Carson stepped back and looked up at the screens. "Cool!"

"As we speak, the program is filtering through a database filled with millions of prints," McGee commented.

"The majority of them were recorded after somebody's arrest," Abby stated. "So, assuming you haven't served any hard time, I doubt we're gonna get a-"

A blaring alarm noise sounded as the program made a match to Carson's fingerprint. I looked up at the screen and read what it said. "POSITIVE MATCH. CARSON MATTHEWS. -ABDUCTED- LAST SEEN 05/27/1998." Abby narrowed her eyes and looked down at Carson with a confused look on her face. I looked over to said boy an noticed the scared look on his face. Well, shit...things are certainly about to go down.