The Queen of Games

Virtual World- Chapter 24

Step-Son vs. Step-Father: Escape the Virtual World- Part 2

Previously on The Queen of Games: You would think after finally beating Noah, Daisuke and the others would be home free. They couldn't be more wrong, for as soon as Noah was defeated, the real mastermind showed up. It was none other than Kaiba and Mokuba's step-father: Gozaburo. He revealed that he was the one who trapped the Battle City gang in the virtual world and soon he revealed his plan to digitize the whole planet. As Noah revealed a doorway that would help them get back home, the gang finds out they're still trapped while Noah escapes in Mokuba's body. With that accomplished, Noah set off to destroy the base using a satellite, but as he was making his escape he remembered what Mokuba said about family and with a change of heart, he went back to stop the countdown but couldn't as he found the control room had been destroyed by none other than Marik. And as Daisuke, Yugi, Joey and the others battle an army of Gozaburo's monsters, Kaiba sets off to face his step-father one last time, this time in a duel for his freedom. But soon Kaiba faces off against a monster called Exodia Necross, an indestructible monster that can't be destroyed by monsters, magic, and trap cards. But you know Kaiba's not gonna let that stop him from taking down the man who made his life miserable when he was a kid. Let's watch.

"You must escape as soon as possible" Noah's voice rang out.

"You hear that guys?" Daisuke asked the others. "Yeah, the virtual world's about to go and when it goes, so do we" Joey answered.

"Listen, I can help. The exit's at the Domino Arcade. You have to get there soon and fast" Noah said.

"Can we trust him, Joey?" Serenity asked. "Trust him? I don't trust Noah as far as I can throw him" Joey answered.

"We(monkey noises)no(monkey noises)choice, Joey" Tristan said.

Daisuke thought about what Noah said and she turned to the others with an answer. "We don't have much choice, guys. We need to trust Noah. So let's go" Daisuke said.

"Daisuke's right. We got nothing to lose" Yugi agreed. "Alright, but I'm warning you, Noah: No dirty tricks" Joey said as the gang took off for the arcade.

Back at KaibaCorp

"Father, your plan to digitize the whole world is crushed" Noah said. "Noah, how could you betray me like this?" Gozaburo demanded. "It's called payback. You used me and everyone for your own greed. Well, it ends here, your own satellite that you created is about to become your own undoing" Noah answered.

"Please, call off the satellite and I'll let you rule the virtual world by my side once the world is trapped in here" Gozaburo pleaded. "Even if I could, it's too late. It's over." Noah said.

"Well, it looks like there's only one thing left to do" Kaiba said. "Yes, and I since I don't have a body to escape in, I'll take yours, Seto" Gozaburo said as he turned into a fiery monster and lunged at Kaiba. "Stop right there. Look at you, you're nothing but a corrupt file infecting a computer system. If you really want to prove your power, then get back in your corner and duel and the winner gets to escape as me" Kaiba bargained as Gozaburo went back to his stand and resumed his human form. "Fine, but know that this will be the last duel you'll ever have, now it's my move. Exodia Necross, attack Vorse Raider now!" Gozaburo commanded as his monster lunged it's fists at Kaiba's.

"Hold on, I activate the trap card, Negate Attack" Kaiba said as Exodia's fists hit a barrier, stopping it's attack. "Gozaburo said his monster can't be destroyed by trap cards, but I can stop them right in their tracks" Kaiba thought. "Look, all you're doing is delaying your demise, can't you see my monster is invincible. Just give up" Gozaburo gloated. "I don't think so. Your Exodia Necross maybe unstoppable, but that can all change and I happen to have a card in my deck that's going to crush it. It's just a matter of time" Kaiba said. "Then get it over with" Gozaburo demanded.


"The Domino Arcade is just 2 blocks away" Joey said as the others ran for the said destination. "And the exit should be right inside" Daisuke agreed when she spotted something behind her. "Guys, we got company" Daisuke said as Gozaburo's monsters were catching with them. "No way we can outrun them" Yugi said as the others stopped. "Ok, here's the plan, Duke take Serenity and get to the arcade, we'll catch up with you once we take care of these guys" Joey said. "I'm not leaving you, Joey" Serenity said defiantly. "This is no time to argue, Serenity. Just do as your brother says" Daisuke said.

"Daisuke's right, Serenity. We have to go" Duke agreed. "We can handle these guys" Tristan said.

"You go with them too, Tristan. You won't be able to help us in your state" Daisuke said. "Fine" Tristan grumbled as he, Duke, and Serenity took off for the arcade.

Back at KaibaCorp

Kaiba drew a card. "It's my turn and I activate the magic card, Shrink, which cuts your monster's attack strength in half" Kaiba said as Exodia's attack points dropped to 1400.

(Exodia Necross: 2800-1400)

"Next, I'll sacrifice Vorse Raider to summon Luster Dragon" Kaiba announced as Vorse Raider vanished and was replaced by a large green dragon with diamonds on its back and it growled. (Attk: 2400/Def: 1400) "Now, attack his Exodia Necross!" Kaiba commanded and his dragon blew a green flame toward Exodia and the attack hit but was still standing.

(Gozaburo: 900)

"Well, it seems your Exodia does has a weakness. While your monster is unstoppable, it can still be attacked. Just as I suspected" Kaiba pointed out. "Explain?!" Gozaburo demanded. "While it's true your monster can't be sent to the graveyard, if I attack with a more powerful monster, you still lose life points" Kaiba explained. "And it maybe true, that Exodia Necross is invincible, you on the other hand, are not" He added.

"We'll see. As you know, my Exodia gets 1000 points for every battle it engages" Gozaburo said.

(Exodia Necross: 2800-3800)

"Exodia, attack his Luster Dragon, now!" Gozaburo shouted as Exodia sent it's fists toward Luster Dragon and destroyed it.

(Kaiba: 2600)

"Now get ready, Seto, for you're about to sink into total virtual destruction as my monster grows" Gozaburo taunted.

(Exodia Necross: 3800-4800)


Duke, Tristan, and Serenity arrived at the arcade. "Ok, we're here but where's the exit?" Duke asked. "Listen carefully, you must proceed to the stage at the back at the arcade, then stand on the red and blue platforms. I'll upload your minds into the real world" Noah said as the trio headed to the stage and Serenity and Tristan stood on the red platform and Duke stood on the blue platform and the trio vanished.

Back in the room with the virtual pods

"Now uploading brainwaves from virtual environment to virtual simulation" The computer said as Duke's pod opened up and he woke up. "It worked. We're back" Duke said as he saw Serenity's pod open up and she woke up too. "I guess Noah finally came through" Serenity said as Duke turned to see Tristan's pod open up, but he was still acting like a monkey. "Tristan, we're back in the real world. You can stop now" Duke said as Tristan slumped in embarrassment. "Right, can we not talk about what just happened?" Tristan asked. "Agreed" Duke answered.

Back in the virtual world

A Lizard Soldier was charging toward the arcade, but Daisuke, Yugi, Jun, and Joey were prepared and activated their duel disks and each drew a card.

"I summon Dark Magician" Yugi said.

"Go, Flame Swordsman" Joey announced.

"I play Dark Magician Girl" Daisuke said.

"I summon Lilymon" Jun said as an explosion occurred and the four monsters appeared and destroyed the monster. "Nice one, guys. Now let's get the lead out." Joey said. "You must proceed to the stage and fast" Noah said as Joey looked at said stage. "That's our ticket home" Joey said.

"Joey, you and Jun go on. We'll catch up" Daisuke said as Flame Swordsman and Lilymon vanished. "Ok, but hurry up" Jun said as she and Joey ran to the stage on got on the platforms. "Go, Dark Magician Girl!" Daisuke commanded. "Dark Magician, attack!" Yugi commanded as the 2 sorcerers attacked Gozaburo's monsters.

"Please hurry!" Jun said just as she vanished along with Joey. Daisuke and Yugi ran to the stage to catch up. "Daisuke, wait. I need a favor to ask" Noah said. "Yugi, you go. I'll catch up" Daisuke said. "Ok, but careful" Yugi said as he got on the platform and vanished.

In the virtual pod

Joey woke up, but slammed his right cheek against the glass as his pod opened up. "It's good to be home" Joey groaned as he held his cheek. "Joey!" Serenity cried out as she ran to her brother. "Serenity, glad to see you're ok" Joey said as the 2 siblings embraced each other.


"So if you're Noah, then where's Mokuba?" Tristan asked. "He's trapped in the virtual world along with Kaiba. That's why I asked Daisuke to stay behind" Noah said. "What?! You mean Kaiba didn't have enough brain cells to escape on his own?!" Joey angrily asked. "Listen, Seto's trapped in a duel with Gozaburo. You need to get to KaibaCorp and rescue him as soon as possible" Noah explained. "Ok, how do I do that?" Daisuke asked. "I'll use the central computer to create a shortcut for you. Go through that door and you'll be at KaibaCorp in no time" Noah answered as a door appeared in front of Daisuke. "Ok, I'll bring Kaiba and Mokuba back. I promise" Daisuke said as she went through the door.

"Ok, I have a question, why were you trying to rescue Kaiba? Last time I checked, you hated his guts" Jun asked. "I was jealous and angry. I shouldn't have treated you guys unfairly. It's all my fault and I'm sorry" Noah answered. "I'm sorry too for what I said earlier. It wasn't fair of me either" Joey said. "4 minutes to satellite attack. Evacuate now" The computer said. "Listen, it's not safe here. You need to get back to the blimp now" Noah warned. "Noah's right. Let's get out of here" Joey said as the others took off for the blimp, but Joey looked back. "Noah, you're the only one who can get those guys out of there. It's all you" Joey said. "I'll get them out. No matter what" Noah said as Joey took off to catch up with the others.

Back at KaibaCorp

"It's my turn" Kaiba said as he drew a card. "I play Pot of Greed. This lets me draw 2 cards" Kaiba said as he drew 2 cards. Next, I'll summon one monster in defense mode and then I'll place one card face down. That's it for now" Kaiba said. "How can you be so confident when you know I have the upper hand? Exodia Necross has 4800 points and even if you summoned a more powerful monster, it'll be too late" Gozaburo said. "You have a lot to learn about Duel Monsters and as a certain Queen of Games once said "Never rely on the power of one single monster" Kaiba commented.

At the entrance to KaibaCorp

The door appeared and Daisuke stepped out of it "This is it. Let's hope I made it time" Daisuke said as she ran toward the building. "Hang on, Kaiba!" Daisuke shouted and she was getting closer to the entrance, more monsters appeared. Daisuke drew a card from her deck "Go, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, White Lightning Attack!" Daisuke commanded and the legendary dragon appeared with a loud roar and fired a burst of electricity at the monsters and destroyed them. Daisuke's monster vanished as she entered the building.

Back at the duel

"Prepare to lose your body and so much more. Exodia Necross, attack Seto's face down monster with your mighty fists!" Gozaburo commanded as Exodia attacked the face down monster revealing it to be a genie's lamp with 4 legs as it shattered. "Now my monster gets 1000 more points" Gozaburo added.

(Exodia Necross: 4800-5800)

At the base

"2 minutes to satellite attack" The computer said as Noah was still in virtual pod room at a console. "You have to hurry Daisuke. If you and Seto don't escape soon, your minds will be lost forever" Noah warned.

Daisuke was riding an elevator to the dueling field when she heard that. "No pressure" Daisuke muttered.

Back at the duel

"It's my move" Kaiba said as he drew a card and saw he drew his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. "First, I play Monster Reborn to bring back my Ancient Lamp" Kaiba said as said lamp appeared on the field. (Attk: 900/Def: 1400) "Next, I'll use it's special ability to summon La Jinn, The Mystical Genie of The Lamp" Kaiba announced as a green genie emerged from the lamp with his arms crossed and he gave a chuckle. (Attk: 1800/Def: 1000)

"There's a reason why I haven't been able to destroy Exodia. I've been attacking its body, when I should be attacking its soul. So now, I activate my face down card, Soul Demolition" Kaiba said.

"You can't!" Gozaburo exclaimed in anger.

"I just did. This trap card lets each player destroy every single monster that's in the graveyard, so far there's not much in my graveyard to destroy. But yours do. The 5 pieces of Exodia" Kaiba explained.

Gozaburo growled in rage. "First, I'll get rid of the Left Leg which protects it from magic cards, then I'll destroy the Right Leg, followed by the Left Arm, then the Right Arm, and finally the last piece goes: The Head of Exodia" Kaiba read off. "It may have cost me 500 life points each, but it was well worth it, because Exodia's attack points drops back to it's original state" Kaiba said as Exodia reverted by to it's trademark orange color.

(Kaiba: 100)

(Exodia Necross: 5800-1800)

Gozaburo gasped in horror. "Now there's only one thing left to do. I sacrifice La Jinn and my Ancient Lamp to summon this, my Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Kaiba announced as his 2 monsters vanished in a whirlwind and in a flash of blue light, the legendary dragon appeared with an incredible roar. (Attk: 3000/Def: 2500)

"NOOOOOOO!" Gozaburo exclaimed. "You know what's next? Blue-Eyes, attack his Exodia Necross!" Kaiba commanded as his dragon roared before firing a blast of White Lightning at Exodia causing the monster to crumble and shatter in a huge explosion.

"Checkmate for you, Step-Father" Kaiba said.

(Gozaburo: 0)

At the base

"You have to hurry, Daisuke" Noah said in the virtual pod room as the computer announced 1 minute to satellite attack.

Back at KaibaCorp

"How could I lose?" Gozaburo said in despair. "That's what happens when you go up against someone who's more superior and skillful to you in everyway" Kaiba answered. "I'll show you who's superior, by taking your body, Seto" Gozaburo said as he changed back to his monster form and lunged at Kaiba.

"What about our deal?" Kaiba objected. "The deal's off" Gozaburo said as Kaiba's duel stand suddenly felled back. Kaiba looked to see it was Daisuke at the controls. "Come on, Kaiba!" Daisuke said as Kaiba grabbed his deck and jumped off the platform just as Gozaburo destroyed it. Kaiba joined Daisuke and the duo ran to the elevator as Gozaburo tore through the building. "This place is gonna go any second" Daisuke said as Gozaburo lunged his fists causing another explosion.

At the base

"Satellite attack in 3, 2, 1" the computer said as Noah gasped.

In Earth's orbit

"Beginning destruction protocols. Beginning ignition. Targeting main computer" The computer said as a missile detached from the satellite and flew off towards it's intended target.

In the virtual world

"You have to hurry. Head for the Domino Arcade. The exit should be right there" Noah's voice rang out as Kaiba and Daisuke ran across the rooftop of KaibaCorp just as Gozaburo burst through. As soon as the duo got to the ledge, they stopped. "Aw, crud. We're trapped" Daisuke said as she and Kaiba turned and faced Gozaburo who was towering menacingly over them and gave an evil laugh. "Going somewhere?" Gozaburo asked sinisterly. "Kaiba, we have to jump" Daisuke suggested.

"Are you nuts?" Kaiba asked angrily. "It's either this or him" Daisuke said as she and Kaiba jumped off the roof before Gozaburo could catch them. Just then, a portal opened up. "Look, Noah's opened an exit for us. We're home free" Daisuke said as she and Kaiba vanished through the portal and it vanished.

Back in the virtual pod room

Noah got in a virtual pod just as Kaiba and Daisuke's pods opened. "It's good to be back" Daisuke said. "Likewise" Kaiba agreed as they both turned to see Mokuba in the virtual pod. "What's Mokuba doing in a virtual pod?" Daisuke asked

In another part of the virtual world

"Do you really have to go back?" Mokuba asked. "I have to. If Gozaburo isn't stopped soon, he'll continue what he started, and no one will be safe" Noah replied. "But you'll be trapped as well" Mokuba pointed out. "I know, but it's a risk I'll have to take. But the good thing that came out this was I got to know my brother" Noah said sincerely as he turned to walk away. "Noah, wait!" Mokuba cried out. Just then, Mokuba was pulled into a light and when he woke up, he saw Kaiba and Daisuke standing before him. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Mokuba" Daisuke said. "What about Noah? We can't just leave him" Mokuba said. "We need to go now. We don't have much choice" Daisuke said she, and the Kaiba brothers took off for the blimp.


The gang was standing at the blimp waiting for Daisuke and the Kaiba brothers. "Come on, guys" Joey pleaded. "Guys, we need to go now" Tai said. "I just got off the phone with Izzy. He says he's tracking a missile heading this way" Tai added.

"Let's go" Matt said everyone got on board and Joey turned to see Daisuke and the Kaiba brothers running towards them. "Here they come" Joey said.

"We're almost there" Daisuke said she, Kaiba, and Mokuba got closer to the blimp. "Warning: missile inbound" The computer said as the missile was getting closer to its location.

In the virtual world

"It doesn't matter. I can escape to another computer" Gozaburo said. "I don't think so" A voice rang out and Gozaburo turned to see Noah below him.

"It's over for you, and I sealed off all the exits, so now you're trapped here with me" Noah said. "You think you can stop me?!" Gozaburo asked angrily as he grabbed Noah, but he teleported and appeared behind him. "You forget? I can control this place as well and at least the others treated me fairly" Noah said as his body glowed gold and golden bands appeared all over Gozaburo, restraining him. "NOOOOO! Let me go!" Gozaburo cried out. "I'm going to free your mind so that you'll never harm anyone again" Noah said as he infused himself into Gozaburo's neck and he cried out in pain.


Daisuke, Kaiba, and Mokuba got on board the blimp just as it took off. Just then, the missile hit the base causing a huge explosion. The virtual world began to collapse, taking Gozaburo with it. "NOOOOOOO, DON'T DO THIS! I WON"T GO OUT LIKE THIS!" Gozaburo yelled as he was shattered into pixels.

On the blimp

Everyone was holding on for dear life as the blimp shook. "Kaiba, I don't suppose you have any tricks up your sleeve?" Daisuke asked. "As a matter of fact, I do" Kaiba answered as he ran to the deck. "Mr. Kaiba, I'm afraid the ship's too slow to escape the explosion" Roland said. Kaiba sat down at the head controls. "I'll take it from here" Kaiba said.


The flames from the explosion took on Gozaburo's monster form as he chased after the blimp. "SETO, YOU'LL NEVER ESCAPE ME!" Gozaburo yelled as he got closer to the blimp.

On the blimp

"I don't think so, old man" Kaiba said as he smashed a glass panel that contained a red button.


The blimp started to detach and in its place stood a jet as throttle out of the flames and high into the sky. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Gozaburo yelled as the flames died down and his voice faded away. Everyone watched what happened. "You think Noah's ok?" Mokuba asked. "Who knows? But in the end, he did the right thing and in return, he found forgiveness" Daisuke answered. "Well, this little detour was a waste time, it's time to get back to the Battle City Tournament. Set course for KaibaCorp Island" Kaiba said as he and Mokuba walked off.

"Anyone ever told Kaiba to have some respect for the dead?" Tai asked. "Let it go, Tai. We got bigger things to do. The next round of the finals is going to start soon, and we need to get our decks ready" Daisuke said. "Daisuke, can we talk in your room while we get our decks ready, there's some things I want to give you and plus there's something else I want to bring up" Joey asked. "Sure" Daisuke answered as she and Joey walked to her room, and everyone went off as well to get ready for the next round of Battle City.

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