The Queen of Games

Waking the Dragons

Chapter 33: Rooftop Showdown with Raphael- Part II

Previously on The Queen of Games, after Joey defeated Mai, the gang set off to Paradius HQ, where they hoped to find Dartz. Along the way, Daisuke found Mai's Cyber Harpy on the ground. Knowing they would need all the help in taking Dartz, Daisuke took the card and shuffle it in her deck. Joey gave her The Claw of Hermos, as he knew Daisuke would every card in her deck when they faced Dartz. After arriving at Paradius HQ, the gang found themselves confronted by Raphael who ready for his rematch with Yami, but this time Daisuke joined in to help her friend. As the duel began, Daisuke and Yami struggled to stand their ground against Raphael's monsters, and it got worse when he played the Seal of Orichalcos. Now Yami and Daisuke will have to fight harder not only to save themselves, but Raphael as well.

"Do you have any idea what you done, Raphael?" Yami asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do. And with the Seal of Orichalcos on the field, my monsters are even stronger now" Raphael said as the Seal appeared on his monsters' foreheads.

(Backup Gardna: 500-800)

(Guardian Grarl: 2500-3000)

(Guardian Elma: 1600-2100)

"Guardian Grarl, attack his powderpuff!" Raphael commanded as his monster charged and punched Kuribablyon who broke up into the 5 Kuriboh Brothers before they shattered.

(Yami: 1000)

"I reveal my facedown card, Rope of Life" Yami said. "Now by discarding my entire hand, I can bring back the monster that was just destroyed and infuse it with 800 extra attack points" Yami said as he discarded his hand and Kuribablyon reappeared.

(Kuribablyon: 1500-2300)

"I'm not finished yet. Guardian Elma, destroy V-Girl!" Raphael commanded as his monster stabbed V-Girl in the chest, destroying her. "Next, I place one card face down and end my turn" Raphael said as a card appeared face down.

"Now what?" Tea asked.

"Yugi's down to 1000 life points. One more attack and the Orichalcos gets his soul, and Daisuke will be on her own against Raphael" Mokuba said.

"Yugi's won way more duels with fewer life points" Tristan said. "Not when the stakes are this high" Jun said as Yami drew a card.

"I'll start by transforming Kuribablyon back into the 5 Kuriboh Brothers" Yami said as Kuribablyon vanished in a puff a smoke and the 5 Kuribohs appeared. "Now it's time to take on a new form" Yami said as one of the Kuribohs pushed right into the others, causing them to bounce all over the field.

"What's with the circus act?" Raphael asked.

"Now my Kuribohs, merge again. This time to form Kuribandit" Yami said as the Kuriboh Brothers collided in a puff of smoke and a new large Kuriboh appeared in their place. It had arms this time and it was wearing a bandanna on its head, and it had an eye patch over its left. All in all, the new Kuriboh looked like a pirate. (Attk: 1000) The sight of Kuribandit made Raphael laugh.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, Raphael" Yami said as he played a card from his hand. "I just played my Dark Magic Curtain. By trading in half of my life points, I can summon my ultimate monster. The Dark Magician" Yami said as the purple robed magician appeared in a puff of smoke. (Attk: 2500)

(Yami: 500)

"That move just cost him 500 life points" Mokuba said.

"I'm sure Yugi has a plan" Joey said.

"Let's hope so" Cody said.

"Dark Magician, destroy Guardian Elma with Dark Magic Attack!" Yami commanded as his magician fired a blast of magic from his staff.

"I reveal my face down card, Guardian Formation" Raphael said as his face down card flipped up and Guardian Elma did a back flip to the back row, dodging the attack.

"What just happened?" Daisuke asked.

"The Seal gives me an extra row of monsters, so you can't touch Elma without going through my front line first" Raphael explained.

"That was impressive. It seems Raphael knows how to tap into the Seal's power" Kaiba thought.

"I end my turn" Yami said as Daisuke drew a card. "I summon Magician's Valkyria in attack mode" Daisuke said as the exotic magician appeared. (Attk: 1600) "Next, I sacrifice Magician's Valkyria in order to summon Blizzard Princess in attack mode" Daisuke said as her magician vanished and soon a young girl wearing a blue and white dress appeared, carrying a mace with a large boulder at the end. (Attk: 2800)

"In case you're wondering I can summon Blizzard Princess to the field in attack mode by sacrificing one spell casting monster, therefore cutting her cost in half" Daisuke explained. "And to end my turn, I reveal my face down card, Spell Absorption" Daisuke said as her face down card flipped up. "As long as this magic card remains on the field, I get a 500-life point boost every time a magic card is played" Daisuke added.

"Nice one, sis" Jun cheered.

"Then its time I brought out my ultimate monster. But first, I play Celestial Sword- Eatos" Raphael said as he played a card from his hand and soon lightning struck the field and a sword appeared, embedded in the ground.

(Daisuke: 4500)

"This is not good. Raphael's about to bring out Guardian Eatos" Yami thought worriedly.

"Now I draw 2 cards" Raphael said as he drew 2 cards and he smirked at what he drew. "The time has come to play the card that will spell the end of your careers. It's my Guardian Eatos" Raphael said as a hawk appeared and flew into the sky and more lightning struck the field.

"This isn't good. With Yami having only 500 life points, if he loses, I don't even want to think about what's next" Daisuke thought as the blonde-haired winged woman appeared, dressed in her Native American clothing with her arms stretched out and her eyes closed. (Attk: 2500)

As Eatos opened her eyes, she held her head as she screamed in pain and her wings went from white to black and the Seal appeared on her forehead. (Attk: 2500-3000)

"Look what you did to your favorite monster, she's been poisoned by the Seal" Daisuke said as she looked on in horror.

"That's right and she's even more powerful now" Raphael said as Eatos pulled the sword out of the ground.

(Guardian Eatos: 3000-3300)

"I'm afraid Yami and I will have to disagree" Daisuke said.

"Right. Now observe" Yami said as Kuribandit shattered. "When Kuribandit is sacrificed I can draw 5 new cards, however I'm only allowed to keep the magic and trap cards, my monsters go to the graveyard" Yami said as he drew 5 cards and discarded 3 to the graveyard. "I kept 2 and discarded 3" Yami said.

"My turn" Daisuke said as she drew a card. "I play Graceful Charity. This lets me draw 3 new cards as long as I discard 2 in return" Daisuke said as she drew 3 cards and the cards she drew were the Crown of Asta, a magic card called Magical Pigeon, and Chain Destruction. "I was hoping to draw Asta. Now for my plan to save Dark Magician. Hope this works." Daisuke thought as she discarded Chain Destruction along with Electromagnetic Turtle from her hand.

(Daisuke: 5000)

"Then the 3 monsters you sent to the graveyard along with the monsters Daisuke has in her graveyard get added to my Guardian. Eatos, drain their monsters' powers" Raphael said as Eatos raised her sword and Yami and Daisuke's left arms moved of their own accord, and 3 orbs representing their monsters were pulled out of the graveyard and absorbed into Eatos' sword.

(Guardian Eatos: 3300-6300)

"That's not good. Eatos' attack points are close to 7000" Joey said in shock.

"You're about to become a 2-time loser, and this time, you'll pay up with your soul. But don't worry, once I'm through with Yami, I'll focus my attention on you, Daisuke. Now, Eatos, attack Dark Magician, now!" Raphael commanded as Eatos flew towards Dark Magician with a battle cry.

"This is it" Tristan said.

"This can't end. Not like this" Tea said as everyone braced for the attack to happen, but just as Eatos swung her sword down, it crumbled.

(Guardian Eatos: 6300-3000)

"What just happened?" Raphael asked in shock.

"I'll explain. When I played Graceful Charity earlier, I sent 2 cards to the graveyard and one of them was Electromagnetic Turtle" Daisuke said as she took said monster card out of her graveyard and showed it to Raphael. (0/1800) "When he's sent to the graveyard, he left behind an electromagnetic barrier, thus shielding Dark Magician from your attack" Daisuke added.

"Nice one, Daisuke" Tristan cheered.

"Way to protect Yugi" Tea cheered as well.

"That was too close" Tai said.

"You're telling me" Joey said.

"Daisuke's going to regret the day she decided to mock the power of my Guardian Eatos" Raphael thought angrily. "I end my turn" Raphael said.

"I hate seeing Eatos in so much pain" Daisuke thought sadly.

"Daisuke, please. You must find a way to set Raphael free from the darkness of the Seal. You must destroy me; I can feel the poison of the Seal affecting me" Eatos thought as she reached out to Daisuke.

"I'll find a way to set you free, Eatos. I promise" Daisuke thought as Yami drew a card.

"Here goes I summon Big Shield Gardna in defense mode" Yami said as the shield-wielding monster appeared. (Def: 2600) "Next, I switch Dark Magician to defense mode" Yami said as Dark Magician got on one knee. (Def: 2100) "Then, I'll place this card face down and end my turn" Yami added as a face down card appeared.

"My draw" Daisuke said as she drew a card. "I play a monster in defense mode, and I'll switch Cyber Harpy and Blizzard Princess to defense mode as well" Daisuke said as a facedown monster card appeared just as Cyber Harpy covered herself with her wings (Def: 1300) and Blizzard Princess dropped to one knee as well (Def: 2100)

"You can't win a duel on defense alone. All you're doing is stalling for time. Well, I'm afraid time's just about up for you 2" Raphael said as he drew 2 cards. "First, I play Rod of Silence" Raphael said as a staff appeared covered in crystal and was shattered by Backup Gardna. "It lets me play Guardian Ka'yest" Raphael said as the mermaid appeared in a bright flash of light. (Attk: 1000-1500)

(Daisuke: 5500)

"Attack Daisuke's face down monster!" Raphael commanded as the mermaid fired bubbles at Daisuke's card and the monster was revealed to be Raidramon (Def: 800) who roared before he was destroyed.

"Now for Guardian Eatos, attack Dark Magician again!" Raphael commanded as an orb of energy appeared in front of Eatos' mouth before it fired at Yami's monster.

"Yugi!" Tea cried.

"Do something" Mokuba said.

"I reveal my face down card, Magical Hats" Yami said as a top hat shuffled his monsters and split into 4, before Eatos' attack hit the middle hat and Big Shield Gardna was revealed before it was destroyed.

(Daisuke: 6000)

"Nice job" Joey said.

"Now Raphael has to guess which hat Yugi's Dark Magician is hiding under" TK said.

"I have a feeling Raphael's not worried about that" Kari said.

"Guardian Elma, take out one of the Magical Hats!" Raphael said as Elma threw her dagger at the right-hand hat, but it was empty.

"Now he's got a 50/50 shot" Matt said.

"That's right. Guardian Grarl, attack!" Raphael commanded as Grarl charged and destroyed the hat, but it was empty, and the last hat revealed Dark Magician.

"Looks like you wasted your chances" Yami said.

"I was so close" Raphael thought.

"Now it's my turn" Yami said as he drew a card. "I play my own Graceful Charity. Now I can draw 3 cards from my deck and discard 2 from my hand" Yami said as he drew three cards and Daisuke's life points increased again.

(Daisuke: 6500)

Yami looked at what he drew, and his eyes widen. "I'm afraid I have some bad news, Raphael" Yami said as he discarded 2 cards to the graveyard.

"Oh no" Raphael said in fear.

"It's true. I've drawn the Eye of Timaeus" Yami said which caused Raphael to cringe. "And now, Timaeus, arise!" Yami commanded as Dark Magician fired an energy blast from his staff into the sky and a bright flash of light cleared the clouds and the legendary dragon appeared.

"This is nuts! He did it" Raphael said.

"And now Timaeus, fuse with Dark Magician to form Amulet Dragon!" Yami yelled as Dark Magician flew towards Timaeus and in a pillar of light, Timaeus appeared, covered in yellow runes with Dark Magician perched on its back. (Attk: 2900)

"And if one legendary dragon wasn't bad enough, let's see if you can stand up 2" Daisuke said as she showed her own legendary dragon card.

"Not that" Raphael thought in fear.

"I play the Crown of Asta" Daisuke said as the dragon appeared with a mighty roar. "Now I'll combine Asta with Cyber Harpy and Blizzard Princess to form Harpy's Blizzard Dragon" Daisuke said as a bright light consumed her 3 monsters and soon Asta appeared in white and blue colors with Cyber Harpy on its back wearing a blue and white dress wielding Blizzard Princess' mace. (Attk: 3000)

"Awesome" Joey said.

"My new dragon gets 300 points for every magic card in my graveyard, and in case you didn't keep track, I have 8. Which means Amulet Dragon gets 2400 attack points" Yami said.

(Amulet Dragon: 2900-5300)

"And Harpy's Blizzard Dragon gets 600 points when I take any number of magician cards from my deck to the graveyard and I choose to add 4, which gives my monster 2400 points" Daisuke said as she took 4 magician cards from her deck and revealed them to be Blast Magician, Chaos Command Magician, Dark Magician, and another monster called Rapid Fire Magician and sent them to the graveyard.

(Harpy's Blizzard Dragon: 3000-5400)

"Nice one, you 2" Joey cheered.

"They may just have a chance" Cody said as Yami and Daisuke looked to each other and nodded.

"The time has come. Go, Amulet Dragon, attack!" Yami commanded.

"Go, Harpy's Blizzard Dragon, destroy Guardian Eatos!" Daisuke commanded as Dark Magician pointed his staff at Eatos, and Timaeus roared before firing a blast of energy and Asta did the same. The 2 attacks combined and hit Eatos who screamed before she was destroyed.

(Raphael: 1850)

"Eatos, NOOOO! I still need you! Come back!" Raphael yelled when he saw Eatos give a sad smile before she ascended into the sky.

"This isn't over! You'll regret sending Eatos to the graveyard!" Raphael said in anger as the Seal began to pulsate.

"What's going on with the Seal?" Tai asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it's not good" Joey said.

"What's going on?" Daisuke asked.

"My Guardian Eatos is a creature of light and purity" Raphael said as the Seal on his forehead was flashing from green to red. "And when it's destroyed, a new monster takes its place. A creature of darkness" Raphael added a hole opened up and a hand reached out. It was a monster wearing shoulder pads, Native American clothing, and it was wearing a mask with 2 red slits. "Meet Guardian Dreadsycthe" Raphael said as the new monster gave off an aura of death. (Attk: 2500-3000)

"Hello, ugly" Daisuke said with a look of disgust. "It's still weaker than our dragons" Daisuke pointed out.

"Not after I play my Reaper Scythe magic card. This gives my new monster 500 points for every guardian monster that's in my graveyard" Raphael said as his monster held a scythe in its hand.

(Guardian Dreadsycthe: 3000-3500)

(Daisuke: 7000)

"Next, I sacrifice every monster I have on the field to power it up even further" Raphael added.

"But I thought you despised having monsters in the graveyard" Yami said.

"But I despise you 2 even more, so what's a few monsters in the graveyard if it means getting rid of you both forever" Raphael said.

"Raphael, please stop! The Orichalcos is messing your head, you're not thinking straight" Daisuke pleaded as Raphael's monsters all vanished, one by one.

"Now my monster gets an extra 2000 points" Raphael said as his monster glowed.

(Guardian Dreadsycthe: 3500-5500)

"Read it and weep" Raphael said.

"Now his monster's stronger" Tea said.

"Thanks for coming, Timaeus and Asta. It's a been a real blast. Dreadsycthe, rid the field of their dragons now!" Raphael commanded as his monster charged at Timaeus and Asta and sliced their heads off, destroying them. The shockwave sent Cyber Harpy and Dark Magician off the dragons before they too were destroyed.

(Yami: 300)

(Daisuke: 1500)

"It's not over yet. We still have more cards in our decks and it's Yami's move" Daisuke said undeterred her dragon was gone.

"That's right. Now here goes" Yami said as he drew a card.

"Check it out, Yugi and Daisuke sure are confident" Tea said.

"How can they win without their dragons?" Kaiba asked which caused Jun to think back on what Daisuke said earlier.

"Because Daisuke has more than one legendary dragon" Jun thought.

"I play Card of Sanctity. Now we each draw from our decks until we're holding 6 cards" Yami said as he, Daisuke and Raphael drew 6 cards.

(Daisuke: 2000)

"I summon Watapon to the field" Yami said as the cream puff monster appeared. (Attk: 200) "Next, I sacrifice Watapon to summon Dark Warrior of Magic Girl in defense mode" Yami said as Watapon vanished, and the female warrior appeared on one knee with her sword in front of her. (Def: 1900)

Daisuke drew a card and looked at her hand. "I play Giant Germ in attack mode" Daisuke announced as Giant Germ appeared. (Attk: 1000) "Then, I'll sacrifice Giant Germ to summon Dark Magician Girl in defense mode. And since I have 5 magicians in my graveyard, she gets 1500 points" Daisuke said as Giant Germ vanished and her favorite monster appeared on one knee. (Attk: 2000-3500/Def: 1700). "And to finish my turn, I place one card face down" Daisuke said as a face down card appeared.

"Time to end this" Raphael said as he drew 2 cards. "And I have the perfect card to do it. The magic card, Obedience" Raphael said as Daisuke's life points went up.

(Daisuke: 2500)

"This lets me switch any monster on the field from defense to attack mode, and I choose your Dark Magician Girl" Raphael said as Dark Magician Girl stood up. "Now Dreadsycthe, wipe out Daisuke's Dark Magician Girl and her life points!" Raphael commanded as his monster charged toward Dark Magician Girl, only for her to be covered by a hat and Dreadsycthe destroyed it and 2 pigeons flew out of it.

"What?" Raphael cried out.

"I activated my face down card, Magical Pigeon. It only works when Dark Magician Girl is on the field, it saves her from your attack, by transforming her into a pigeon for one turn" Daisuke said and the 2 pigeons landed back on the field and in a puff of smoke, Dark Magician Girl emerged.

(Daisuke: 3000)

"I place 2 cards face down and end my turn" Raphael said as 2 cards appeared face down. "Can't you 2 see you're out of options? There's no way you can win" Raphael added.

"Daisuke and I are well aware that the odds are in your favor, but we have something far greater" Yami said.

"That's right. A belief in the heart of the cards and in ourselves, and that's going to see us through to the end" Daisuke said.

"I know what the Orichalcos can do to a person's heart, and we can help you. Think, when Eatos was destroyed, you took your anger and rage out on your monsters, letting the Seal feed off on your emotion, but I know there's still good inside you and Daisuke and I are going to bring it out. No matter what it takes" Yami said.

"We'll just see" Raphael said.

"If you don't believe us, then my next move may just convince you, and now behold" Yami said as he drew a card. "That's just the card I was waiting for. Now I can do for Raphael, what Yugi did for me" Yami thought as he looked at the card.

"What are you holding?" Raphael asked.

"A card that will force you take a closer look at yourself. The magic card, Underworld Circle" Yami said as he revealed the card.

"Oh no" Raphael gasped.

"Oh yes, it's time to take some responsibility for your actions, Raphael. Go, Underworld Circle, activate!" Yami said as he played the card. The image on the card was a skull and a woman with a strange symbol in front of them and soon, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Warrior of Magic Girl, and Guardian Dreadsycthe vanished.

(Daisuke: 3500)

"My monster's gone" Raphael said in shock.

"Yes, and so are mine and Daisuke's. Now witness your true darkness" Yami said as the runes on the Seal began to spin and soon a purple fog enveloped the 3 duelists.

"What do you think is going on now, guys?" Tristan asked.

"Let's just hope when the smoke clears, its Yugi and Daisuke that's still standing" Tea answered.

To Be Continued

Who will be left standing when the fog clears? Yami and Daisuke or Raphael? Find out next time. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or Digimon. Enjoy the chapter.