The Queen of Games

Waking the Dragons

Chapter 35: Dartz's Endgame- Part I

"What are we going to do?" Joey said as the ground was shaking.

"I don't know, but if we don't figure out a way to get out of here soon, we're all going to be as flat as pancakes" Tristan said.

"Up here" A voice called out and everyone turned to look to see Roland in the Kaiba Corp helicopter.

"It's Roland" Mokuba said.

"Hop aboard, quickly" Roland said.

"Everyone, get in the chopper" Kaiba said as everyone headed for the chopper.

"Hang on, Raphael. We're almost there" Daisuke said.

"Just leave me, I'll slow you down" Raphael said.

"No one's getting left behind. Not today" Daisuke said as she and Yami helped Raphael up the stairs.

"Look, there's Daisuke and Yugi with Raphael" Tristan said.

"We're almost there" Daisuke said as she, Yami, and Raphael got on board the chopper.

"Let's go" Kaiba said as he was the last one to get on board, and soon the chopper took off as the ground broke apart. Everyone turned around to see the outer layer of Paradius HQ crumble and soon, a weird looking castle was revealed.

"What is that?" Tai asked.

"It's Dartz. He's showing his true colors" Yami said.

"Here. You'll need this if you want to take down Dartz" Raphael said as he handed Daisuke a USB drive before he passed out.

"I think this might be able to help us" Daisuke said as she handed the drive to Kaiba who uploaded it on a GPS device.

"Follow this map" Kaiba said as he handed the GPS to Roland.

"Yes, sir" Roland said.

"Mr. Kaiba, we have two F-22's approaching us on radar" The pilot said.

"The Air Force? What do they want?" Matt asked as the fighter jets pulled up alongside them.

"We better follow them and see" Daisuke said.

"You heard the lady" Kaiba said as the chopper changed its course and followed the F-22's.


The chopper soon approached a fleet of battleships and an aircraft carrier in the center and made a landing. The gang got off the chopper and were met with people from the Navy.

"Mr. Kaiba?" The Admiral asked.

"That depends" Kaiba answered.

"We could use your help. As I'm sure you're aware, there have been some unusual sightings around the globe involving Duel Monsters. As you know, we've been tracking a fugitive who may be trying to unleash some sort of monster that could wipe out millions on the planet" The Admiral said.

"Dartz. He's responsible for what's going on" Daisuke said.

"He even stole our company from us" Mokuba said.

"We believe that the best way to defeat Dartz is to challenge him to a duel" The Admiral said.

"Well, you're looking at the people capable of taking down Dartz" Daisuke said.

"And we already have a location on where he's hiding" Joey said.

"Then we'll leave it to you" The Admiral said.

"Let's go. The sooner we defeat Dartz, the sooner I can get my company back" Kaiba said as the gang boarded the chopper, and soon the chopper took off.

A few minutes later

"Look, I see something" TK said as the gang saw an island with a fortress standing at the top.

"That's definitely the place. Dartz has to be there" Joey said.

"Take us in" Kaiba ordered.

"Yes, sir" The pilot said, and the chopper flew towards the island.

A few more minutes later

The chopper landed on the island and the gang got out.

"Let's go" Yami said as the gang walked into the fortress.

"Stay together. It's easy to get lost in here" Daisuke said as the gang walked into a hallway.

"This place is giving me a lot of chills" Yolei said.

"Me too" Kari said.

"There's a light up ahead" Matt said as the gang walked into a giant chamber and what they saw, terrified them.

"Oh man" Joey said.

"Look at all these people" Matt said.

"Dartz must have collected their souls" Yami said.

"All these people go back as far as the Revolutionary War, the Medieval Times, the Middle Ages, the Depression, the 1960's, the Renaissance. You named it, he's done it" Daisuke said.

"An excellent point, Miss Daisuke" A voice said as everyone turned around and Dartz appeared. "Welcome. Due to the carelessness of my employees, I'm the only one left" Dartz said.

"Look, I'm only to say this once. Return my company to me, right now" Kaiba demanded.

"And give back the souls of everyone you've stolen" Daisuke demanded as well.

"I'm afraid it's impossible. Your company is a part of my company now. As you can see, it has taken me 10,000 years to collect all these souls. I'm just missing 4 more" Dartz said as Daisuke noticed a familiar image on the wall.

"It's Yugi. You sick monster. You have any idea how many lives you ruined?" Daisuke said.

"Billions. Besides, it's all for a good cause and if you want your friend back, you'll have to duel me, and it won't be an easy task" Dartz said.

"Then let's get started" Kaiba said as he stepped up.

"Hang on, Kaiba. This madman is too dangerous to take on by yourself" Daisuke said.

"Daisuke's right. You'll need help to take this lunatic down" Yami said.

"Then join him, and I'll get 3 souls for the price of one" Dartz said.

"I've never back down from a challenge and I don't plan to start today" Kaiba said.

"You can do this" Tea said.

"Kick his ass!" Jun cheered as Kaiba, Daisuke, and Yami activated their duel disks.

"Ready, boys?" Daisuke asked.

"I'm way ahead of you" Kaiba said.

"Let's go" Yami said as the trio inserted their decks in their duel disks.

Meanwhile on the road

"I hope Yugi, Daisuke, and the others are ok" Rebecca said.

"Don't worry, Rebecca. I'm sure they're fine" Duke said.

"Let's hope so" Joe said.

"Yugi, Daisuke, and Joey have faced many challenges in the past. The one's no different" Izzy said.

Back at the fortress

"Gentlemen, and Miss Daisuke. Let the game commence" Dartz said as the four duelists drew their initial hand.

(Kaiba: 4000)

(Daisuke: 4000)

(Yami: 4000)

(Dartz: 4000)

"I'll start" Kaiba said as he drew a card. "I play White Dragon Ritual. Now by discarding Vorse Raider from my hand, I can play Paladin of White Dragon" Kaiba said as the white dragon with its rider appeared. (Attk: 1900) "But that's not all, next I'm trading in my Paladin for my ultimate fighting machine. My Blue Eyes White Dragon" Kaiba said as his Paladin vanished, and the legendary dragon appeared with an incredible roar. (Attk: 3000) "Of course, due to my Paladin's ability, my dragon can't attack until next turn, but just you wait. The worst is yet to come" Kaiba said.

"Now it's my turn" Daisuke said as she looked at her hand to see she drew Raidramon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Magic Cylinder, De-Fusion, and Ancient Rules. "Here goes" Daisuke said as she drew a card. "First, I play Pot of Greed. This lets me draw 2 new cards" Daisuke said as she drew 2 cards. "Next, I play Ancient Rules. This lets me summon a level 5 or higher monster from my hand and I choose my Red Eyes Black Dragon" Daisuke said as the dragon appeared with a roar. (Attk: 2400) "Next, I play Call of the Ancient Dragon. By sacrificing my Red Eyes, I can summon Imperialdramon Dragon Mode" Daisuke said as a dragon shaped horn appeared, and her Red Eyes turned into an orb of light and went into the flute, and the flute turned upward and launched the orb into the sky, causing the room to brighten and everyone had to shut their eyes. Soon, Imperialdramon appeared with a roar as he stared down Dartz. (Attk: 3500) "I'll finish by placing three cards face down on the field and end my turn" Daisuke said as three facedown cards appeared.

"Then I draw" Yami said as he drew a card. "First, I activate Black Luster Ritual" Yami said as a jar appeared. "Which lets me sacrifice this, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" Yami said as his ultra-powerful magnet warrior was absorbed into the jar. (Attk: 3500) "Behold the Black Luster Solider" Yami said as the warrior rose from the jar. (Attk: 3000) "I'll place one card face down and end my turn. I think we've given you enough to deal with" Yami said as a face down card appeared.

"Look at that. Yugi, Daisuke, and Kaiba each summoned a monster with 3000 attack points" Tristan said.

"Now that's what I call real power" Joey said.

"Those cards may work in your little tournaments, but I play by a different set of rules" Dartz said as he drew a card. "This card was born form the very essence of darkness itself and it changes the game. A game in which the winner takes all and the losers pay the ultimate price" Dartz said as a familiar seal descended from the skies and landed on the field and encircled the four duelists and a chilling vibe was soon given off.

"The Seal of Orichalcos" Daisuke said.

"Did anybody feel that sudden drop in temperature?" Tristan asked.

"Yeah, thanks for the weather update, Tristan. Are you doing sports next?" Joey asked.

"I'm afraid there's more. I summon Orichalcos Gigas" Dartz said as a familiar monster appeared. (Attk: 400-900)

"I've faced this beast in the desert. It's almost impossible to destroy" Yami said.

"That's because Daisuke and I weren't there to help you out" Kaiba said.

"Next, I pay 500 life points to summon Orichalcos Kyutora in defense mode and it gets an extra 500 points thanks to the Seal" Dartz said an eye creature appeared. (Attk: 500-1000)

(Dartz: 3500)

"What's he up to?" Daisuke thought.

"I believe that ends my turn" Dartz said.

"Then allow me" Kaiba said as he drew a card and he started to laugh. "And to think, I was going up against a more powerful duelist, but after seeing that lame opening move, I have to admit I was expecting more. So, I'll give you an example. I play Polymerization to fuse my Blue Eyes on the field with the other two from my hand" Kaiba said as 2 more Blue Eyes appeared and the three dragons swirled around each other in a bright light. "Show yourself, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon" Kaiba announced as the three headed dragon appeared with a roar. (Attk: 4500)

"Now it's back to me" Daisuke said as she drew a card and what she drew made her smile. "This duel's over. I play my own Polymerization card to fuse Imperialdramon with Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon and Yami's Black Luster Solider to create a new monster" Daisuke said as the 3 monsters swirled around, and a new monster appeared. "Meet Imperialdramon Dragon Champion Mode" Daisuke announced as the very fusion monster that defeated the Mythic Dragon appeared with a mighty roar. It was Imperialdramon on 2 legs, the 3 heads belonging to the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, with Black Luster Soldier perched on top of the second Blue Eyes White Dragon. (Attk: 5000)

"Look at that" Tai said.

"It's got 5000 attack points" Veemon said.

"Now that's the ultimate dream team" Mokuba said as Daisuke looked to Yami and the two nodded at each other.

"I reveal my face down card, Meteorain. Now when Imperialdramon attacks, the difference between his attack points, and your monster's defense points will come out of your life points" Yami said.

"If I'm right, that's over 3500 points worth of damage" Tea said.

"That's enough to leave Dartz with 0" Joey said.

"The time has come for you to pay for your crimes. Go, Imperialdramon Dragon Champion, destroy Orichalcos Gigas and wipe out the rest of his life points!" Yami commanded.

"End this duel once and for all!" Kaiba shouted.

"With Dragon Positron Saber Blast!" Daisuke commanded as the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon fired its neutron blast and Black Luster Soldier fired a purple energy beam from its sword and the cannon on Imperialdramon's back started to gather energy and fired a massive beam which combined with the other two attacks, creating a multicolored beam of energy and struck Orichalcos Gigas and destroyed it.

"That's the way" Matt said.

"I wouldn't celebrate so soon" Dartz said.

"What the hell's going on?" Jun asked as the gang saw that Orichalcos Kyutora was still standing, but even more to that. It was absorbing the attack.

"What's going on?" Kaiba asked.

"When my life points are targeted for attack, Orichalcos Kyutora steps in and absorbs the damage. But that's not all" Dartz said a bright light consumed the four duelists, and soon they were standing in space with The Seal keeping them from falling.

"Where are we?" Daisuke asked as she noticed something below them. "What's that?" Daisuke asked.

"That is Atlantis. Just as it once was 10,000 years ago. I believe it's time for your history lesson" Dartz said.

To be Continued

What reason does Dartz have for bringing Kaiba, Daisuke, and Yami to Atlantis? Find out next time.

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