The Queen of Games

Waking the Dragons

Chapter 39: Dartz's Endgame- Part V

Previously on The Queen of Games, things were not looking good in the duel, as Dartz unleashed Orichalcos Tritos which basically prevent Yami, Kaiba, and Daisuke using any magic and trap card effects on Dartz. And if things weren't bad enough, Dartz targeted Daisuke with Orichalcos Malevolence, but it was thanks to Yami's Ambush Shield card, Daisuke was safe. And in a last ditch move, Kaiba brought out the Fang of Critias and combined it with Mirror Force to create the Mirror Force Dragon that was able to destroy all of Dartz's monsters, only to be replace by Orichalcos Shunaros, a monster with 20,000 attack points along with arms Orichalcos Dexia and Orichlacos Aristeros. Dartz's monster was able to make quick work of Kaiba's dragon, and he lost all of his life points, but before his soul could be taken Kaiba activated Wish of Final Effort, giving Yami and Daisuke a life point boost. Now faced with near impossible odds, can Yami and Daisuke find a way to beat Dartz? It all depends on the one card Pegasus made for Daisuke. Let's watch.

"It's my move" Daisuke said as she drew a card. "I summon Makyura the Destructor in defense mode" Daisuke said as the purple-metallic warrior appeared on one knee with its arms crossed. (Def: 1200) "That's all for now" Daisuke said as Yami drew a card.

"I play Pot of Greed. Thanks to my magic card, I can draw 2 new cards from my deck" Yami said as he drew 2 cards. "I summon Queen's Knight in defense mode, and I'll place one card face down and end my turn" Yami said as a face down card appeared, followed by the female warrior who was kneeling. (Def: 1600)

"Then it's my turn" Dartz said as he drew a card. "Orichalcos Dexia, attack Queen's Knight!" Dartz commanded as the right arm fired a green ball of energy at Yami's monster.

(Orichalcos Dexia: 0-1900)

"Not so fast. Activate trap card, Soul Shield. All I have to do is pay half of my life points, and my monster is safe." Yami said as a barrier shielded Queen's Knight from the attack.

(Yami: 2450)

"A brilliant effort, but desperate. You two are faced with 3 powerful monsters, and none of the monsters you have on the field are strong enough to take them down. Wouldn't it be better to just surrender? Why drag this out?" Dartz asked.

"You don't know how stubborn we really are. As long as we have something worth fighting for, we will never surrender" Daisuke said.

"Don't you want to be reunited with your friends? They're on the other side, just waiting for you. All you have to do is submit" Dartz said.

"That's never going to happen. I've faced a lot of nutjobs in the past, and you're no different. Everyone's always telling me to give up, well I got something to tell you, I plan to fight back till the very end. And it's my move, so I activate my face down card, Cup of Ace" Daisuke said as she took a quarter out of her pocket. "Here's how it works; I flip a coin. If it lands on heads, I get to draw 2 cards. But if it lands on tail, then my opponent draws 2 cards" Daisuke explained.

"You're willing to risk your turn on a game of chance, then go ahead" Dartz said.

"I pick heads" Daisuke said as she flipped the quarter in the air, and she caught it.

"Please, let it be heads" Daisuke thought as she opened her hand and saw the quarter land on heads.

"Yes! Now I get to draw 2 cards" Daisuke said as she looked at her deck. "This is it. Come on, deck. Don't fail me now" Daisuke thought as she drew 2 cards, and suddenly she felt a surge of power go through her. "This surge of power tells me one of the cards I drew is the one Pegasus gave me. I can sense it" Daisuke thought.

"Well, get on with it" Dartz demanded.

"Do you know what's in my hand? One of the cards I hold is the secret to unlocking the true power of the legendary dragons" Daisuke said as she took a card form her hand and revealed it to Dartz. "Legend of Heart" Daisuke said as the card appeared on the field. The image was showing Timaeus, Critias, Hermos, and Asta. The images soon were replaced by four swords. "I play 1000 life points and I sacrifice Makyura the Destructor, allowing to summon Timaeus, Critias, Hermos, and Asta in their true from" Daisuke said as Makyura disappeared, and she tossed Hermos to Yami who caught it. And the four legendary dragons appeared and flew into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

(Daisuke: 3900)

"Finally, after 10,000 years in captivity, we've been set free" A male voice said that sounded just like Yami. Just then, a bright light shined on the field and four figures were revealed.

"I am he who is named Timaeus" The knight in green armor said. (Attk: 2800)

"I am Sir Critias" The knight in blue armor that looked like Kaiba said. (Attk: 2800)

"I am Sir Hermos" the knight in red armor that looked just like Joey said. (Attk: 2800)

"And I am Lady Asta" The knight in light blue armor that looked just liked Daisuke said. (Attk: 2800)

"In the name of Atlantis, we have been reborn" The four knights said as they crossed their swords in a sign of unity.

"I thought I got rid of you ages ago" Dartz said with a look of disbelief, and soon the four knights slammed their swords into the ground, sending a shockwave to all four corners of the dueling field, shattering all three of the Orichalcos Seals.

(Orichalcos Shunaros: 20,000-15,200)

"My precious Seal!" Dartz cried out.

"Have you forgotten what happened last time, Dartz?" Critias asked.

"I certainly haven't" Timaeus said referring to the scar on his right eye. "And I have a score to settle with you" Timeaus added as Yami and Daisuke looked to each other and nodded.

"And settle it, you will. Timaeus, attack Orichalcos Aristeros!" Yami commanded as the knight charged at the right arm.

(Orichalcos Aristeros: 0-3100)

Timaeus attacked the arm but was forced back.

(Orichalcos Shunaros: 15,200-12,100)

(Yami: 1050)

"My turn. Critias and Asta, attack!" Daisuke commanded as the 2 knights charged and struck the arm.

(Orichalcos Shunaros: 12,100-5900)

(Daisuke: 1450)

"I think that should wrap things up for now" Daisuke said.

"It's over" Dartz said as he drew a card. "Orichalcos Shunaros, attack Timaeus with Photon Ring Slash!" Dartz commanded as Shunaros sent a ring of energy at Timaeus.

"Not so fast. Critias, defend. Thanks to his special ability, I can bring back one trap card from my graveyard and the card I choose is my Magic Cylinder. Now Critias can absorb the attack and send it right back at your monster and you lose 5900 life points" Daisuke said as Critias got in front of Timaeus and absorbed the attack.

"This can't be!" Dartz cried out.

"I'm afraid so" Critias said as he pushed the attack right back at Shunaros and its two components.

(Dartz: 10,550)

"A brilliant move, Daisuke. But Shunaros has a special ability as well" Dartz said as Shunaros started to crack and fell apart and soon a vortex opened, and a large snake appeared. "When Orichalcos Shunaros is destroyed, my Divine Serpent was born" Dartz said.

(Divine Serpent: ?)

"It's attack points are infinite" Yami said.

"Of course, my monster comes with a price, I must discard every card from my hand and give up every one of my life points" Dartz said as he discarded his hand to the graveyard.

(Dartz: 0)

"But that means you lose" Daisuke pointed out.

"Under normal circumstances, but as long as my Divine Serpent is on the field, I remain in the game. But if you and Yami destroy it, you win." Dartz explained.

"Only one kind of monster can stand up against it, but can I draw it in time?" Daisuke thought as she looked at her deck. "It's my move" Daisuke said as she drew a card. "I play Graceful Charity. This lets me draw 3 cards as long as I discard 2 from my hand" Daisuke said as she drew 3 cards. "So, I'll get rid of these two" Daisuke said as she revealed her 2 cards to be Obnoxious Celtic Guardian and Dragon Tamer Whip and she sent them to the graveyard. "Next, I'll switch Guardian Eatos back into defense mode" Daisuke said as Eatos covered herself with her wings and got down on one knee. (Def: 2000)

Yami drew a card, and his eyes widen at the card he drew. "This maybe the only chance we have at saving our friends" Yami thought. "I place one card facedown and end my turn" Yami said as a facedown card appeared on the field as Dartz drew a card.

"In order for my Divine Serpent to attack, I must send 10 cards from my deck to the graveyard" Dartz said as he took 10 cards from his deck and deposit them to the graveyard. "Now Divine Serpent, attack Timaeus!" Dartz commanded as the snake fired a stream of blue fire at Timaeus and the knight screamed in pain before he was destroyed.

(Yami: 0)

"And now that the duel is over, Ancient Seal, surround the Pharaoh!" Dartz said as the Seal appeared and shrunk around Yami, but it shattered.

"What is the meaning of this?" Dartz asked in shock and as the smoke cleared, Dark Magician appeared in defense mode. (Def: 2100) "What is your Dark Magician doing here?" Dartz asked.

"I activated my facedown card, Relay Soul. Thanks to my trap card, I'm able to stay in the game when my life points hit 0 by summoning Dark Magician to the field. Now my fate is in his hands. Now whichever monster is destroyed, the card holder loses the duel. So now, you and I are in the same situation right now" Yami said.

"That means if Yami loses, the Orichalcos will get his soul" Daisuke thought in worry.

"You may have altered the rules of the game, but your chances of victory are very slim" Dartz said.

"We still have our decks, and our friends behind us and you have no one" Daisuke said.

"I have all the powers of a god and I don't need anyone" Dartz said.

"I'm well aware of that, which is why I'm offering up my soul in exchange you let Daisuke go" Yami bargained.

"A tempting offer, and I'm in need of one more soul to fuel the Great Beast. I accept the terms, and it's my move" Dartz said as he drew a card. "I play the magic card, Impact Revive. This lets me bring back a monster on your side of the field and infuse it with 500 attack points" Dartz said as Timaeus appeared, and he was panting heavily.

"Why would you bring back Timaeus?" Yami asked.

"To prove how worthless you really are, and my magic card lets my monster attack again" Dartz said as he discarded another 10 cards form his deck. "Now my Divine Serpent, attack!" Dartz commanded as his monster blew another stream of fire at Yami.

"If my Dark Magician is destroyed, it's all over" Yami thought as the blast got closer.

To be Continued

Can Yami find a way to save Dark Magician? Or will he end up wherever Yugi is? The conclusion of the duel is coming up. Stick around.

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