Champagne and Salmon Puffs


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"Hey, Ace." A pause for self-admonishment. That nickname should have been buried with the remains of their relationship. He had no right to use it now. "I know; it's been a while." He chuckled at his own unnerving euphemism. It was a marvel that he was able to speak altogether. "I'm sorry about that."

A longer, more pungent pause. The amount of time since they'd last spoken ranked pretty low on the list of things he should be apologizing for.

"I'm not sure you've heard, but my dad died two days ago." A sigh, deep and heartfelt. It wasn't often that 'Mitchum' and 'heartfelt' could be used in the same context, yet there they were, side by side. "I'll be in Hartford for the next couple of weeks, helping Mom and Honor take care of things, and I was wondering if you'd like to meet me for dinner tomorrow night. I owe you some long overdue apologies, but this isn't a voicemail type of conversation, now, is it?" Again with the stupid euphemisms. She was all metaphors and superlatives; he was paradoxes and euphemisms.


"Tomorrow. 7. My parents' house." Yet another pause. Who was he to demand anything from her, anyway?


AN: Hello everyone! I know I'm kind of super late to the party, and in fact, I started writing this two-three years ago, right before rumours about the revival became a thing, but the revival itself killed me and I buried this fic in my ever-growing pile of abandoned projects. That is, until I rewatched Gilmore Girls again and got totally excited about it and the muses just wouldn't leave me alone until I brought this baby back from the dead. So.

Because I started plotting this before the revival, none of the events and backgrounds of the revival apply. I may have borrowed some names here and there, and I might reference the few scenes that I can actually fit in my story, but for the most part, I'm just pretending it never happened.

I'm nowhere near finished with it, and I'm planning a big story. But first, I need to know, is there even a fandom anymore? So, if you're reading this, please let me know! Chapter 1 should be posted soon, either way, but a little encouraging will surely help!