"Castle I can't believe you brought this for Jo" Kate said as she held up a pink and white striped onesie with black lettering.

"Dad just wanted a massage but Mom got carried away" she reads out loud. She turns to fully face her husband with a raised brow and continues "do you seriously think people will believe this" she questions.

"What? I thought it was cute"

"Rick" she starts but he cuts her off.

"Beckett" he said and shakes his head as if clearing it and starts again.

"Kate" he continues with a boyish grin as he steps up to his wife and wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her into him.

"Uh-uh my darling husband" she says with a bright all teeth showing smile and tapping his wondering hand to show him that their current situation is her point "this is why we now have Jo"

Shaking her hand off his, he proceeds to his destination and continues like she never even spoke.

"let me tell you how it really happened…" he says while nuzzling his nose at her ear and then began kissing her neck.

A high pitched scream cuts through the baby monitor on the table next to the bed.

"I guess you'll have to finish story time another day babe, because your massage is hungry'' she laughs and pats his chest on her way out their room.

A moment passes and he is still stuck on what just happened.

"Did she just make fun of me" he ask out loud to himself.


AN: I rewrote this and tweaked it a little.. so yes you've probably read it already. ALL MISTAKES ARE MINE.