Hello! Back with another story! Just wanna go over a few things! And hopefully I don't leave anything out so I don't have to make another announcement chapter :P

1. As I have mentioned in my other stories for this series, if you're gonna read them, then I ask that you don't skip chapters please. It's really discouraging that you guys do that because it makes me feel like you guys don't like a lot of my stories.

2. Half of this goes for number one. So you guys don't skip chapters in this story, I'm gonna send them one by one like I used to do. I tried pre-writing them and posting them all at once but I realize that was a bad idea since I've noticed that a lot of chapters would get skipped.

3. I know Ben, Mal, Jay, Evie and the others stay the same age as the first Descendants movie but since Sora, Riku and Kairi grow up by one year, Ben and the others are gonna grow up by one year as well.

4. I'm not gonna do the events of Descendants 2 until the epilogue. Reason for this is that it wouldn't make sense since Ben has left Genevieve in charge of Auradon.

5. Since I haven't gotten help from you guys about Days or Dream Drop Distance, I decided not to do Days and I'm getting help from someone else for Dream Drop Distance. I'm not gonna reveal the worlds and pairs until the announcement chapter for Dream Drop Distance.

6. After I do 0.2 of this series, I'm gonna put it on hold and wait for Kingdom Hearts III since that's coming out this year(which I'm super excited about by the way :D). So expect a sequel to a series I have out already. I just have to decide a lot of things for it so it'll be a while before I actually do anything with it.

7. There's gonna be a surprise twist in this story but it'll be in the later chapters so wait for it. It's not gonna be mentioned in the characters chapter because I want it to be a surprise.

Hopefully I got everything I wanted to say out but if I did leave anything out, I'll just make another announcement chapter going over anything I left out or remember. Anyway, thanks for reading this and for reading my stories in this series!