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Chapter twenty-two: Atlantica(part four)

Harry's pov:

"It's that weird reading from before. See, I knew it wasn't a glitch." A voice said.

"Yeah! But it's still all cloudy and kinda fuzzy." A second voice said.

"Hmm... Well, we know one thing for sure." The first voice said.

"What's that?" The second voice asked.

"Whenever Sora, Ben, Mal, Jay, Donald, Goofy and the two new travelers go out and help folks, the reading gets stronger!" The first voice said.

"Gee, I wonder why." The second voice said.

"Hey, Sora, Ben, Mal, Jay, two new travelers. We're gonna try to find out more about this reading." The first voice said.

"And while we do, you fellahs just keep on questin'!" The second voice said.

"We really are countin' on you, guys!" The two voices said.

I had this strange feeling as we approached the world of Atlantica so I got up after watching Sora and the others get up. "I know Uma and I have agreed that we wouldn't go into that world after the last time we were there but I have this weird feeling like the two of us should go this time too. We won't go next time though." I said, causing them to look at me.

"I suppose we can let you join us this time too but be prepared for anything." Ben said.

I nodded and followed them with an angry mumbling Uma. Once we were in the world, we swam over to Ariel. "Sora, Ben, Mal, Jay, looks like you all gained some experience. Do you all think you can help me with the pendant?" She asked.

"Let's get it." Mal said.

We followed Ariel up to the surface. Once we got the pendant, we followed Ariel to what appears to be a grotto of sorts. We watched her holding the pendant. "This is great, Sora, Ben, Mal, Jay. I know he'll be happy to have this back." She said, smiling as she was holding the pendant in her hand.

"And just who is this he?" A voice from behind us asked.

We flinched and turned around to see a man there with white hair, a white beard and an aqua blue tail.

"Daddy!" Ariel said, facing the man.

"That's King Triton?" Uma asked in a whisper.

"Yes." Mal whispered back.

"Ariel, you know how dangerous humans are!" The man named King Triton said.

Ariel faced the statue that was there. "You don't even know him! Oh, Daddy, you've told me that you don't trust humans. But they can't ALL be as bad as you say. And I'm-well, I'm going to prove it to you." She said, facing King Triton again.

"So help me Ariel, I am going to get through to you. And if this is the only way...so be it!" King Triton said and sent a blast from his trident to the state, causing it to break.

We swam after her but she was a fast swimmer so we had to look for her everywhere then we found her at an area and swam over as we saw her with a familiar lady that was half-octopus. I recognized her as Uma's mother; Ursula. "Ariel! Don't!" A voice said as we were swimming close.

"Sora, Ben, Mal, Jay, please! You got to stop her, mon!" A second voice said as we passed a small red crab.

We got over to Ursula and Ariel. "Wait!" Jay said. Ursula looked at us then turned back to Ariel and made a water wall to keep us from getting in. We watched as Ariel lost her voice then we saw the water wall die down and saw that Ariel had legs instead of her tail.

"Oh, no! She can't breathe like that!" Ben said as we swam over to her and we swam up to the surface. Once we got to the surface, Ben helped Ariel to the shore then came back over to us by the rock. We saw the two in a conversation of sorts since the man with the black hair was mostly doing the talking for the reason that Ariel didn't have her voice.

After a while we were back under the sea and Sora faced us. "Looks like it's going pretty well!" He said.

"Gawrsh, shouldn't we tell King Triton about this?" Goofy asked.

"Absolutely not!" A voice behind us said. We turned around and saw the small red crab from before. "It would break his heart if he found out about dis!" He said then swam over to us.

"Then what do we do?" Uma asked.

"We gonna stay here and take care of Ariel. Dat's what we gonna do." The small red crab said.

"I guess that's all we CAN do." I said. We followed the crab to the surface to check on Ariel.

We watched as the couple was walking along the beach. "So we just float here and watch?" Sora asked.

"Have you got a better idea?" The crab asked.

"We could make Ursula fix all this." Sora said.

"Hah! She ain't gonna bother wid you." The crab said.

"Hey, you never know until you try!" Jay said.

"Hmm... You may be right. It's gotta be better dan doing nothin'. Can I trust you to take care of Ursula?" The crab asked.

"Of course!" Ben said.

We went looking for Ursula and it seemed like it was taking us two days and nights to find her so we decided to take a break and swam up to the surface to check up on Ariel. "Hey! Where's Sebastian?" Mal asked.

"Uhh...oh...well... King Triton wanted him at the palace." The fish said.

"I wonder if it's about Ariel." Goofy said.

"If King Triton finds out what happened, we're in hot water. Especially since we kept it a secret." Uma said.

"What about Ursula?" The fish asked.

"She disappeared." Donald said.

"Well, how's Ariel doing? She's only got until sunset tomorrow, right?" I asked.

The fish turned away from us. "Hey, look!" He said, causing us to look at the direction he was looking at. We saw Ariel and the man in a boat. They were getting close as in for a kiss. "I can't see!" He said. Mal covered the fish's eyes. Or at least I think it was Mal. I wasn't paying attention to the movement. I only know that the fish's eyes were covered then we saw that the boat was rocked and feared that they would fall into the water; only to see that they were still in the boat. "They're okay!" The fish said.

"Man... they were so close." Ben said.

"Well, I think we oughta get back to lookin' for Ursula." Goofy said.

"Yeah, good idea." Jay said. The eight of us went back under the sea and resumed our search for Ursula.

After a day of search, we still came up empty so we went back up to the surface again. "No sign of Ursula anywhere..." I said.

"I wonder where that sea witch coulda gone." Goofy said.

That was when we noticed something off and we swam over to the fish. We saw Ariel was crying. The fish faced us. "Ariel's been crying for a long time." He said.

We heard a singing voice and we looked over to the side. We saw the man walking along the beach with another girl. Something's wrong here. I thought as we watched. We slightly ducked under the water. "Hey, what's up with the Prince?" Mal asked.

"Look! There!" The fish said, pointing at something. That was when we saw the shell necklace. "It's Ursula! She...she must've turned herself into that girl!" He said.

"Okay, that's it!" Jay said and sent a beam of light to the necklace. We saw it break onto the sand and watched lights of Ariel's voice go back to Ariel then we saw that the Prince was back to normal and the couple were having their little reunion. That was when we saw Ursula in her original form then she took Ariel into the water after revealing that the sun was setting.

We went after them to stop Ursula. "Stop!" Sora said.

Ursula stopped. "Stay out of this, you fools!" She said, facing us. "Triton's precious little daughter signed a contract!" She said, showing us a contract. "Now dearie...let's see how beautiful you are when I'm through with you!" She said.

"That contract's no good!" Mal said.

"Let her go!" A voice behind us said, causing the eight of us to turn around.

"Excuse me!?" Ursula asked then we saw that a beam of yellow light went past us and hit the contract, sending Ursula flying back towards a rock. "Now, now-even the great King Triton can't go around breaking binding contracts. Why, it just wouldn't do, would it?" She asked. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some loose ends to tie up." She said after she swam over to him then faced Ariel; who was held back by the two eels from last night.

"Wait, Ursula... You win. Just promise you'll let my daughter go." Triton said.

"But we had a deal- unless, of course, you're offering to take her place?" Ursula asked, showing the contract to Triton.

"I'm afraid...I have no choice." Triton said then looked to the side with his eyes closed. All of a sudden, we saw a kelp version of the King.

We blocked the way of the eels so they couldn't get to Eric; who was swimming away. "Hey! That's enough!" Ben said.

"Ha ha! Now you all bow to me!" Ursula said, growing to be a giant. To prevent ourselves from getting hurt, we all swam away while watching her. "This witch is back to bring her wrath upon the sea
Triton can't be rid of me
not that easily
And like all who dare defy me,
he will learn his lesson well:
Never toy with a girl like me"
Ursula sang.

After a while, we were swimming up to the surface. "You got what you deserved!" Jay said. Then we saw the two eels circle around us.

All of a sudden we saw Jay being pulled under the water. "Jay!" Mal said.

"Come on!" I said. We dove after them and freed Jay then watched as the eels swam away. We went after them shortly after. "I don't think so!" I said as the six of us each dodged a tentacle that was blocking our way. I saw Sora zap the two eels away.

"All right!" Ben said, smiling as we got to Sora's side.

"Nice one, Key Boy." Uma said.

"Thanks." Sora said.

"Let's go!" Mal said. The rest of us nodded and followed Mal back up to the surface.

As we got close to the surface, we heard a voice. "I'm not gonna lose her!" The voice said.

"Right! We're with you all the way!" Jay said as we each jumped out of the water and over Prince Eric and his boat. Jay sent a blast of light towards Ursula; which she blocked with the trident. The rest of us were back in the water already.

"Flotsam and Jetsam!
Loyal darlings, strong as the tide" Ursula sang as she swung the trident at Donald and Goofy then they hit her in the face. "Sweetest poopsies, hasten to my side" She sang as Donald and Goofy got back into the water with the rest of us.

"Sorry, Mommy... Your poopsies are toast!" Mal taunted as she waved at Ursula in a taunting way. That got her angry because she swung the trident at us now. We got to the surface again, only to see her swinging the trident at us again so we ducked back into the water then came back up again and we saw her raise the trident up into the air.

"This is not the end, my dears
I swear I've just begun
It's not over until Ursula has won!" Ursula sang.

"That's what you think!" Ben said as he jumped out of the water and went towards Ursula.

"Be careful, Ben!" Mal warned as we watched. We saw him swing the trident out of Ursula's hand with his keyblade then we watched it spin and landed into Prince Eric's boat.

"No...it's not possible!" Ursula said as she was turning to face Prince Eric.

"It's over, Ursula!" Ben said as he dived back into the water again.

"That belongs to me!" Ursula said as she was facing the Prince Eric.

Prince Eric was getting up then he pulled the trident out of the boat. "All right, then-you can have it!" He said and threw it at her. It went through her. She screamed as she was falling into the ocean. After it was over, we watched Ariel and Eric Prince Eric have their moment. "Please, Ariel... You can come out now-it's okay." He pleaded. Ariel just looked at him. "Ariel?" He asked.

Ariel went back into the water then jumped out, showing him the truth about her. She dived into the water then went up to the surface. "You see, Eric...this is why I went to Ursula." She said.

"This can't be..." Prince Eric said.

"I would have told you sooner..." Ariel said.

"To think..." Prince Eric said.

"Eric...good-bye." Ariel said then turned around to go back underwater. As we watched, I looked at Uma with a soft sad look. That was when I noticed that Uma sorta had the same look as me.

"I had all that time and I didn't work on my swimming." Prince Eric said, causing the three of us to look at Prince Eric and watched him dive into the water from the boat and swim to Ariel until he was in front of her. "Well, I guess it's never too late to learn, right? Will ya teach me?" He asked, smiling at her.

That made Ariel happy. "I'd love too!" She said, smiling back then the two hugged back.

"All right!" Sora said. Little did we all know, someone was watching from the distance. We went back underwater and we were at the area we came to when we got to this world. "Prince Eric's a great guy- and he's really brave, too." He said.

"Now you can see who they got their bravery from." Ben said, referring to Harbour, River, Melody and Marina.

"And Kairi too." Sora said.

"Yes. But he IS a human." A voice said. We turned to the side and saw it was Sebastian.

"Oh brother. Not again..." Donald said.

We heard something coming our way from the side so we turned to that side and saw Ariel and Flounder swimming towards us. "How'd it go with your father, Ariel?" Jay asked.

"Great! Thanks to you all for your help. I gotta go. I'll see you all later!" Ariel said then swam up to the surface.

"Hey, wait..." Ben said as we watched.

"I almost forgot, Sebastian! King Triton said this year's festival is so important that the musical better be your best ever!" A voice behind us said so we turned around and saw that Flounder had stayed behind.

"My best ever? Hmm..." Sebastian said, causing us to look at him.

"All right, what's going on?" Mal asked as Sebastian faced us again.

"You all gotta do me a favor." Sebastian said then swam over to Ben and whispered in his ear.

"What?" Ben asked.

"Huh?" Donald asked.

"But how?" Goofy asked.

"And it was gonna make de song perfect, too..." Sebastian said.

"Harry and I want to stay out of this so good luck you lot." Uma said, causing me to look at her with a grin and a chuckle.

"That's fine. I'll poof you two back to the gummi ship." Donald said and we were back to the gummi ship in our human forms.

Mal's pov:

"Harry and I want to stay out of this so good luck you lot." Uma said, causing Harry to look at her with a grin and a chuckle.

"That's fine. I'll poof you two back to the gummi ship." Donald said and he poofed Uma and Harry back to the gummi ship. "Well, we're ready to do this!" Donald said.

"Great! Follow me!" Sebastian said and we followed him to the palace. We got into our positions.

"Welcome the dawning of a
happy age of new beginnings.
Land and sea have come together,
joined in peace and harmony.
Fairy tales and miracles
are what we're singing of:
Our dear princess, Ariel,
truly fell in love.
With a prince, a human prince
who lived so far above.
" Two voices sang as the two mermaids swam around the place.

"Wishes really can come true
if you want them to.
And this happiness inside
I owe to ev'ry
one of you.
" Ariel sang as she swam with the two mermaids.

"How about you introduce us
to these lovely friends of yours?
" The two mermaids sang.

"Come take a bow: Donald, Mal,
Goofy, Jay, Sora and Ben
" Ariel sang as we came swimming over.

dear princess, to you
" Donald and I sang as the two of us each did a flip and continued swimming over.

"You found your first love
and he found you, too
" Goofy and Jay sang as they each did the same thing that me and Donald did and they continued swimming over.

"We were glad to help you out
and very proud, it's true
" Sora and Ben sang as they did the same thing as the four of us did and continued swimming over.

"Seeing how we made you grin
just makes us want to twirl a fin
" The six of us sang as Sora and Ben did a flip into an open shell.

"Wishes really can come true,
if you want them to.
And this happiness inside
I owe to ev'ry one of you
" Ariel sang as the two mermaids swam around her then swam away from her.

"Be so kind to introduce
the King, and these his loyal friends
" The two mermaids sang.

"Please say hello: Daddy
Sebastian, Flounder
" Ariel sang as King Triton came in with his chariot.

"Ariel, I'm so happy for you" King Triton semi-sang.

"Yes, happy endings are so rare and so few" Sebastian sang.

"We were glad to help, and
very proud, it's true
" Flounder sang.

"Seeing how we made you grin
just makes us want to twirl a fin" Sebastian and Flounder sang.

"Any other friends of yours
that might be waiting in the wings?
" The two mermaids sang as they swam around.

"Come say hello:
All my friends
from ev'ry corner
of the world
" Ariel sang as the other sea creatures did their parts in the musical.

"A new day is dawning
on a happy age of new beginnings
Land and sea have come together
joined in peace and harmony
Fairy tales and miracles
are what we're singing of:
Our dear princess, Ariel,
Prince Eric from above
A happy end forever after,
full of joy and love." We all sang as the blond mermaid, Donald and I swam to an open shell from the right; the brunette mermaid, Goofy and Jay swam to an open shell from the left and Ariel, Sora and Ben swam to an open shell from the top. After it was done, we each took a bow.

Sora, Ben, Jay and I each put our keyblades together and we sealed the keyhole together. "Sora, Ben, Mal, Jay, what's happening?" Ariel asked, coming to our side.

We looked at her. "A new pathway has opened." Jay said.

"What? You all gonna go? Dis is good-bye?" Sebastian asked.

"I won't do it! We'll never say good-bye!" Donald said.

"That's right! A-one, two, three, four:" Goofy said and the six of us got into position.

"Even though we're hittin' the road, our worlds are all connected" The six of us sang.

"Which means..." Ben said.

"We are free to come and go" We sang again.

"And sing!" Donald said.

"So don't be sad, and always know,
we'll come back soon to say hello!
" We sang as we went around Ariel with a smile on each of our faces. The six of us teleported back to the gummi ship.

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