Baby self?

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Summary: Did Chris really died or is he merged his baby self? Or..something else?

A/N: Hey guys, this is my very first Charmed fic, i decide to write it just because i LOVE Chris sooo much! I just finished most of the show recently, how shame that i only know it till now..Anyway, it all because of Chris that i fell in love with Charmed world! This is just a little idea in my head that dealing with Chris's death, what is his relation with his baby self? I'd like to thank those awesome Chris fics that inspired me. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

The pain was too much for him, Chris laid in his parents' bed helplessly. His dad and Aunt Paige were entering the room towards him, but he didn't even have the strength to say a word. Oh how much he wanted to tell them don't be sad, that it was all his careless that got him stabbed.

Why didn't i just orb to get Wyatt? Or I orb Wyatt to me or i just tell him to orb to me? Instead i had to run to him, which give Giedon the chance to stab me right in the gut, how stupid was i? After all the hardships with Wyatt and his evil world, and the distrusted of his family when he first came back, i got caught where i so near of successfully saving Wyatt, when his family finally accepted him. Now not only i am dying, but Wyatt was taken by Giedon, history were all going to respect itself and i couldn't do anything..Maybe this is fate, that i am useless.

Gasping for breath and almost choked by the deep wound that so closed to his chest, Chris didn't think he could last much longer. He hoped that his dad will find Wyatt and stop Giedon, at least he was confident that he will, he won't fail his son, and his baby self this time. He was so tired, that he can only managed to say a word when he heard his dad called him.


Leo suppressed the horror fear in his heart, tried so hard to not let his tear fall. His brave baby boy was dying in agony, and he couldn't even heal him. His medical instinct was to find the first aid kit quickly, he should've done that when he found him. At least to press the wound from more bleeding, to let him keep his son alive until.. But he just know..his countless war medic cases experiences told him that Chris was dying, no matter how much he wanted to save him. No matter how much he wanted to denied it.

He thought back the times that he mistrusted his son, even hit him, threaten him, oh how he didn't know he was his son? If only he knew..This was so not fair, it's only 3 and a half months since he knew about Chris's identity, and they just gradually fixed their relationship a month ago, he finally called him dad. It was so not fair to Chris, that he had suffered so much in his timeline, his whole life, that he sacrificed so much in saving his big brother, Why? Leo just wanted to know why. He's an Elder, not a god, but even so he should be one of the most powerful being on the planet with plenty of knowledge, yet he didn't have answer, nor have a way to save him. All he could do, was to tell his poor son to hold on a bit longer, just a little longer..

"Don't give up okay?" Leo's tear was threaten to fall, his right hand was holding tied to Chris's, his left hand was stroking his sweaty hair to calm him. Leo almost not dare to look into his son's beautiful green eyes, it was full of pain and tears. He had failed him. Why he was not there with him when Giedon attacked? Why he was so careless to left his two sons defenseless in the attic? Why he was so weak to summit to Barbas's fear? Now, his poor boy paid the price, his life. It should've been him dying, not Chris.

Leo looked at his son's face, so pale, it was almost..

"You either.." He heard Chris whispered weakly, then began to closed his eyes.

"No, No, please no! Please.." Leo wanted to scream but it turned out to be sobbed, he begged his son to stay awake, to stay. But instead, this was all too familiar of him, that a dying person took his last breath. He watched the boy struggled to open his eyes but fail, along with his last few painful breaths, and then, it all stopped. His head turned aside.

Leo cried out and buried his face in his son's chest, it was no longer moving.

Chris was gone.

His beautiful green eyes will never open again.

He would never see how he finally saved Wyatt, he would never be able to have a chance to get back to his bright future. He would never have a chance to hug his mum, aunts and him again, never could talk to them again. And Leo..Leo would never had the chance to tell him how much he loves him.

None of these was right, none of these was fair.

Leo was going to kill Gideon for sure and save Wyatt, but right now he didn't even have the strength to hate, to go. All he could do was crying, all he wanted was he could hear his son's voice one last time.

Suddenly, he felt his son's body was not longer there. He lifted his head and saw he was only hugged the bed.

His son's body was vanished.

He was beyond broken and confused, has it vanish because Chris was from the future? He didn't belong here..

Or has he return to the future somehow? But it seems extremely unlikely, either way, his son was gone, not alive anymore.

He was too tied and sad to think. My son is dead and he didn't even leave the proof of his existence. I didn't even have a body to bury and to grief.

He heard the sobs from the door that belonged to Paige, but he was too tired to adjust her. She suddenly gasped.

Then, he heard the most beautiful voice in the world that he thought he could never be able to hear it again.


He turned around so quick that it actually made him a bit dizzy, from his teary eyes he saw the view that he thought could never see again.

Chris, as a spirit, was standing in the middle of the room slightly smiled at him.

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