Two months has passed since baby Chris was born.

The Halliwell Manor was full of love and chaos, with the 2-year-old Wyatt and new born Chris, things sometimes just got a little out of control. Paige really wished she could use magic to do all the house chores and baby tasks, but no..personal gain.

Piper was recovered well, she often talked to little Chris as a mother to baby and as her love to the big Chris, with the hope that he could remember all these. Especially now Wyatt started to get along with Chris, she felt so blessed. Just as she watched big Chris playing toy cars with little Wyatt months ago.

Little Wyatt was now in big brother protective mode even though he might not realized it. At first he was a bit jealous about his little brother got all the attention, although somehow he could sense the big Chris's soul through their secret brother bond. He's only a 2-year-old after all and he for once really hope he could have his mum and dad and aunt's full attention again. But as time passed he accepted with his little brother naturally, he knew he had awesome powers like the shield to kept all those demons and bad guys out, while his brother had none. He knew in his little heart that he would protect him, that's his job as a bio brother.

There were no demons so far came for either of them, but he would rise his shield for both of him and his little brother the second he sense danger.

Leo was quit from the Elder position. After Gideon's betrayal he had no desire to be an Elder anymore. He knew that most of the Elders were good for this world, but he just couldn't face it anymore. Besides, his family needed him, he wanted to spend every second to watch her boys grow, to be there for his wife; to guide Phoebe and Paige with his knowledge. He was well aware that the Elders did not blame him for killing Gideon, they understood and knew it was also necessary to restore the balance.

He chose to be the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter again. With no other charges and no more regular meetings with the Elders in the future.

He was there for baby Chris everyday, hoped that he can remember it and compensate a little of how he treated the big Chris before knew who he was. And..what his original future self did to him.

He was also started to worry that when would be the time that big Chris show up, it's been two months. But he had to have faith and not to worry his family.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, Baby Chris finished his bottle and now taking a nap. Wyatt refused to sleep showing he's not tired at all.

Piper just cook a large lunch for the whole family. She was in a good mood, after all they been through. She even called her dad to come to join them. Victor was so happy that her daughter told him to come over, although he's been coming more often since baby Chris was born. He fell in love with his new grandson immediately, knowing that this was the brave yet suffering young man that he met few times, and would one day again called him his "awesome grandpa".

When he first heard his grandson's encounter right before his baby self born, Victor felt his blood was boiling. He wanted so bad to kill that damn Elder with his bare hands, no matter he's a mortal and the fact that the said person was dead. He wouldn't allow anyone to hurt him, his family.

But then he was so happy to learn that the big Chris would came out at some time in some way, he silently prayed that he was okay in his baby body and when he showed up, he would be there to witness it.

Everyone was so full after the delicious dessert, they all sitting on the living room chatting. Wyatt was playing his toys in the floor.

Suddenly, there was something formed in the middle of the living room, a red shape at first. When it formed in whole finally, all of them gasped happily.


Chris didn't know what was going on, he felt he's been slept for a long while, but he could felt his family's love often, especially his parents' arms. He felt so safe and happy since long time ago. So burden free. He felt he was being taking care the whole time. It was so good to be the family's kid again, to be spoiled and loved.

But suddenly he was standing in the living room with his own fresh and blood body again. Slowly, He remembered what Clarence said about he would be his old self again at some point. Guess that day was now.

"Umm I guess today is the day that I appear again?" He smiled in shy.

"Chris! We are so glad to see you!" Piper almost cried in joy, she walked towards him and pulled him into a firm hug. Feeling his warmth and breathing against her, she knew that this was not a sprit anymore, her son, both forms were alive.

"Hey mum, good to see you." Chris said warmly with grin, "now I remember you've been talking to me since I was born. I love you so much mum, thanks." He said deeply from all his heart.

Piper's heart melted at once, "you never have to thank me for my love, a mother's love is unconditional. Besides, we owed you that." She touched his face, then their forehead were touching together, sharing a mother-son moment.

The rest of the family hugged him in turn. Leo haven't felt this 100% happy for a long time. Seeing his son finally appeared in a flesh and he could still talk to him made him thanked everything. Chris remembered his father said his name proudly while looking at his eyes, held him tied when he was born. Now they too shared a father-son moment, "Thanks dad." "I love you so much, son."

Phoebe and Paige touched his cheek from each side, "who's my cutest baby Nephew? Yes you are! Yes you are!"

Chris was overwhelmed by his aunts' reaction, but they deserved it. He missed them so much too. He remembered how aunt Paige changed his dippers

almost everyday; and aunt Phoebe helped to watch over him and Wyatt, often touched his cheek and spoiled him.

"Thanks my two favorite aunties." Chris smiled and hugged them.

"Hey we are the only two alive aunts you got, so who's your favorite aunt?" Paige asked innocently, didn't want to let that go.

"Oh no I am not telling you that, saving myself for a lot of troubles." Chris smiles evilly. They all laughed.

"Well you smart ass just have to make us competitive for the favorite aunt by spoiling at you isn't it? Luckily I always have Wyatt." Phoebe chipped in laughing.

Chris grinned at her. Then he turned to Victor.

"Grandpa! You came!" Chris said excitedly. He missed him, grandpa always meant a lot to him, no matter in which timeline. He hugged him tied and felt the emotion coming again. This man was the first one that he opened his heart and true feeling to during his time in the past. Without him he might still didn't want to get close to his mum.

"Yes kiddo, your mother called me today for lunch, and I guess my prayer's worked, I am now witnessing my brave grandson appeared again!" Victor replied in love tone and was so grateful.

Finally, Chris picked up little Wyatt from the ground as he was smiling at his now big size brother. He knew he would show up again, they could protect each other now.

"Hey little guy, being good lately?" Chris asked warmly holding his small size big brother.

"Chrisss." Wyatt said and embraced into his brother's arm. Chris remembered he was once being orbbed by Wyatt at first, then his 2-year-old thought about protecting baby Chris as his big brother forever.

"Guess you are good my big brother, I will always love you and do anything for you." He said softy.

All of them were melted by the brotherhood scene.

"Not that I am a happy moment killer, but I was wondering how did you appear in a flesh Chris?" Piper was curious. She wanted to know if he could only appear just this once or many times in the future, "and the baby Chris is..ok right?" She just didn't know anymore. She wanted to go check and made sure his baby self were still alright.

"Umm I don't really know, I just kinda appear. Although I think I've been in the baby's body the whole time just like Clarence said. I didn't feel any other souls shared with me, meaning I am the baby..and now..myself." Chris said thoughtfully.

They walked to the nursery and found that baby Chris was still sound asleep.

"I think I have a theory." They turned to Leo as he said it.

"It's very simple actually. I think baby Chris here can astral projected." Leo stated.

The three sisters understood at once saying an "Oh..!" in union, while Victor just try to pretend he understood well.

"So..I got another same power as aunt Prue?" Chris realized.

"Exactly. And since it was you, I mean this "inner you" inside baby Chris, your baby self's astral projection's gonna be you. Both of you are in flesh and blood of course." Leo answered.

"Right, that all make senses now. Prue went into sleep mode while she projects herself. Now baby Chris was probably doing the opposite, when he goes to sleep the big Chris will come out." Phoebe continued the thought.

"Yeah I think so too, but why now? And is it everytime he goes to sleep big Chris here will come out? Wouldn't it be too exhausting for the body? I am so glad to see you sweetie but I still worry for your health that's all." Piper kisses Chris for assurance, she didn't want him to feel "reject".

"Umm I was thinking, maybe Chris himself can control it? Like if he has strong will to come out then he will be out; if he just want to take a normal nap then.." Paige guessed.

"I guess so, Coz I remembered that today I finally "old enough" to have my own little will to meet my family while I was stunk in taking a nap? It's hard to explain though.." Chris was thinking hard.

"Well it could be because that. It happens now may not only because your baby brain development but also your physically body. Your power must came active today." Leo said, picking all the pieces together.

"Well that's cool, Wyatt has his shield and now baby Chris can projected, talk about the benefits of marrying a Whighighter/former-Elder." Phoebe remarked.

"Wow cool! So that means I can be both me. I can came out whenever is sleeping, which I guess a lot Coz baby needs a lot of sleep.. and when I felt lazy I will just let you guys taking care of me!" Chris said in a huge grin.

"Whoa hold on mister, what about personal gain and your health? You need to sleep often, you are only two months old technically." Piper worried. But couldn't help to smile, she could see her baby boy basically whenever she wanted.

"Come on mum, I promised I won't over use it, after all it's my own health. I promise I won't exhausted myself like I used to, now that I am free of burden." Chris kissed her.

"Besides, when the baby gets older he may can't come out often because the boy will be in the land of awaken more and more." Victor reminded.

"Actually, I think that Chris as an half-Elder, he may can change the rule of projection to the Prue's one, that he can came out then fall to sleep." Leo thought out loud. "Or it was the common facts for every witch who have this power anyway." Remembering Prue went to sleep and her astral form came out at their wedding..

"Well I guess I will just try it sometime. Don't worry. But will I feel so old by then when the physically grows old enough? It would be like I live through twice on life..Humm." Chris wondered. "When I was in the true body I felt like as a baby, because I really is. I can't talk and think like right now. But once I was in this projection form I will just naturally picked up the baby experience I think. So weird.."

"I think that in time you will feel no difference in body or in projection, because babies will grow!" Leo laughed.

The whole family laughed.

This made baby Chris stirred.

"Oh umm, looks like is awaking soon, I should go back, or.. will be pulled back anyway I think." Chris said sounding a bit upset that this reunion would ended so quick.

"That's alright son, we will be there once you wake up and hold you, just like always. You will never be alone." Leo touched his shoulder for support.

"Thanks dad, I am looking forward to more of your baby talks in the future." Chris smiled.

"Okay time to wake up peanut." Piper said softly, hugged big Chris, "I love so much my baby peanut, I will always be there for you."

"Thanks mum. I will see you around, soon." Chris tried hard to not let the tears in his eyes fell.

"Okay come on give your two favorite aunts a hug so that we can all spoil you thinking it as a reward." Phoebe joked, but was almost overwhelmed by their emotions and her own.

"We will take good care of you my baby nephew." Paige promised.

"Thanks aunties." Chris was grateful.

"So I guess this is a goodbye..for now, take care kiddo. Please call me when you come out again." Victor said hugged Chris tied.

"I will grandpa, how could I not spend time with my awesome grandpa?" Chris said with respect.

"Chriss." Wyatt also sensed the tension. Chris kneed down to meet him in the eyes, "Hey big brother, would you keep protecting me when I wake up?"

"Al..ways!" Wyatt said happily yet with firm.

"Oh my gosh this was Wyatt's first time saying this word!" Phoebe said amazingly. The brother bond was touching her so much right now.

They all looked at the two brothers proudly.

"I will see you around buddy." Chris kissed Wyatt in his cheek.

Chris looked the his family one more time, then felt a light pull back to the baby's body.

Then, they heard the baby's crying in awake.

They all knew that they will remember all the things of each other in life from now on.

Chris finally had a chance to grow up with his beloved family happily.


A/N: wow can't believe I am done! It really was just a little idea but now it ends with 5 chapters! I hope you guys like it:)

Love Chris and Charmed!