AN: I do not own the King nor the maze. No one should ever try to own the fae, odd things happen to those who do.

He is a kaleidoscope

A crystal of many facets

Like the one that trip along his fingers

He is a seer and a viewer

Observing humans at their worst and best

He is older


Of the eldest

With many names and titles

He is a sleek as an adder

Faster than a cobra

Ruling the night

A bone roller

Dice thrower

Seeking balance

His balance is not yours runner

His rules are not human

Seek him at your folly

He is a mirror lord

A watchful one

Slinking from house to house and wish to wish

You do not know him

He owes you nothing

Invoke him at your folly

Speak not his name

For names have worth

You have not earned it

Don't let it be spoke

Yes there are others



Wasn't the first

Nor will you be the last

Speak it not


Speak it not