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Chapter 1: Zetan Abduction

It was a quiet day in the kingdom of Mistral, the Faunus that helped in the fight to save Haven Academy either traveled back home to Menagerie or stayed to help clean up the destruction caused by the White Fang and their former leader Adam Taurus. Thought the fight for the school was many, many weeks ago, the job of a hunter and huntress never ends. The neighboring cities surrounding Mistrial first made complaints about strange noises and flashing lights happening in the mountains. Some say there may be bandits trying to keep the Grimm at bay from their camps, or an idiot trying to scare the locals. Some will agree to these assumptions, others may not, but all sides agreed that there's something more to this problem once people went missing in the middle of the night. This situation now called for a team of hunters, well huntresses in this case. Ozpin assigned Team RWBY to go into the mountains, and put a stop to whomever or whatever it is kidnapping the people of Mistral. On the trail to the mountains, Team RWBY could be seen camping. In the middle of the night after the campfire is burnt out and the whole world is asleep, including the meanest of Grimm. A strange flying object covered in bright lights was seen hovering above the camp. Team RWBY was suddenly awoken by a strange green strobe of light. However, to their confusion and distress, they couldn't move nor speak, only to stare in fear as their bodies were lifted with ease from an disembodied force into the light.

Shortly after, the strange object could be seen flying upwards beyond the stars, followed by a loud WHOOSH that could be heard from miles away as it rocketed up towards the heavens. Many people wondered on what happened to the four girls. Their friends and family went into the mountains to conduct their own search, even with a sober Qrow on the brink of exhaustion flipped the whole city upside down and inside out to find his nieces, only to come up empty handed. The Belladonna and Schnee families put out large bounties hoping that someone will find them and return them safely back home. After 5 years the new Beacon Headmaster, Qrow Branwen, pronounced Team RWBY KIA. Shortly after all the Kingdoms of Remnant held a huge parade and funeral for the Team that saved Vale, Haven and ended the White Fang. They were pronounced national heroes, an inspiration to all future hunters and huntresses (though little do they know Team RWBY is still alive and well...for now). Yang awoke to dull green lights and blurry vision as she laid upon freezing metal. Her head began to hurt of something worse than any migraine she ever experienced. She sat up slow, taking in the sight of the metal enclosed room. Across from Yang is a pale woman stripped of her clothing excepted her undergarments. From Yang's view the woman seems to be breathing, no scars or other markings dawned her body.

As Yang begin to stand on shaky legs, taking tentative steps to the woman ahead of her. Her figure is petite, with snow white hair draped effortlessly over her shoulders. Yang only knew one person with this color of hair and that is the former heiress Weiss Schnee. With this realization Yang doubled her efforts to her unconscious teammate, but it was dismissed quickly by the vertigo that succumbed her body. Yang collapsed to the metal floor, again the intense headache, the rapid pounding of her heart is loud in the blonde's ears. Usually Yang's semblance would have kicked in to give her that much needed strength to stand upright and punch several Ursas through a thick oak tree but for some unknown reason it's delayed. Her body is drained of its energy, she can only stare at her unconscious friend. Who knows when Weiss will wake up, it could be in minutes, could be in hours. The vicious migraine that refused to leave is slowly making her lose consciousness, but with her strong will and determination is screaming to stay awake, to stand back up on her own two feet. Inch by inch Yang crawled to Weiss, and inch by inch darkness began to fill the edge of her vision. In mere seconds cold metal grasped warm skin. Though this only caused a small stir in the former heiress, in Yang's second attempt she applied a steady amount of pressure on Weiss right ankle. This method shown great results. Icy blue eyes snapped open to dull pulsating lights, her heart pounding in an unrealistic fast rhythm, fear struck her mind in ungodly ways. One moment she was sound asleep with her friends, only to wake up suspended in the air and then darkness. As Weiss began to escape her haze, she felt something cold painfully gripping her ankle.

With one quick glance she kicked at the offending metal object attached to her, even with rational thoughts along with scientific reasoning progressively making its way back to her mind wouldn't stop her in this one-sided struggling to get free. Yang in her weakened state made feeble attempts to calm her frighten friend, and the reward for her efforts are two kicks square in the face. Once Weiss was freed she could put Ruby semblance to shame at how fast she moved to the other side of the small jail cell. "You know a lot of people say 'thank you' rather than kick them in their face." Once Weiss got her breathing under control and was certain that her heart will not burst through her ribcage, she made a quick snarky remark, "You- shouldn't go around scaring the life out of me!" The hot headed blonde continued to mumble harsh words that will make Qrow change his life choices if he heard them. The white haired woman ignored the nonsensical mutterings of her brutish teammate, slowly coming to the realization that the other half of her team is missing along with her clothing. Though her virtue is covered, she was content on hiding her shame. Without words or eye contact, Yang gave Weiss her jacket, which didn't cover up much either way she was still thankful.

After a few minutes passed Yang took her time getting off the floor only to sluggishly hobble to the door that is closed off by a barely visible barrier. "Got any ideas princess?" With a roll of Weiss eyes she stood beside Yang and examined the barrier frame. Of course the lock mechanism isn't on their side but the frame do have pipes passing through the wall hopefully they contains the electricity. "Yang are you're able to punch through these pipes?" Yang's whole demeanor wordless answered Weiss question. Yang looks drained of energy, her face is pale rivaling Weiss skin in comparison. Though the blonde looks like she will topple over if a gust of wind touches her, but the reassuring smirk plastered on Yang's face gave her hope. Even if its becomes false hope, it's still hope.

The blonde stood upright lining up her right fist to the pipe. One punch; didn't budge. Two, three. Not even a scratch. Now this is becoming infuriating, Yang eyes went from violet to an angry shade of red. Even with another three punches the pipes are still standing strong Putting all her focus into this final punch, steel striking metal, strong vibrations ripping through flesh followed by complete numbness. The barrier continues to stand strong, that is until a loud explosion is heard. The barrier that contained them inside blinked rapidly until it disappeared from existence. Neither woman knew where the explosion came from or who did it, both are relieved to be freed. Without words Weiss grabbed a hold of Yang's left arm to rest across her shoulders. Her petite figure is able to support the heavy weight of her teammate, though her legs are turning into spaghetti noodles by each passing second as a Schnee her pride refused to let her stumble or struggle. "Thank you Weiss." As both of their feet passed the threshold to begin their travel out into this forsaken facility.