A couple hours after the team arrived at the base they explored the base for a bit and meet up at the Mess Hall. "Psst, Ruby.", Yang whispered to her sister. "What it it sis?", Ruby whispered back. "You see those metal suits? They're called power armor. Apparently they can enhance strength, run speed, and protect the wearer from radiation. AND, they run off large(for them) batteries that last a few hours", Yang informed Ruby. "Really! I want one! Except for the part of large short lasting(again for them) batteries", Ruby nearly yelled. "Easy there sis, their fairly heavy though. You wouldn't be able to use your speed semblance at all or use crescent rose. However, I may be able to snag a few different blueprints and a few of the batteries for you if you want", Yang informed Ruby.

"Pleasepleasepleaseplease!", Ruby speedily stated. "Ok ok calm down sis…. Oh look there's Weiss-cream(Ice cream) and Blake. OVER HERE YOU GUYS!", she yelled at the end changing the subject and raising her hand getting the attention of the rest of the team, at a few other who saw either scowled at them or gave them a look of disappointment/sadness.

Suddenly a young man walked up to them, "How are you girls so innocent? Haven't you seen death? Haven't you killed yet?", he asked them. "Don't know. Yep! Yeah.", Ruby responded with a smile and with pep at the first two, though seemed to lose all that when she answered that last one. "Even I don't know and I'm the smartest one in our group.", Wiess responded in kind. The stranger seemed surprised at the answers. "Hm, I see.", he responded as he turned around and walked off nodding his head. "Sooo…. how long are we planning on staying here?", Blake asked reasonably. "I don't know, I was planning on staying here. I mean these people are nice enough, we have food/water/shelter, and most important of all, we can put our powers to use.", Ruby stated.

"We can't stay here forever, plus we don't know these guys plans for the future, for all we know they could be the villains.", Blake responded however with that last statement some people turned around(including the one from before) and stared at them, others left the Mess Hall. "I guess you're right Blake. How about we stay here for a month, then we go on from there?", Ruby said thoughtfully. "That's my sis, being a leader", Yang respond putting Ruby in a friendly headlock. At this point many turned away, though the one from before still paying attention to their conversation. 'Team? I wonder what team their talking about, surely they're not a combative unit.', he was thinking.

Suddenly one person's eyes lit up, "Hey wait a second, aren't you four the one that Elder Maxton went to rescue personally? The ones who fought off that Deathclaw!?". "Surely you jest, there's no way these children did that. I mean look at them, I bet they couldn't hurt a bloatfly!", another shouted. With that, a buzzing was heard from the air vent was heard. *CRASH* A giant fly crashed through the vent *BANG* and fell down dead with a hole all the way through. Everyone looked at the teenage girls and saw Ruby with Crescent Rose smoking. "Hey James, what was that?", someone in the back yelled/asked. "Yeah yeah. That was still only a single bloatfly, an amateur could kill one of those. A single bloatfly and a Deathclaw are 2 different things.", James said as he sat down. "WAIT! HOW DID THAT THING GET IN HERE ANYWAYS!?", someone else shouted. James jumped up in surprise. "QUICK SOMEONE GO INFORM ELDER MAXTON, WE HAVE A BREACH!", James shouted as everyone got up, got their guns locked and loaded, and ran out the door. Shortly after alarms started ringing.

Having gone through this before during the Fall of Vale, Team RWBY quickly got into action. "Hey guy's Elder Maxton gave me these, they're radios, they work similar to our Scrolls. I'm going to find someone in charge and see what we can do. I'll radio in once I do.", Ruby said just as she speed off.

A few minutes later: "Yang, YAng! CAn you guys here me?",Ruby could be heard through the "primitive" radios. "Loud and clear sis'. So, anything we can do to help out?", Yang answered. "Not really, the Bortherhood took care of things…..give me a sec.", Ruby stated and trailed off. "HEY GUYS! WHAT IS THAT RUMBLING NOISE COMING FROM THE GROUND AND WHY IS THE GROUND SHAKING!?", Ruby yelled. "What d o you mean? I don't fell anything", a random soldier stated. "Wait! I do, do you? My god! IT'S GETTING STRONGER!", another yelled. "Rubs, what's going on? Everything okay?!", Yang demanded. "Yang I don't know, hurry…", Ruby stated but was cut of with a shout of….."DEATHCLAW HORDE! EVERYBODY GET THE MINIGUNS AND MISSILES HERE NOW! EVERYONE ELSE FALLBACK!" "RUBY!" was all that was heard before a loud BOOOOOOOM was heard. :SIIIIIIS!"

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