"That was probably the most normal thing we've ever done together."

"Going out for dinner?"


"We've done that before."

"On missions. Not like this."

"It was nice for a change, wasn't it?"

"It's freaking me out."

Benji laughed and put an arm around her, bending down for a second to kiss the small bit of the scar on her shoulder that was visible under the strap of her summer dress.

They were walking along the pier of Vieste, the sun was just setting over the country, tinting everything in golden light and making the Adriatic Sea sparkle for one last time this day.

"Okay, so what could we do that doesn't freak you out?"

"I might have an idea or two," she smiled.

There was no way he could ever get enough of that smile, those eyes, looking at him in this way. They stopped walking and Benji was about to kiss her, when suddenly someone called out behind them.

"Excuse me!" Slight Italian accent, but good English, not necessarily a local, Benji analysed out of habit when the man caught up with them. "Excuse me, sir," he said, a bit out of breath, "but you left your phone, at the restaurant." As if to prove a point, he held out the device, waiting for Benji to take it.

Automatically the Brit reached into his pocket in order to check, but then he remembered that he'd left his phone in the hotel.

"I think you're mistaking me for someone else," he said apologetically.

"No, no," the man persisted, "I brought it for you." He didn't stir in his position.

"Thank you," Skye suddenly said, and accepted the phone in Benji's place. "We appreciate it."

The man nodded, and vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

"What..." Benji began, but Skye's knowing smile silenced him in a peculiar way.

"Go on," she said, pushing the phone into his hand. "It's yours."

"Wait, you don't think this is – no..." His voice trailed off as he looked disbelievingly at the device in his hand.

Skye nodded at him, a cheerful 'Go ahead'.

Intrigued, he activated it, and in retrospect he couldn't have said whether he'd been surprised or not when the retinal scan was initiated.

"Agent confirmed," a slightly artificial voice sounded, and his name appeared on the screen.

Wide-eyed, he looked at his girlfriend.

She smiled at him. "Shall we?"

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