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~ Flash Back ~

April 10, 2018

I was walking down to my school and was listening to my music when I saw the new shop on the street is finished and is open with the newest manga at its shelf window! The chapter 901 of ONE PIECE!

I quickly ran into the shop, I don´t even care if I am going be late for school. I just needed to know if all the straw hat makes it out alive at the end! I needed to get that thing before other people realise that it is here and get it to sell out!

When I enter, I ask for the manga right away and the shopkeeper just stop what he was doing and say

" Sorry kid, but I don´t sell manga. "

" Wha- what the heck! There´s a manga right there, right now, at the shelf window. What do you say about that, hun?! "

" That is One piece: Chose your own adventure. The newest One piece RPG with the updated things like new laws and powers. "

" Oh... "

I was shocked at first, that I mistook a One piece RPG for the lateness chapter of One piece but then I look at the thing again and it was a lot like the normal manga cover but there was no number. I was really sad to realise that the chapter 901 is still not out yet and was getting back on my way to school when the shopkeeper called out to me and said

" Hey, kid! You do know you're the first store customer, right? Since you are the first, you can pick anything you want for free! "

" Anything? "

" Anything. "

I was shocked at first but then quickly shake it off and eyeing the store to see if there is anything I want. I know I am going to be late if I don´t pick something soon, so I pick the very first reason that I came here: the One piece RPG. I quickly take it and put it in my backpack and say goodbye to the nice shopkeeper and run toward my school since I know I am going to be late and my teachers would kill me. [ But if he waited a little while before running off, then maybe he could see the shopkeeper sad eyes and a crazed grin. ]

When I got home from school, I forgot all about the thing until I finish my homework but still feel that my backpack is still very heavy. When I got it out, I was shocked to find the RPG book, is very thick and heavy but it was the size of a normal One piece manga only thicker.

When I open it, the first-page state;

¨ Dear player, do you know of the risk you are about to take to play this game? You are about to be put in the one piece world and your fate will be decided by a dice of your choice, with no take back unless you came across an item that could do that. If you are ready for the game then pick Yes or No by circling your answer. ¨


Hun? That is kinda strange, I guess the game is making sure that the players are having a really fun time playing the game but it is still kinda weird to have a yes or no but then again, it´s One piece.

So of course, I circle yes and then turn the next page. Which is about your character, like his/her past, race, gender, and all the Dungeons and Dragons things, with a dice roll for a devil fruit for you in the story, like is there going to be one or none for you or is it going to be a good one or a bad one ( Then again, all devil fruit is good if you know how to use it right ). This is going to take a while to figure out but at least I don´t have to get a devil fruit until I roll a 6 seven times.

Finally! It took me 3 hours to finally get everything done but [ happy sigh ] it was worth it! The race is not specific thou but I guess it fine if I just put the name of the race and not its type. Now I just need to reread everything to make sure it is okay:

Name: Hail kamikaze

Birthday: June 8

Race: Fishman

Family: Mother is an eel mermaid and Father is a fishman and Brother is also a fishman

Gender: Male

History: His family was living in fishman island but then his mother and father were killed when he was 3 and his brother 6 and all he knows is that a mystery person comes from their past before the night they died. He and his brother, later on, deiced to move to fishman district and deiced to become strong, so they could find their parents killer and avenge them. Then they become so strong that they leave fishman district together and become bounty hunters at age 7 for him and at age 10 for his older brother however they later deiced to spite up and go their own way since it will be faster to find the killer when he turn 10 but he still have his older brother looking after him.

When I finished checking, I was really proud and was ready to get on to the next step but I still need other players to make it more fun and a dungeons master, so I guess it could wait for tomorrow and it is getting late, I should be getting into bed and go to sleep.

Huh? Is this my dreams... I mean all I see is darkness and there nothing it so strange? I try talking but it makes no sound at all. Man, this is a really weird dream.

Does time goes faster or slower here because I feel like it been days since I was in this dream and I am beginning to get scared since I can´t see anything or hear anything.

Wait! There a light! Yes! I am going to wake up finally! Wait- why is there something that is pushing me forward? I am beginning to get cold as I am getting near and near to the light! OH GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON!


¨ Dear player,

Welcome! To One Piece RPG! We hope you will love this and live long in this world. We just made this game since ONE PIECE IS SO GREAT!

What is going to happen is that you are now being born as your character so don´t worry and you are going to follow your character history, so yeah, good luck! If you manage to not kill yourself in your character history then you will get your magic dice which will be explained when you get it.

The game will end when you die, so don´t die if you don´t want the game to end and that´s all. Have fun!

Form: A group of people with a lot of power ¨

After rereading this again and freaking out, I realise I am so far being born as Hail kamikaze and began to think about what I am going to do... I mean, I am in One piece! The best manga ever ( I think )! I wanted to do something big, so the marine will know my name and fear me, however, I am no Cross from " This Bites ", I´m just a normal fan but I think I could try to do what Cross did and see if it could work, after all, I like the idea of me giving the W.G hell and making them piss their pants, muahahaha! THIS. IS. THE. BEST. THING. EVER.! I don´t have to worry about life main problems in the real world! No homework, no need to study for tests that are going to change your life, get to cause trouble for the marines and meet the GREAT MONKEY D. LUFFY!

By the way, being born was not that bad, I don´t get why does every fanfic say this is bad? The only thing that is bad is the cold air but now that the doctors are warping me in warm clothes, I am beginning to get very sleepy, [ yawn ] a nap wouldn´t hurt anyone.


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