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" Talking "

¨ Writing ¨

[ Side notes ]

( Thoughts )

~ Flash Back ~

3 weeks later

[ We are in his baby room and he is in his crib, awake. That the update for now. ]

I am still so shocked at what just happen in the past few weeks. I just got reborn, I saw the amazing Fishman island ( Which, its beauty cannot be explained by mere words ), I become a fishman, I have fangs and fins ears and a cool tail and new ' parents '. It was just so shocking at first but I got used to it quickly since this has been my dreams ever since I read a One piece self-inserted and having nice, kind, mermaid and fishman as a parent is kinda good, after all my real one hate me but let just forget about that now, after all, I am in One piece, the best place ever! There are a few downsides to this thou...

Like for example, I found out that babies poo and pee a lot... Which is not fun for both me and my new ' parents ', since getting your ass clean the 100 time is not as funny as the first time.

( I mean their reaction was funny the first time, but it starts gets, old, really really fast ).

It's also not fun to be fed with a bottle of milk all day and every day but the soft cap of the bottle makes up for it.

(Thank god it is bottle milk and not that-! Since it will be really really weird later on in life. )

Anyway, seeing as this is my character backstory and everything is going to happen by the book, I should try and remember what I wrote down that is going to happen to me...

That strange, I don't remember anything...


" Dear player,

Sorry, it just that we can't let you remember your character history since you could have changed it if you know about it. So if you try to remember then you would only find this message again. However, you will begin to remember as the time pass by and by the time you finishes with your character history, then you would remember everything. We also may add in a few new... " parts " to your character history that will not affect your character main history.

[ This repeated message would also go away if you finish with your character history and if you can't figure that out on your own, then we would recommend that you take a trip to the doctor office since the game don't affect your mind so don't blame us if you get dumber, which a lot of people do at the end of the game and trust us that this happens so much that we had to put this thing in.

Since one of the players in other game said that we were too " suck up " to put this our self, he uses his power to forces us to write this and put this in all of the games and we are talking about you, Jack! We will get our revenge, so watch your back! ].

Sincerely, A group of people with a lot of power "

Oh great! So I don't even know what is going to happen to me, least I still have my One piece SUPER future knowledge and maybe Luffy was right, I mean not knowing is a part of the fun, I guess...


Oh great, what now?

" Dear player,

We are so sorry to say this, but there was a glitch in your system which was made by one of our enemies and we are working right now to fix it, but for now, you are going to have to live with this. Please accept this gift as our way of saying that we are sorry:

" Item: Repeat: It has the ability to give a second re-entry for your character, who will be reborn again in a different family and would have to restart the whole game again for that person since you can't have your past ability, however, he/she will be born in a different time and it could only be used once.

P.s: This is only a beta, so we're still working out the bugs in it but it should work for you "

Again we are sorry to have this glitch ruin your game but we think we could fix this, but for now, just enjoy our gift. After all, losing your voice is horrible.

Sincerely, A group of people with a lot of power "

What the heck?! I just lost my voice in this world! Oh, why did this happen to me! At least there a bright side, I have an item an-

[ Just then! A bunch of beautiful merfolk came into his little baby room and began talking to each other, which interrupted his thoughts. ]

" Now be quite sisters, we can't have my baby startled by the sound of your noisy, loud chatter. " said my mother as she began to swim toward me with her eel tail. (Which is very nice for an eel mermaid. )

" Okay! Sooo~ can we see him now! "

" Can we, can we! "

Then I see a lot of giants in my face ( Did I mention that being a baby, everything is HUGE! ) and they gently pick me up andddddddd... Cue the babyface.


" AWW~ He soooooooo CUTE~! He is the cuteness baby that I have ever seen. " as one of my aunts said as she began to swing me around as if I was a wrecking ball.


I then do what a normal baby does when he goes spinning like a frisbee, I throw up in her face and then I puke up again in her dress.


" Ewww- someone help! He won't stop puking on meeeeee! "

" Here let me have him! Before he gets more sicker! "

Ahhhhhhhhh, am I s-s-still a-alive? I still feel my face, so yeah, I think. Who is holding me now? ( Please don't let it be the crazy daemon back there! )

Oh it mum, thanks mum, you're are a literal lifesaver! I was thinking that my gut would be spill in that roller coaster!

She then turns around to face my ( daemon ) aunts and said something made me so happy: " By the way Don't ever DO that again. "

andddddddddddd that only last until she said this: " Now my sweet baby~, let get you clean up and get you to a doctor so we can make sure that you're not hurt. Come on girls, let go! "

(' ⊙_⊙')

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not the doctors! Anything but the doctors!

[ The next part, my Chinese friends would understand the joke and this is in third person point of view. ]

" So, doctor Liang, is he okay? Is my baby okay?" the mother asks the doctor, who is looking at the fishman/mermaid baby with his third eye, while his other's are looking at his hands, which is holding many bottles with things in them.

" Yeah, he is going to be okay, thanks to the fact that he is half-fishman and half-mermaid. " he says as one of his hand reach down to the baby and hand him to his mother and aunts who look very worried.

" Wait, what do you mean he a half-mermaid? " one of the aunts ask

" Don't you know? When a fishman and a mermaid get together and have a kid, their kid will sometime have both their ability like me. For example My father is an octopus fishman and my mother is an orca mermaid, with a three eyes gene, so I can talk to fish even though I am a fishman and have the three eyes form my mother. " he said as he began to write down his bottle reaction to the others using one of his many arms.

" As you can see Lisa, your son has a tail form your side since fishman don't normally have a tail but the rest is from Jack-ey boy. Now can you leave? I have work to do and it's getting really late and drop the formality, after all, aren't we all friends. Now shoo. " He said as he uses two of his arms to make a " go away motion ".

" Thank you, Shan, if you weren't my friend, I would have to waste about 4,850 Beli for my little baby, those babies doctor is not cheap I'll say. Then again, when is a doctor cheap, you're the only one who would take in patients for free. Anyway, good luck on making a new medicine and thanks again. " Lisa said as she turns her tail and leaves with her baby in her arms and her sisters follow her.

[ Okay! So far, we are in my character point of view and he is so far in his crib after dinner { night time } and he's is being an idiot, thinking about food, of all things . When is his suppose to be sleeping ]

Ohhhhh~ the food was soooo gooddddd~ I just love it! One piece food is always the best! One piece food, One piece food, One piece fo-!


WHA-! What was that?! What's happening?! What's going on?! Who is in my house!?

" Shhh idiot, what were you thinking! You were going to get us caught! "

" No trust me, my sister and her husband sleep like the dead and their son too. So we can make all the sound we want. "

" Really? Okay then Factor you stop arguing with Herbei and go with her to get her nephew and I make sure that the coast is clear for you guys. "

" Hey Herbei, you're sure your nephew is going to make up for our debt to the sawtooth gang? I mean he is just a fishman, he is only going to worth for 1,000,000 Beli in the slave market. "

" That would be true if it weren't for the fact that he is one of the rare fishman to have a tail and could talk to fish like a mermaid since he got that from my sister side. I think that would give us some extra money for the brat. "

" Fine then, now let get going. Lead the way, my lady."

OMG is my aunt going to sell me!


Note: I took me about 12 days to do this, so I hope you're happy! By the way, the next part may or may not tell you the reason, of why I put Big mom in the character box but that will take maybe 23-day since I am having a test, so yeah! REVIEW! ASK QUESTION and I may answer them.