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~ Flash Back ~

THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW OF THIS CHAPTER, I'm still working on something.

Also cursing at the end!


Last time on A Wandering Cool Avenger;

Please! Someone! Anyone! HELP USSSSSSS! I don't want this to happen! SO PLEASE SAVE US, Oda...anyone...

Please! Someone! Anyone! HELP USSSSSSS! I don't want this to happen! SO PLEASE SAVE US, Oda...anyone.

[ Little did he know, he will soon be saved by his future self which is coming right no-! Wait a second... what! No no no no! Why is he there and is not here! OH, MY GOD! That's it! I give up! (; ̄Д ̄)I can't deal with this now, just get to his scene while I work on how this is going to turn out. Well? What are you waiting for!? GO! yesh. ]

" WHERE. THE. HACK. IS. JAKE*JAKE! " he shouted as he punches the guys that are rushing at him with guns and swords.

" I-I d-don't know. I s-s-sorry sir Charlotte- " BANG!

" That Lord Charlotte 41 to you, worms. Now which one of you have an 89,000,000 bounty again~? " he said as he uses one of the guns, form the puny pirate and shoot at his face so close that the bullet cut across his face.

( Alright think of a new plan, first get this guy bounty to the marine in a disguise then get the money. Then go to Jake*Jake since I think I still have enough time to get to there and save myself. Okay then! That the new plan. )

" H-he i-is-! O-over t-there. [ he pointed at a someone that is running away ] P-please don't-t k-kill me, l-lord Charlotte 41 of t-the B-big m-mom pirate! " he begs and grovels at him.

" Oh~.Well, your uses are now gone so bye! [ he pick him up and throw the men at the running figure ] Hn, I wonder how long is it going to take for me to catch every bounty in this island?... Oh well~ this should make mama very happy if I use all of this money to buy her candy here. " ( Ohhhhh sweet sweet cannnnnddddyyyyyy~. Wait-! What was I here for again? Slave? Maybe? I knew, that I should write it down somewhere. Oh well, I will go to the salve house after I get the candy for me and mama! )

[ CUT! Alright! I did it! I manage to rewrite the ending after this idiot ( Future Hail who use the item: repeat/ Charlotte ) chop up the plot... Wait. This thing was on the text?! Oh my god. What have I done!... You know what! Just go! Read the next part! See if I care. \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/ Bye! ]

[ Oh wait- I forgot to tell you where we are so far. Here: We are back to little baby Hail in the JACK*JACK, where he is going to be sold. Tada! ]

" Wow this kid is very interesting, very interesting indeed. But is the mouth gag really needed? Can he even breathe? "

" Yeah, we need to do this and don't worry he's fine, he just sleeping. Thou, my face still hurt like hell after that freaking tail punch, mate. "

" Ya sure ya fine brotha? I will kill that pesce if she broke something. [ He then turns and faces the dealer. Click, take out a throwing knife and began to spin it. ] Hn, anyway how much money are we going to get for these two, the orca mermaid and a fishman baby? "

Uhhh-my head hurts like diabetes... Wha- just- what happened?... Uhh, I can't remember anything... Hun? Why are there new people there? Oh yah, I just remember now, I being sold right now... I'M BEING SOLD RIGHT NOW!

That's happening right now! I can't believe it! Like the hit to the head make me just realise that this is not a game like D&D, it's is real life! One piece real life!

Oh my god, I think I might be having a panic attack... Wait! Clam down! I can't be panicking now, I need to stay calm so I can I can figure out how to save myself and auntie Herbei.

( Think, Think, Think, Think, Thi-!)

" Well, I'll hold an auction for the mermaid first, after all, she makes a couple Beil's she there. But for the kid, we got to sell him at a different time since everyone would only be focused on the mermaid and not on this kid but I will put him in the viewing centre and then I'll hold an auction for him, later. " the dealer said a with a very annoying smug tone that made me think of Trebol

Wait where is aunt Herbei?

" I don't care what order put them through but we just want the money now, then you get to her. " Factor said while thinking ( We're not that stupid, that we're going to give them to him without getting the money first!. )

" Fine. Here 70,001,000 Beil's, now give them to me. " He throws the stash of Beil's to them

The brothers caught the money and then Factor open the bag that he was carrying and then throw the mermaid at him and then give the fishman baby to him.

" Thanks. Bye! " he then leads them to the door and slams it in their face

" Rude..." Factor grumbles but they left accordingly.

[ Two days later... In the auction. ]

" Ladies and gentleman, today we have a special specimen today! Today we have an orca mermaid with us! Now to start, why don't we began with 70,000,000 Beil's, any takers? "

The slave auction... Had begun.

" I called 90,000,000 Beil's. "

" 100,000,000 Beil's. "

There is just so many voices...

" 250,000,000 Beil's. "

Oh, why do this had to happen...


" Sold to St. Lucia for 300,000,000 Beil's! "

Noooooo! Anyone but him, anyone!

" Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa! "

" Oh shut it! Boss is working and I will get in trouble if you are causing trouble. So can you. please. stop. crying! " [ smack! ] he raises his hand and slaps the fishman-mermaid baby with it.

" WAAAA! WAAAA! WAAAA! " the baby cries seem to be louder, if not by ten fold!

" Oh just shut up! " he said as he grabs the baby and locks him a room to muffle his sreacm

[ We are back to future Hail. ]

" Maaa~ I should have done this years ago... [ He turn his head ] COME ON BRING MORE MANGO! I'M STARVING HERE! DO YOU WANT THE BIG MOM TO KILL YOU! "

Today we are here, to see something that is normal in this crazy, deadly, funny world. A 17-year-old ordering people to bring the mango that is piling up to be as big as a mountain. Everyone that is trying to stop him is wipe out by something unknown, whether they are marines or pirates, they were all wipeout. The only thing the people could do is bring him the things he asks for, mango... Horrible right?

" Sir, we have code 43 here, a-a Charlotte is here and he's the 75th son of big mom also know as the-the-! "

" Well, well, well, look at what we have here, a little-lost marine, thinking that he could escape me. Me! Of all people. I'm one of the strongest in Mama crew. I have a bounty of 685 million. I am the best out of all my brothers at killing and brutality! I AM MANGO CHARLOTTE! MINSTER OF CHOCOLATE! AND I"M GOING TO BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! "

" Ohhhh f*** me... "