Honest question... French Toast or Normal Toast#FrenchToastBoi#ToastyBitch

Lincoln stood in the bathroom with his sisters all around him. "Whats up ya'll? Lincoln Loud here, today we go'n teach you how to survive livi'n with 10 bitch- 10 sisters in this crazy fucking house.", Lincoln said. "Lincoln shut yo dumbass up we all now you was mastrubating last night.", Lori said. "Fuck off bitch, thats why Bobby cheated on yo bitchass with that ho Carol.", Lincoln said as he left leaving Lori shocked.

"Yo Lincoln!? Where you at?", Clyde said through the radio. "Clyde shut the fuck up, im on my way.", Lincoln said. Arriving at Clydes, he saw him sitting on the porch. "Man where yo ass been.", Clyde said. "Fuck off, ill smoke all this shit if you dont shut yo dumbass up with yo nappy ass hair lookin like some rip-off gangbanger. Thats why Penelope rejected yo ass cuz she knew you had that 1 centimeter, tic-tac lookin, nipple dick of yours.", Lincoln said. Clyde winced and stood up, "Aight, we goin to your house.", Clyde said as the two walked off.

They sat at the table as Lincoln looked at Clyde, "How many numba's yo dumbass get.", Lincoln said. "Uhhhhhhh... not that many.", Clyde said as he pulled out a piece of paper, with two numbers on it. Lincoln looked at it and cracked up. "Bro! How the fuck you gon get the lunch ladies numbers!", Lincoln laughed. An echo of laughs upstairs, presumably the sisters.

"Shut up, I bet you aint get as many as me.", Clyde said. Lincoln just chuckled as he pulled out his piece of paper, which turnt out to be MULTIPLE pieces of paper. "Alright, alright. I see you. But where the fuck we goin?", Clyde asked. "I have no fucking clue.", Lincoln then stood up and placed his foot on the table. "Watch out you fucks! We finna take yo bitch!", Lincoln said." Boi get yo dumbass feet off my table you know ill beat you ass with yo big ol coconut head.", Rita said as she walked by. "Yes ma'am.", blank faced Lincoln said.

After a long day, Lincoln came outside and met Clyde at the bus stop. While Lincoln was all sweaty with ruffled hair, Clyde looked the same. "Get yo ass beat up?", Clyde laughed. Lincoln just nodded no as he pulled up his dm's. Filled wiwith messages from numerous girls saying stuff like, "BRING CONDOMS NEXT TIME!", and, "NEXT FRIDAY!". Clyde looked like a pouty 5 year old. "Man fuck you, ill walk home.", Lincoln said. Clyde stood up, ready to beat the fuck out of this boy. But Lincoln turnt around and saw the boy scramble to get away.

Lincoln walked into his house and grabbed his laptop real quick before heading downstairs. "Man this shit looks good.", Lori said. "Bruh open the damn box niggas is hungry over here like goddamn im fucking hungry!", Lincoln said. "Lincoln shut up we all fucking saw you wit Cristina last night, yall fucked and she left like she saw a ghost.", Luan said.

"Luan you best be taking those words and shove them right back in yo mouth, just like you did that fatass kid yesterday!", Lincoln said as everyone laughed. "Luan you sucked his dick dry!", Luna laughed. "ALRIGHT YALL SHUT THE FUCK UP AND OPEN THE BOX, IM HUNGRY AS HELL!", Lincoln yelled. They finnaly opened the box as Lincoln snatched that shit and ran! "LINCOLN GET THE FUCK BACK HERE! YO FATASS AINT GON EAT THE WHOLE BOX!", Lynn yelled. "Man fuck off! You practically deep throated a six foot sub yesterday!", Lincoln yelled back as he ran out the house.

First chapter bitches, this shit better be good or imma be hella salty.