Kid Icarus: Chaos' final match

Well it's been to long since I have done anything. "Where have I been?" some of you may be asking. Well I have been writing in my large notebook for my stories have some ready to prepare to type and post for you guys. So behold my new story which is its own story (since were not guaranteed a new Kid Icarus game anytime soon, so some of the things in this story will be made up entirely by me.) So let's get this chapter done so I can remove exposition.

Hey Pit give us the disclaimer and let's get this story moving.

Pit: Got it. (clears throat)


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Chapter 1: Exposition

Date December 17, 2017 (It's not that date just shut up and read)

Pit's POV

When Viridi and I had returned from the Smash Mansion we were quickly approached by Dark Pit Running towards the door.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Hades has launched an attack on the Overworld and Skyworld so Dark Pit and I flew down to the Overworld.

"Okay, I'll take the Overworld, you take the Underworld, Got it?" Dark Pit planned. "Yep, good luck, Pittoo… I mean Dark Pit." I replied. "Good thing you caught yourself otherwise I'd have to pulverize you, but good luck to you too." He returned

We both flew in the direction of our destination I opened the portal to the Underworld to confront the Underworld Army.

"Oh! Pitty, What are you doing in my Underworld?" Hades Asked. "You know why I'm here." I responded. "Oh, in that case you should focus on helping your doppelganger." He replied projecting a live feed of the Overworld with Dark Pit surrounded by all manner of enemies. "Why would you tell me to help Dark Pit, He's more than capable of taking care of himself, especially against those enemies." I retorted. "Look again." Hades quickly responded, zooming out just slightly from the live feed.

I quickly learned that Dark Pit was not only surrounded by all different types of the Underworld Army but also Ornes. "Hades you scoundrel!" I said angrily. "Hey, you're playing in my turf, you play by my rules, and with war the rules are constantly changing." He replied snarkily.

I quickly opened the portal to the Overworld to go to Dark Pit's aid. When it dawned on me that since the great sacred treasures were long destroyed there was no way to defeat the Ornes. And we couldn't let Hades win this war.

"Hey what's going on?" Drake asked. "Ahh! Drake when did you get back to this world?" I asked shocked. "Dude I freely teleport everywhere I can get from Smash Mansion to here in no time flat remember?" He replied. "Hey since you're here and all could you use your power to defeat the Ornes and the rest of the Underworld Army?" I asked. "If I was on full power I could but a teleport drains a lot out of me. Why do you need my help, also how many Ornes are there?" He asked quickly. "Uhh…" I didn't respond. "What does that mean?" He asked. "Hold on let me get the feed going to see the predicament." He said.

A couple of seconds later

"HOLY! That's not an army that's death in a nut shell." He exaggerated. "I may not be able to rain death upon the Underworld Army, but I can still be useful, head into the fray I'll be there as quickly as I can fall. (125 MPH or 54 meters per second)

I quickly ran in the swarm of monsters defeating as much as I could I soon was back to back with Dark Pit in the middle of the swarm. "Hey get to the furthest outside area of the swarm!" We heard Drake say quickly telepathically. We hastily killed monsters to get to the outside of the swarm. "Ok Use these." He commanded as a small canister appeared in our hands.

We did as we were told and removed the lid to the canister we were given, they turned out to be magic shields in small canisters they encased the monsters in a cylinder shaped magic barrier with only a small exit in the top. "It's go time!" Drake said. (Now for my favorite moment as an imaginative writer. (Not really)) "Dragon Kings Demolition Fist!" He shouted as he dived in to the small entrance/exit in the top of the barrier.

The explosion from the magic he used, caused a massive impact even including his collision from his fall. When the dust and smoke had dissipated from inside the barrier, he clumsily walked towards the edge of the barrier.

"Just put the lid back on the canister to disperse the shield." He explained. "Man I'm tired." He said tiredly as he slowly collapsed to the ground. "Hey Viridi can you give us a lift up to Skyworld?" I asked. "Ya just give me a sec." She replied

Not a moment sooner we were teleported to the entrance of Drakes sky mansion. "Thanks Viridi." I said. "Ditto." Dark Pit followed. "What happened down there?" She asked. "To put it simply Hades Decided to take the Underworld road for this new war he's hoping to start up." Dark Pit explained. "And what happened to Drake?" She asked. "Over use of his powers." I said. "Of course." She replied "I hope you guys are all right though." She said waving her staff teleporting Drake to his room. "Just a couple cuts, burns, and bruises." I replied. "Nothing too bad besides my ankle." Dark Pit added. "That's not too bad." She replied.

Two days later

December 19, 2017

Drake's POV

I woke up to the site of the ceiling of my room. I slowly moved still a little over exerted from my actions against the Underworld army. "Ow." I flinched as I stood up to try to get out of the room. I looked around my room to find a crutch next the nightstand, I grabbed it and made my way out of the room.

I made my way to the kitchen to find Palutena & Viridi cooking breakfast, well Viridi was making breakfast, and Palutena was working on a cake. "What's the occasion?" I asked. "Ahh!" They both jumped from surprise from my surprise entrance even though I slowly made my way from my room with a crutch. "Oh, it's only you Drake. Remember its Pit's Birthday." Viridi said quietly. "Oh ya it is the 19 isn't it." I said. (I made the release day for the original Kid Icarus the birthday for Pit.) "Wait wouldn't it technically be Dark Pits birthday as well since he's Pit's duplicate?" I asked. "Well if you really wanted to think of it like that I guess so." Palutena said "But last year we celebrated the release of Uprising as his birthday." She added. "That doesn't make sense." I said. "What do you mean?" Asked Palutena. "Well by following what you said your saying that you didn't celebrate his birthday this year." I pointed out. "He was never around this March he was staying up at smash mansion the entire time." Palutena explained. "Hmm…" I wondered.


Pit's POV

"Happy Birthday Pit!" The group shouted as I woke with a start. "Ahh… Oh it's you guys." I said. "Awe thanks guys." He said cheerfully. "We got pancakes in the kitchen waiting." Palutena said. "Awesome!" I said excitedly.

We all walked down the hall down to the kitchen. "It's good to see you're up and kicking." I said to Drake. "Thanks man, it's kind of weird sleeping through an entire day." He replied. "At least it's not like chapter 22 again." Palutena said. "Okay I got grounded and couldn't play for a week, sue me." He replied pouting. "Awe someone's trying to be an anime character." Palutena teased. "Hehe, he's blushing." Viridi pointed out. "Oh, come on guys I know your just moving your teasing on to someone else just so you can lighten up on me." Pit said. "Its fine Pit, it's like being with my family. So this is an everyday occurrence." He said. "Are you sure?" He asked "Yes, I'm sure… Now come on we have Viridi's Pancakes waiting for us." He added. "Whooo! Pancakes!" We shouted.

Drake's POV

"You guys keep going I'll right there in a sec." I said turning to walk down the wall for now the fourth time. I quickly made my way for Dark Pits room running into Phosphora. "Ooh, sorry." I said. "No, I'm sorry. What got you in a hurry anyway?" She asked. "Oh I was going to get Dark Pit." I said. "Why it's not his birthday today." She pointed out. "Well technically Pit and Dark Pit share a birthday because there to parts of the same coin." I countered. "What?" She said confused by my analogy. "There technically the same person just Dark Pit is the darker side to Pit." I explained. "Oh… well I guess if you think about it that way ya I guess so." She realized "I guess I'll see you both there then." She said. "Yep so in a moment." I said.

I continued to walk down the hall, down to Dark Pits room. (Knock knock) "I promise I'm alone. Am I able to come in?" I asked. (Brnng) rang the bell system I installed for him. (Way back at the start of this story) I slowly walked in. I looked at his dark looking room, he was gazing out the window looking at the direction of the further heavens.

"What do you want?" He asked. "I talked with Palutena and Viridi earlier about your birthday and how it wasn't celebrated so I figured you could celebrate with Pit since you're technically the same person and all." I said. "Were not the same person." He retorted. "Well technically you are, but yes you are your own person so I guess it's a yes and no here." I pointed out. "What's your gain, are you just trying to get me to join the group and celebrate that cheerful brats Birthday?" He asked. "Well yes and no, I wanted you to join the group yes, but I wanted to celebrate your birthday since they didn't celebrate yours while I was gone." I explained. "You were gone, but so was I." He added. "Ya I know you went to smash mansion to get away. You think I don't do the same thing when I want away from people that I normally care for." I said. "We all need our space and our time with others. It keeps our brains in balance and within sanity, but hey what do I know I just decided to bring psychology into this story." I said.

"Look I know your right, but…" Dark Pit trailed. "Dude I know, but I'm going to be completely honest with you, even though Pit and I have a bond due to our similarities you and I have similarities and you just don't like to connect. And I know why." I said. "Oh do you now, well lets here it." He said snarkily. "Dude your Pits darker side, the mirror of truth only mirrored what it saw, but, and there always is one… The mirror only copies what the user heart desires. Why do you think you came through as he clashed through the mirror?" I pointed. "He's been no better off than I have." Dark Pit realized. "You were created so he wouldn't have to be so alone in the world of angels." I continued. "Now come on we have some pancakes waiting for us. That and I told Phosphora you were coming down in the hall." I said. "Ha, of course you did. Alright let's go." He said getting up from the window sill. "Wait before we go down I have my present for you." I said. "How did you?" He questioned. "Magic remember." I said. "Right." He said inquisitively. "Trust me this will be better than the gift I got for Pit. By like a million." I said confidently.

He slowly opened the gift. "A black flame? What am I supposed to do with this, put on my desk?" He asked. "You could or you could do this." I said grabbing the flame and dropping it on him. "What the…?" He said shocked. "3… 2… 1…" I counted down. (Bling) He felt his wings spread out. "What the… How did you?" He said hesitantly. "Think back to when I gave you those bands for your wrist. Those weren't just to give you more power they were collecting it as well." I said. "Every monster killed filled your band giving it juice that at the end of the day, I collected. I have been working on a way to make it so you and Pit can fly infinitely sadly Pits isn't close enough yet so I'll have to give it to him next year." I continued. "Oh, so you're mass killing monster blast…" He started. "Yes that was to get more I jumped at the opportunity to fill the containments, but like I said there was only enough to complete yours." I said completing his statement. "So enjoy being able to fly freely… Now how about we get some pancakes, after sleeping for an entire day I'm famished."

Dark Pit's POV

Drake quickly dashed out of the room (as fast as you normally can with crutches). I stared at my wing feeling the power surge through me again felt amazing. "You Coming?" He asked. "Yep." I replied deactivating my wings. Just like old times.

To Be Continued

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