Kid Icarus: Chaos' Final Match

Hey guys I'm back with another Kid Icarus story. I don't think I explained last time that this story was suppose to be a more story centered and a bit darker. But I think anyone familiar with the game and some of my subtle hints everywhere know where I might be going with this and why there is a disclaimer of some of the info I use as non-cannon as Chaos… doesn't have a lot of info on it. (Hint hint)

Anyway, Pit, could you get the disclaimer out of the way.

Pit: You got it Drake.


Drake does not own the Kid Icarus franchise or its characters also some information revealed in this story may not be cannon to the actual games and franchise.

All right, with that out the way let's get started.

Chapter 2

How wars start

Song for this Chapter: Enemies

By: Shinedown.

In the Underworld

"It was so nice of them to redirect their attack to my troops." Hades said, to no one. "As it has given me enough time to visit… Your dimension, to hopefully convince you to join my side." He said to a disassembled figure, "You have decided to join my army, haven't you?" He asked. The figure didn't move, "I'll take that 'not attacking me' is a yes." Hades said, with a cynical smile. "Now come, we have a meeting to attend, this is only going to be the beginning." He said, his smile only growing wider.

Meanwhile in Skyworld

"What do you mean I have to attend?" Drake complained. "Your powers rival that of the Gods, so Zeus has made an executive decision that you must attend the meetings well." Palutena explained. "ugh, Zeus loves being a thorn in my side." Drake said complaining some more, "Fine, fine, fine, fine, finey, fine. Lets just get this over with so I can get back to what I was doing." He said, irritated with the situation.

"Viridi, you ready to go?" Palutena asked. "Almost, just one more sec." Viridi replied. "Why are we waiting to teleport with her, she's just as capable to teleport their as you or I, heck what am I doing waiting." Drake fought. "The fuel economy for teleportation is on the down low, so saving as much as we can is best." Palutena explained. "The hell does that mean, this isn't some Toyota I'm driving, we are talking about teleporting, what fuel would you need to teleport; the only logical fuel would be food since teleportation requires your mental ability to be high. Cause Gods and technology are two different things that don't function the same." Drake said continually getting more and more irritated.

"Okay, ready to go!" Viridi said, "What's wrong with him?" She asked. "He doesn't like the logic of teleportation in our world, and he doesn't want to come to the meeting." Palutena explained. "Well, tough, suck it up and just show up; that's what I do." Viridi replied "You are not me. I don't technically exist in this world." Drake retorted. "But are you here now?" Viridi asked. "Yes." Drake replied. "Did you vaporize a large chunk of Hades army?" She asked. "Yes." He replied. "Could that power be stronger than Zeus himself?" She asked. "Wait, your saying Zeus needs me up their because he thinks I'm going to dethrone him." He replied. "I wouldn't say that's the reason but is probably a reason why." Palutena interjected.

"So, shall we go?" Palutena asked. "Ya, lets get this meeting done, it should be relatively short anyway." Viridi replied. "Freakin' Zeus and his insecurities." Drake mumbled going on a tirade.


"What the frock is Poff?" Drake asked. "How should we know you're the idiot writing this." Viridi returned. "Ballocks!" He said to himself.


(I would like to just say I mistyped when I typed poff it was to be poof, but I figured it would be funnier.)

We appeared at an oval shaped building in, quite literally the middle of nowhere of, space. "*Sigh* Let's get this over with." Drake said, pushing the double doors open.

Upon opening the doors, I noticed a lot of the Gods I had learned about and studied in my studies of Greek and Roman history. Palutena and Viridi sat in two seats with a seat in between them forcing me to sit between them, I felt like a child being forced to join their parents to a meeting that they didn't need to be in.

For some exposition, it had been a couple weeks since Hades declaration of war, to… basically the universe, I guess. The attacks never seemed to end, day after day there was a new invasion taking place. Pit and Dark Pit had little to no time to ever rest, and when they could rest I would fight over exhausting myself in the process.

Eventually the other Gods had been affected by Hades declaration, and so it was voted to hold an intervention of sorts, to see if this war could be called off without casualties for the Gods, but the mortals as well.

"Hades!" sounded Zeus' booming voice. "Oh, brother we're all right next to each other you can use your indoor voice." Hades joked. "Hades! This is no time to joke. As agreed, upon by all of us gather here today -besides you and Drake- we must implore you to forget this declaration of war that you have made." Zeus commanded. "Oh, but brother, you know being the God of a place such as the underworld can get so boring, I need to cause mischief like this to spice up my dead life." Hades said, still acting nonchalant about how he speaks towards this meeting.

"Hades, you must call off this war." Zeus demanded. "Okay, lets call it off." Hades replied. "Wait… Really, I thought that would have taken longer." Zeus said a little disappointed. "Brother we could argue hours upon hours about this, but being you big brother, I have to know when to step down." Hades replied, "Besides just like anyone else I want to leave this meeting as quick as possible." Hades added. "If your willing to sign this form calling off your attacks, then this meeting can be adjourned. "Oh, thank us for this resolution." Hades celebrated. And just as quick as he was to call off his war, he signed the document placed before him and Zeus called an end to the meeting.

"I had a feeling this was what the meeting was about, so to show my sincerity I had my minions start making these as a peace offering, before I left the underworld. Hades said. "Be sure to get one from one of the Monoeyes before you leave." He continued.

"I don't believe any of this." I whispered to the Goddess seated next to him. "I don't blame you, to make such a resolution that quickly and without anything expected for calling it off." Palutena whispered. "This is to suspicious, surely the rest of the Gods have realized this." Viridi pointed out. "I'm going to do some extra sensory to see if this is a double cross. I replied.

I closed my eyes entering a thermal looking space that resembled the room I was in. I could sense all of the magical essence from everyone. I looked towards the monoeye, like normal the monoeye had little to no magical essence to it, but the contents it was taking to everyone held very dark and powerful magical essence. I continued to inspect the essence, it felt somewhat familiar, but I was unable to label it.

"Don't grab one of those pendants." I whispered to Palutena and Viridi. "Why?" They asked silently. "There is powerful dark magic coming from those pendants, its familiar and I don't know why, just don't take one." I replied in a whisper. "Well how do you propose we do that, Hades made it practically impossible to leave without one." Viridi countered. "Leave that to me." I replied. "I'll you some illusion magic to make it appear as we did." I explained. "You're going to use illusion magic, a magic that this guy invented, to convince him that we partook of his 'peace offering'." Viridi interjected. "Remember I rival the gods in terms of power, so this illusion could out rank Hades on multiple scales." I replied. "You're positive that this will work?" Palutena asked. "I'm 99.9% sure." I replied. "why not one hundred percent?" Viridi asked. "Just because I'm powerful doesn't mean I can't calculate a small amount of error." I replied. "Besides, it's an insignificant amount for failure." I added.

"Drelaidi!" Hades said. "I would like to speak to you three in the hall, privately." He said, looking at the other gods trying to leave to enter the conference room again. "Oh, my… did he really just make an amalgamation of the three of our names." I replied. "Yes, yes he did." Palutena replied. "Please don't restrain me, cause I'm going to let all hell break loose." I said. "Really, in Zeus's palace in space." Viridi interjected. "Zeus can do what wants with me, after I throw his brother into the infinite expanse of space, preferably in a black hole that is two thousand light-years away from here." I replied. "Are you going to make everyone wait all day for us to talk." Hades called back into the room.

The three of us made our way out quickly to get this over with. The door shut behind us, leaving us in the hall with Hades. Grasping the Goddess' hands I sent a surge through them.

"Okay, now that we can talk without needing to open our mouths, does anyone else think Hades is on to us." I asked, telepathically. "Yep." They both said in unison. "I hadn't even done anything yet." I said, feeling their mental glares.

"Oh, how rude of you to leave me out of your conversation." Hades chimed in. "Oh, just quickly discussing something we left unsaid in the other room." I replied. "private matters, just so you know." I added. "Fine, leave me in my curiosity." Hades replied. "Anyways, I'm glad you decided to meet me here." Hades said with a bow. "Ya, not buying it Hades." Said Viridi. "Well phooey." He said disheartened, "I thought my ruse could hold up just a bit more." He replied. "Really phooey." Drake replied. "That's besides the point, what are you planning." Palutena said, getting to the point. "Oh more in due time sweet Palutena." Hades teased. "Its best that you three didn't grab a pendant yet." He said, "It makes my monologue so much better." He added.


(I would like to also add my original manuscript was written on March 13, 2018; so before infinity war.)

"What did-." I started. "Why don't you go look for yourselves." Hades said, cutting me off. We quickly burst through the doors to find it full of statues. "Oh no!" I gasped. "I knew I recognized that essence." I said. "Oh my, it seems I double crossed my dear sweet brother." Hades said pretending to be disappointed with himself. "Ptui! So pathetic." He sneered. "Now, time for you to join them." He said snapping again.

Palutena grasped my hand along with Viridi's *poff* "You know you can't get far sweet Palutena." Hades shouted.


We appeared before the door we had teleported to before when we first arrived. I looked to Palutena, she looked ready to pass out. "What's wrong?" I asked. "That's the problem with using our powers in here, our magic power is taxed heavily. And a teleport like this nearly cost Palutena everything." Explained Viridi. "Come on, lets get out of here." I said slamming into the door. "It's not budging!" Viridi grunted trying to force the door open. "Back away, I'm going to try something." I said backing up 15 yards from the door.

I concentrated for a second, my body slowly turning a metallic color, soon flames expelled from my body. I knelt close to the ground. "With the Iron Dragons scales, I should be able to break this door wide open." I said. (Yes, more copy righted attacks because I suck that way.) "Fire Dragons, Sword Horn." I said leaping from the ground crashing into the door in a split second. The door shattered from my attack.

I began to feel the tax of my exertion, "I'm going to have to risk putting myself out of commission for a while to secure our safety." I thought. "Leaving so soon?" Said Hades. "Crap, quick we need to jump out!" I said.

I suddenly felt completely exhausted and then I found myself looking at Palutena.

"You two need to warn Pit and the rest." Palutena said gasping for air. "Please, you're the only ones that can stop Hades now." She said throwing us out into the infinite expanse of space. (Note, Palutena turned Drake and Viridi into rings like Pit's consciousness in chapter 18, but instead this was there entire being.) "Such a noble sacrifice." Hades teased. "To bad you won't be able to undo that spell of yours." He said walking up to her. "It's such a shame you defend these humans." He said, grasping her neck.

With what remained of Her power, Palutena sealed the only exit.

Although its impossible to hear anything in space, I could only imagine her soul, once again being taken. "D %$&t!" I shouted.


Hey so if you didn't catch on or you have no idea what has transpired, the Chaos Kin has been brought back and is under Hades control and has in essence killed all the gods, and Hades plans to unleash the Chaos Kin swarm, as I am calling them since they were still ashes when we last saw them in chapter 21, on the world. I hope you guys are excited to see how this all turns out.

Pit: what did I miss.

*Inhales through teeth* Uh… I'll explain next time. Bye guys.