So everyone knows of Zuranon. But how many people know their actual goal.

I got this main idea from the story Punisher of Hubris, but instead of someone from the Overlord universe how about we throw someone in from SAO? Like an OC, Kirito, Heathcliff, Klein, or a Laughing Coffin member?

It starts out with Zuranon cultists trying to summon someone from the land of gods, too hopefully advance their knowledge. During the Summoning the base they are using comes under attack and makes the formation they're using mess up. Thus Summoning someone from SAO.

You can use the same premise or not doesn't matter but this is just my idea, my character is going to go against Ainz Ooal Gown and Nazarick. Once I get better at writing and start more than just a rough draft though.

The way I figure out the SAO characters 'New World' levels is by taking their skill levels and seeing if they fit into job classes

For example a max level two handed spear skill would become a level 10 Spearman job class. The skills that can be used in tandem with each other (one handed sword + martial arts) could be halved to be used for another job class (sword saint/sword master) or another combination and job classes if you want. But they can't overlap with other job classes, meaning you can't have a maxed skill level in one handed sword and say that you're a level 10 Swordsman and a Sword Master, now if you had both one and two handed sword skills maxed then they'd be split into level 10 swordsman and level 5 Sword Master/Saint.

Crafting skills would be the same with sword skills and be translated to job classes. Unique sword skills would also go to job classes like Dual Blades - Sword Saint/Swashbuckler/etc, Holy Sword - Holy Knight/Paladin.