Did he hit her? He wasn't sure. Few moments before his lighting reach her there occurred an explosion hiding everything in smoke. For some time everyone was stunned by explosion sound. Suddenly everyone wake up at start dropping to each other fire blasts and rock's blocks. Iroh saw how 5 firebenders united their flames and released them straight to him, he wasn't ready to block such a big fireball, but then suddenly stone wall appeared before him. Fireball bounce from wall well calculated angle and flew in other direction with huge explosion at the end. Then he saw the same boys, he saw playing earth bending football the last time he was in Ba Sing Sei. Maybe not everything was lost? He saw more earthbenders running to his way. Ba Sing didn't think to surrender without fight.

There grew big earth wall cycle around Iroh, making his position true fortification. He could see few more dozens earthbenders, Bumi and few more White Lotus members in circle.

"Great shot Iroh, but I would been advice another way from this situation" said Piandao "Still with rebels we are hardly outnumbered and don't forget witch day is today"

"I just couldn't control myself" said Iroh still shocked by his actions

"What is done, it is done. Hope your shot was accurate"

Someone was shaking her shoulder

"Princess! Princess!"

She opened her eyes. Man was kneeling before her. It was hard to think. What just happened? She remembered her uncle, generating lighting and releasing it to her. She was expecting it, but he was faster than she could think and she released her lighting too late. They encountered few meters before her with caused big explosion and then… she didn't remembered.

"What happened?" she whispered

"It was explosion near you, we thought you are dead…."said man

"I know what happened to me. What about battle?" her head was able to think again, but pain becoming stronger in every second.

"Rebels built fortifications from rock in squares. To White lotus joined more rebels, around 100 more mens"

She touched her face. She felt blood. Then touched left cheek. Here was deep wound, in some places there were burns. All she need now, to become similar with Zuko.

She tried to stand up. Man saw her endeavor and helped her to stand.

They both walked on top wall.

"Why they still alive then?" she asked after look at battle

"It is very hard to reach them. Our flames are bouncing from walls, we need wait till…."

"You are moron or what?! Why the hell you think we brought all these catapults!?" she didn't control her anger anymore

"I will order to load them" said man with fear in voice

"Faster!" she couldn't believe what idiots are commanding to this army. Guaranteed nobles effeminate child. If she could choose, she would choose brains not title. She will cancel these nonsenses, but first now she needs to win this battle. She looked at officer near her.

"Order our troops to keep distance from forts, we going to shoot with catapults and I don't want to hit them" she said

Officer bowed and started jelling commands.

Her uncle wanted to kill her. She couldn't blame him, he has many reasons, but still it was strange feeling. Voice returned her back.

"Catapults loaded Princess. We are waiting for your orders."

She will finish this madness now and for all.

"Fire!" she said, thinking how many people will die because of her command. Why she is thinking about them? They are enemies, enemies who tried to kill her.

Iroh released another flames blast to soldiers. They have advantage against fire nation, they was hiding after rock wall, at this point fire nation had only wooden houses. He saw hope to escape from this situation, they just need to reach the walls somehow…..

"INCOMING!" screamed earthbender near him. Iroh turned at that way and saw about 10 huge fireballs, flying at their direction.

"Build roof!" someone yelled

"NO!" wanted to scream Iroh, but it was too late. He knew catapults destructive power. It wasn't only fire, shell was filled by burning substance and metal blocks to break rock and now they was in trap. He heard that first shell reached wall, it withstand first shoot. Then second, third, fourth and….. everything broken with terrible sound. He kneeled and tried to avoid rock block which was flying around him. He was feeling an others fireballs, how they was totaly breaking fortification. And suddenly everything calmed down. He stood up, it was hard to see anything. Someone was running at his way. He prepared hands for fight, but then saw his friend Bumi.

"You alive!" said Iroh

"And who should kill me? These small burning blocks?" asked Bumi with smile on his face. But his smile now was sad, not crazy like always. Iroh saw blood on his head "I think we lost this battle my friend"

"Agree, but you can escape"

"You are crazier than me, if you think I will leave you"

"I am sorry, but you must my friend. Take Piandao and leave us. You must continue our mission!" Iroh said. But what they should continue? According to Zuko, Ozai will have burned all earth kingdom by the end of this day.

"Okay, I will leave, but only because I was owe to you. Hope we will see each other ever again" said Bumi and turned to his lying friend without consciousness. He placed Piandao on his shoulder and bended tunnel under his feets. After his friend disappeared in tunnel, Iroh turned to big hall in wall. He walked to it and looked around. There were standing many soldiers, all faced to him.

"Surrender now!"

Iroh raised his hands.

"On your knees!"

He did. Two soldiers walked to him. They chained his hands, legs. Then he heard familiar voice he was most afraid to hear.

"So you survived uncle" said Azula

"I can say the same words to you" answered Iroh

He saw terrible wound on her cheek and felt a little bit guilty, but then remember his friend Pakku.

"Great shoot, but not good enough. You will need something more to kill me"

Smirked Azula "It is pity that it is your answer for my friendly offer to save you and your friends. Now you can see the results. They died because of your choice"

Iroh looked down.

"Don't have anything to say?" she looked at soldiers who chained him "Escort him to war balloon prison, with all possible security, we are done here"

Then she turned to commander.

"Commander Chan, I have new orders for you" said Azula

"I am listening Princess" he bowed

"Take half of your army and march to Omashu city. Siege it, but try to don't lose many troops here. Better wait then defenders will be out of supplies, it will easier to take city" commanded Azula "Everyone else should stay in Ba Sing Sei for defense"

"I won't disappoint you" again bowed Chan

"I hope. You didn't today. You will be rewarded for it, be sure" said Azula and walked to balloons direction.

She wanted to know how ended with her father, did avatar had managed stop him?


"Faster guys!" said Sokka

"Toph, maybe you can kick his lazy ass?" asked Suki angrily

"With pleasure!" smirked Toph

"Hey! I am not lazy, my leg probably broken. If it wouldn't, I help you to repair this dump engine!" crossed arms Sokka

"Then shut your mouth and sit quietly!" Suki today wasn't ready for his complains.

"Okay, okay, don't need to be angry" he saw that Suki was in bad mood

They three was sitting in balloon bridge, landed in island near Fire nation because of engine malfunction. Suddenly Aang appeared behind doors.

"Hey, how engine?"

"I am doing everything I can answered Suki" of course without Toph it wouldn't possible at all to repair it, wait, I think I found a problem. Toph can you bend this part a little bit to left? Perfect! Now we just need to try to turn it on"

Suki pulled knob down and they all heard that pleasing engine sound.

"Finally! I am starving already, it looks that fire nation thought about except food!" again started complain Sokka

"Maybe you just didn't find it yet?" asked Aang before Suki "This balloon is incredible big"

"If not leg, I would go to find that dream place myself, but I think I won't die until we reached Fire Nation capital. Hope Zuko with Kitara will leave some food" said Sokka

"Why you are so certain that they succeded?" asked Aang worrying about his friends.

"Because if someone had to lost, that someone would be us. Our mission was most dangerous. To beat Ozai and his fleet! For Iroh and White Lotus ordin it will be only exercise, who can stop these veterans? And for Zuko with Kitara, hmm, situation unpleasant, but I think they were able to handle crazy Fire nation Princess" said Sokka positively

"I hope you are right" said Aang. He still was worrying, foreboding didn't left him. It was morning after Sozin's comet day. Day after he saved world from being burned. It still was hard to believe that war is over, Fire lord Ozai lost and peace will back for all nations.

"Oh, finally land! I am sick of this place!" said Sokka

"We all are" agreed Aang. It was strange to fly without Appa, like fake replacement for real flight. He could see burnt houses and many others battle signs. He doubts that it was done only by his friend, something more there happened.

"Everyone prepare for landing" yelled Suki

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