Princess of Fire nation walked out of war balloon with royal guards behind her. For her were waiting Dai Li commander and commander of Southern Riders.

"Welcome back, Princess!" said both mans and bowed

"Leave formalities for later, what happened here then I was gone?" she said

First started to speak Southern Riders commander.

"Everything was by your plan. After I got your letter I took all my soldiers and by your command we eliminated capital defenses forces. There were only few squads and we had surprise advantage, many of them surrendered after few minutes of fighting. We lost only few mans, some injured"

Dai Li commander continued

"Dai Li by your command were defending Royal palace and we had some guests. How you expected your brother came here to overthrown you, but we succeeded to capture him, but waterbender, who was with him, managed to escape from us, I am sorry Princess"

"Then I have more good news" smiled Southern Riders commander "My troops captured one waterbender girl, who tried to escaped"

"Excellent" Azula couldn't hold her smile "I very grateful for your loyalty and help with my plan. It will be rewarded for you. And, there was any news from my father?" last thing she was worrying about now

"None of them" said Dai Li commander

Azula nodded.

Suddenly they saw soldier running to them. He stopped near them to take back breath.

"P-princess, t-there is….." he stopped to take breath again.

"What?" she started to nervous

"War balloon, we saw one of your fathers fleet's balloon flying right here!" finally soldier rushed

So her father won against Avatar? She wasn't very surprised, but she had hopes for Avatar. Everything still can turn in bad way.

"Prepare for its landing, take half of your troops and be ready for fight" commanded Azula.

Now she could see balloon too. It was smoking, with big breaches in hull. It was strange that it is still flying. So there was a big battle, maybe in balloon flying not her father. She wanted to be ready for everything

"Take waterbender here" she commanded.

"Yes, Princess" commander bowed


Balloon shook from landing impact.

"Sorry" said Suki "I am still learning"

"No problem, still it can't be more broken" smiled Aang

He was so excited to meet his friends again. Hatcher opened and they five walked out, Ozai behind them with chained hands and legs. There was many firebenders around them, standing in circle around balloon, in fight positions.

"Everything all right. I am Zuko friend, Avatar" said Aang, trying not to show fear

Then he heard that voice, which was scaring him all the time.

"Don't worry, they know who you are"

He turned in that way and saw her, standing in front of Dai Li agents.

"Azula!" said Aang and raised his hands in fighting position. His friends too.

"Good that you still recognize me, how you can see my face have some changes" smirked Azula

Now he saw deep wound in her cheek. He wondered who did it.

"Where are our friends?! Where is my sister?!" shouted Sokka, standing on his both legs, forgot about his pain.

"Don't worry, they are still alive" said Azula and turned to Dai Li commander "Didn't hear? He wants to see his sister"

Then Aang saw her, standing in palace terrace with Dai Li agent behind her with blade in his hand.

"Katara!" yelled Aang

"Aang!" she gave him a sad smile

"Release her!" Aang shouted turned to Azula

"Why would I?" she was enjoying in Avatar uncontroling anger "Better you would listen to me. You and your friends surrender now or that blade will open her throat"

Aang almost could hold his rage. He thought about Avatar state, in which he can freely enter now, but he knew it won't save Katara. He had no choice.

"I will. But I have one condition too. You will release my friends" he wanted to risk

"You think I am a fool? After I release them, who will hold you not to attack me? I see you beaten my father, it means you got new powers after our last meet. I won't risk everything only because you promised" Azula crossed hands

"Then just release Sokka, Suki and Toph. Kitara is good guarantee for you that I won't do anything then you have her" he didn't want his friend to lose freedom if there is any chance to save them

Azula was thinking for some time, for Aang looked like forever.

"I agree, they still won't be big treat. Now surrender!" said Azula

Aang let down his hand and walked to soldier with chains.

"Well done my daughter" said Ozai after come out behind Sokka, after Aang was chained "Well done! I was right to trust you."

Azula looked at him, then turned to Dai Li.

"Chain him too and escort to prison!" she commanded

Ozai opened his mouth to say something, but he didn't find words to say anything.

"I should thank you Avatar defeating my father. It would be a big problem, but you solved it. Because of it, I am releasing your friends"

"How dare you!" finally yelled Ozai " I am Fire lord and you all will listen to me!"

"You WERE a Fire lord. I remember that you declared me Fire lord and you announced yourself Phoenix King and was planning to rule world you will conquer, but you didn't managed to do, so you are ruler of nothing"

"But, why?" Ozai just could ask

"I think it is obviously, I wanted power and I used opportunity to get it" answered Azula

Aand was confused too, what just happened? She cheated and used of all of us he realized.

"Let them fly!" Azula commanded.

"Let's go" said Suki sadly.

"We will come back for you Aang, I promise!" said Sokka and walked after Suki

"We will twinkle toes" yelled Toph before hatch was closed

"I know" Aang whispered

After hatch was closed Sokka ran to bridge, took map and started calculate something

"What is our plan, Sokka?" asked Suki

"To rescue Aang of and all our friends of course and I know who will help us. Set course to North Pole!"

Ozai was escorting to prison by three mans. He recognized one of them.

"Captain Jin. Please, I know you are ambitious man. Help me to escape and I will make you commander, general, I will give everything you want!" Begged Ozai.

Jin opened cells doors.

"And be burned alive by your daughter? No, thanks. Now she is our ruler, you must resign oneself by it"

"You will regret this" said Ozai after doors was closed.

He wasn't thinking of surrending so easily.

Here that day came, day she was dreaming for so long. She walked out of palace where were standing seven fire sages. Under palace was standing all Southern Riders troops, Dai Li agents and capital citizens. She kneeled. Sages leader stood behind her with crown in hands.

"I declare you, Azula, a new Fire lord and a Queen of Earth Kingdom!" he announced and put crown in her hair. She stood up.

"Long may she reign!"

"LONG MAY SHE REIGN!" answered crowd