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"Good morning to all inhabitants of this beautiful blue orb that floats in an endless sea of darkness and mystery, who just joined us. I'm Prongslet and I'm so glad to be here this morning because this is the day we reveal the names of the contest winners!" The sound of pre-recorded cheering and a jingling bell, followed the announcement.

Tom Riddle paused during his paperwork in order to force the sound on his mobile even higher. Never in his younger years would Tom Riddle have thought that he would be interested in listening to pop radio, but there he was. He even had the app for Magic 94.3 downloaded for easier listening while at work.

And it wasn't for the music that he honestly had no interest in, though every so often there was a good song that came on. No, Tom was completely besotted with Prongslet, who was on air every morning from six to two. He was energetic, optimistic, and honest. And his voice was practically sex to Tom's longing ears.

So every time he spoke, Tom turned the volume all the way up. It was pathetic how he, the CEO of Riddle Corps, would be so ridiculously smitten with someone he didn't even know the true name of, but he didn't care. Only his assistant Severus knew his dark secret and Severus was keeping quiet simply because Tom knew things that would cause problems for Severus if they were shared with the world.

"If you've been listening in the past week, we've had a contest for concert tickets to see Draco Malfoy and the Slytherins live at Wembley Stadium! To enter, you had to be 18 or older, have a working phone number, and be caller #394 at least once during the five days of the contest. We have Ten tickets to award, stay tuned for more!"

A commercial for an automobile service began to play, and Tom turned the volume down a little.

He wasn't interested in concert tickets, especially not to see Lucius Malfoy's son perform ridiculously angsty songs to weeping teenage girls. Besides, Draco was annoying. Tom was simply there to listen to Prongslet's soothing voice and imagine all manner of interesting situations it could be used in.

The door to his office opened, and Severus strolled in with purpose, looking a bit agitated. The man halted however when he noticed the positioning the the mobile and the fact that Tom hadn't gotten back to the papers on his desk. "Is it that time of day, sir?" the man asked with a smirk, his dark eyes practically twinkling disgustingly.

"As a matter of fact, yes it is. Why are you bothering me?" Meaning: I hope you leave soon.

"Lucius has-"

Tom groaned because he could only imagine what the blond twat wanted.

"-decided that it would be a good idea to let Draco have only one security guard because he feels he needs to show his son trust. Unfortunately, he has been emailing me all morning about his worries and a list of what can go wrong that keeps growing every five minutes," Severus continued without a care about Tom's frustrations. "I was hoping you could put the fear of God into him to make him shut up."

With another groan, but this time it was doubly annoyed, Tom took up his mobile and proceeded to send a text to their friend. One thing they all knew was that Tom had connections and a temper that he hid very well. Angering him was not a smart idea ever.

8:37 AM

Stop bothering Severus. Every time you do,
he comes in to bother me! I don't like being
bothered for ridiculous reasons. Draco does
not need ten men over his arse all the time.
Give him one obvious guard and three that'll
guard from a distance if you're that worried.

"It's done. Let me be."

He heard the low snort but decided to ignore it because Prongslet's voice was coming through his mobile and he needed to turn the sound up again.

"That was Dean Thomas' [Like a Lion], preparing us for the good news! Our contest winners areā€¦" A drumroll played for exactly three seconds before Prongslet continued. "Pansy Parkinson, Roger Davis, Cho Chang, Alicia Spinnet, and Hannah Abbott. Congratulations to all for their dedicated listening! You're all going to see Draco Malfoy and the Slytherins at Wembley Stadium with Third Row seats! And you listeners know the drill, if any of the winners do not accept their prize by the deadline at 9 AM tomorrow, we'll give you guys another chance to win the tickets left over."

Prongslet whistled a small tune. "To celebrate, I've put up a poll on our Twitter page for which of Draco's songs you'd like to hear at 9 AM today. Get voting, because that's only minutes away, folks!"

Tom didn't recognize the song that came on next, nor did he care. He was just annoyed that Prongslet didn't have many topics to discuss until noon every day. But at least he would be talking eventually.

"Sir, you are toeing the line of pathetic a bit too much."

"Why haven't you left yet?"

Okay, so Tom might just be a little obsessed with Mischief Managed with Prongslet. But that nothing to do with the fact that he'd decided to visit the radio station itself in order to see the entire process behind the broadcasting done every single day. Nothing at all. There was no correlation.

With his various connections, Tom had easily gotten a tour of the place, as well as a possible business deal. The woman in charge, one Rita Skeeter, was all smiles, fake nails, and poor flirtation as she lead him around the massive building, explaining jobs and the importance of each worker. She occasionally brushed against his arm and didn't hold back the excessive fluttering of her fake, acid green lashes that matched her nails perfectly.

He did find her annoying, but he could see how much she loved her job and could admire her dedication to it at least.

"And this is our one number one host!" Rita said as she lead him into a relatively decent-sized office. "Mr. Harry Potter, famously known on the air as Prongslet."

The young man sitting at the desk was dressed in a simple white button down with sleeves pushed up to the elbows and the first few buttons undone. His hair brushed against his shoulders and was blacker than even Tom's hair was, and far more messy. A just shagged look that actually looked good on him. It was the eyes that had him frozen in place however, because he'd never seen a human with such a colour green before.

And then he smiled. Tom was done for. His frozen heart had thawed in seconds.

"Hey, Rita," the man said with a grin, his voice just as perfect as it was over the radio. He turned his eyes on Tom. "Hello. I'm Harry," he said, offering a hand.

"Tom Riddle," he replied robotically, reaching out to shake said hand and marvelling on how smooth the skin was. If Severus ever learned of his thoughts, he would be in for a world of mockery.

"Are you my new partner?"

Tom's entire being froze and Rita began to sputter. But Harry was looking up at him from where he was seated, and he appeared almost angelic with the midday sun shining through the window behind him and giving his hair a bluish tint.

"Ever since Mione left, I've been doing this on my own and it's a little stressful."

"W-well," Rita began, only to cease speaking when Tom sent her a look. He then aimed his most charming grin at the man whom he'd learned was Prongslet. "Of course, Mr. Potter, though we need to make sure we don't clash."

"I think we'll be fine. You've got a nice voice and the listeners will love it. You seem charming. Can you take direction well?"

Was that a flirtatious lilt to the man's tone or was it just Tom's dubious imagination and wishful thinking?

"Mr. Potter, I'll gladly take any direction from you."

It got him a laugh and a large, world-bending smile.

And somehow, that was how Tom found himself a second job Monday through Friday, learning how to use new equipment and sitting beside the man he'd fancied for months. The world worked in mysterious ways.

Severus got a seemingly never-ending amount of amusement from it too.

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