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When Harry managed to return to the land of the living, it was to several aches and pains all over his body, and a half empty bed that was not his own. Of course when the memories of the night previous finally came to mind, he was able to put all the pieces together into a very lewd puzzle.

Tom was a biter. Harry remembered very clearly how the man had bitten his shoulder and his inner thigh while his hands busied themselves elsewhere. And he had then gone over the indented areas with his tongue to soothe the pain.

And the rest of Tom's body had also been put to work as Harry learned intimately that Tom was very good with his hips in many different ways. And the entire view of his body had been worth everything.

There was sunlight attempting to brighten the room through the small cracks in the blinds. His mobile told him that it was already two in the afternoon, meaning he'd been sleeping for at least seven hours. Their, um, activities had gone on a lot longer than expected the night previous. They'd fuck, rest a bit, and then the libido of one would come back roaring and the other was dragged along for the ride.

Sitting up, and wincing a bit from the dull ache between the legs, Harry looked off toward the door that he knew lead to the loo. He just needed to convince his body that moving so much was a good idea. It was more difficult than he expected.

The bedroom door opened, revealing Tom in all his glory. Harry's eyes spotted a dark purple mark on the man's throat, and felt himself flushed with pleasure at the implications. Yes, while Tom liked biting, Harry fancied sucking a bit more if the pun could be excused. There were no doubt marks like those all over Tom's body to show that Harry had been there.

"I thought we could go to your home today to let your owl out for a bit of a fly. And then perhaps you can pack a bag and come back here if you'd like."

That got him moving!

He pushed off the bed, and was in Tom's arms in seconds, kissing the man breathless and squeezing him in gratitude. His concern for Harry's pet just made the whole new relationship between them so much better! And now Harry got unlimited access to Nagini too!

"I also made breakfast that you can re-heat if you'd like."

Yum. More of Tom's delicious cooking. Harry was certainly lucky.

Harry ended up staying until Monday morning, where they both came in to work in Tom's car. And Tom couldn't be more proud of the part that they'd managed to mark each other in such a way that no one would be able to mistake said markings because some couldn't be hidden.

Severus had been texting him frequently with notes on work because he missed a few days, too busy dedicating his time to Harry's body to care about anything else. And now they had to return to the real world for the time being.

But it was not the end. It was only the beginning.

When Marcus laid eyes on them, he smirked. "Finally got to it, huh?"

Harry flushed and refused to answer while Tom merely shrugged. "Life happens I suppose."

And then Hermione saw them and proceeded to squeal and draw them into a tight embrace. "I'm so happy for you! I have been waiting for Harry to finally settle down for ages and now he has!"


"Rita is going to be so happy too! It means someone won the cauldron and I'm certain it was Luna. She said you'd get together over the Christmas holiday when the bets were placed months ago, and she put in several quid too."

Their co-workers had been placing bets on when they had finally decided to get together. Tom didn't know if he should be happy about that or not. He knew they all knew he was interested in Harry, but he did not expect that level of interest in their personal lives.

"And I have won it all!" Luna sang as she sauntered into the building, her blonde hair styled into a long plait. "The cauldron is mine! Thanks, you two!"

When they finally got into the studio and set up all the equipment, Harry asked if it was play to make the official announcement since all of they listeners also seemed invested in knowing the status of their relationship. Tom saw nothing wrong with the plan and asked if he could be the one to do it.

They chose noon as the perfect time to do it.

"On a side note for all of our lovely listeners who have been loyal for so long, we have an announcement for you," said Harry, sending a cheeky wink in Tom's direction.

Tom nodded to himself. "Yes. For the person that called Black Widow the other evening, inquiring about the status of mine and Prongslet's relationship, we can lay your worries to rest now. Prongslet and I are now partners."

Harry played a quick track of an audience clapping and cheering. "Since people seemed to find it so important to know, yes, Voldy and I are together now. He's been very sweet and it was thanks to that specific caller the other evening, that I managed to get the point finally. Sorry to have frustrated any of you who realised that he was asking me out all the time!"

Tom snorted. "I don't think they could have been more frustrated than me, dearest."

"I apologised already!" Harry huffed. "Anyway, spread the news if you'd like because this will be the only time we announce the new status of our relationship."

"And speaking of relationships, here's Draco Malfoy's newest hit, [Relationship]."

"You did it," Severus remarked, feeling a cross between baffled and amazed. "I cannot believe it worked in the end."

Lily smiled. "I had a bit of help from Harry's friends. Rita was on board from the beginning."

Severus really needed to get used to how devious she was and how strangely lucky she had always been. Lily was very good at getting what she wanted.

"Now we just need to figure out if they're joining us for Christmas dinner, or if their going to meet Tom's father. Speaking of, I should like to meet him as well."

Tom Sr. was a bit of a hard arse in Severus' opinion. But he was certain that Lily could wear him down given enough time. She managed to get people who originally wouldn't have ever spoken to her, to befriend her easily. Case in point, Narcissa Malfoy.

"You should perhaps tell your son that Tom's birthday is the last day of December," Severus suggested as he reached for his tea. "Lord only knows how sad he'd be if he missed it. And Tom forgets it himself so this is the only chance he'd probably get to learn about it."

An almost manic grin spread across Lily's face. "You know, I think we need to throw a New Years Eve party and invite everyone along. What do you think, Sev?"

"I think you're mental."

"Maybe. But I'm still going to get what I want in the end, so what does it matter?"

Severus silently sent out his well wishes to the new couple because with Lily involved, he knew only drama would follow. And also him, because there was no way she'd let him slide by as a passive observer.


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