disclaimer: i do not own mario and sonic, they are owned by Sega and Nintendo.

Kenny P.O.V: my name is Kenny, I am just doing the same thing as always. just like Lord Bowser requests, and though I have no problems with trying to stop Mario and his friends, i had one question: What's it like to not be a minion? after Mario Thwarted King Bowser's plans, i went to talk to some other minions in the Buzzy Beetle family of minions. I found a Spike-Top, a regular Buzzy Beetle, and a Spiny eating some lunch and chatting. "Hey guys." I calmly said, they looked up and over at me and let me take my place with them, "how are things?" the Spiny asked. "i'm ok" i replied, and truth be told: the three minions i was eating with also had the same question on their minds. "i wonder if we'll ever be heroes, life as a minion doesn't work out for us." the Spike-Top said, "i know what you mean." the Buzzy Beetle said. so i decided to say: "maybe Kamek can find us a world where we can be heroes if i ask." the three minions nodded but looked at me as if I was crazy, I couldn't blame them but what good would it do if you don't try.

so me and my three comrades went to Kamek's study, we were afraid but I had the courage to face my fearfears. i knocked on his door, "come in!" a voice said. "excuse me, Kamek? me and my friends here wish to humbly retire and be sent to a new world." I politely said to Lord Bowser's right hand minion. he then looked at me like i was insane at first, but then was surprisingly happy with us for trying to find a new life for the better. "let me come too!" we turned around to see a Spiny from the Bean Bean Castle's sewer that joined our squad, "just so long as you don't get in the way. okay?" i jokingly said. the Bean Bean Spiny laughed at the joke and politely said "ok." i compared the Bean Bean Spiny to the one that have always been in Bowser's army, it had: yellow spines and a yellow shell lining, a green shell top as apposed to the standard red, and pale skin as apposed to the normal yellow. "ok! i have found a new world for you, and I will send you a spell to you all after you go there to come to our world and the new one as you please. take care of yourselves." the old Magikoopa said, "we will." I said. and with that said, we all went through the portal for our new home, and new life.