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Chapter 12

May 1940

Garcia Flynn tried not to stare at the door as he waited impatiently at his table. The blonde waitress stopped by for the third time to ask if he was ready to order. He shook his head. "I'm still waiting for my friends," he said. "They're late."

The waitress, her nametag said Betty, nodded, refilled his coffee cup and walked away. The three menus she left on the table remained unopened. Flynn reached into his jacket pocket to make sure the envelope was still there. What's taking them so long? He took another sip of his black coffee while peering over the rim of his cup at the door. It opened and in stepped the two people he was waiting for.

Wyatt and Lucy spotted Flynn in the back of the restaurant and headed in his direction. When the receptionist spotted them, she asked "Table for two?"

Wyatt said "We're with the gentleman in the back."

"Go right ahead," the receptionist said before turning her attention to another guest.

Lucy took her husband's arm and walked with him to Flynn's table. He stood and pointed to the chairs. "Please have a seat."

Wyatt pulled out Lucy's chair so she could easily sit down and pushed it closer to the table before giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze. Lucy smiled at him and said "Thank you darling."

Wyatt sat down and said "Sorry we're late. There was an accident on the bridge."

Flynn nodded. "I'm glad you made it safely."

The waitress arrived back at the table just then and asked "Would you like something to drink?"

Wyatt looked at Lucy and back at the waitress "We'll have some coffee please."

Betty nodded and said "I'll give you a minute to look at the menus." She stopped a nearby table on the way back to the kitchen.

"How has your semester gone this spring?" Flynn asked.

Lucy smiled and answered "Very well, thank you. We still have a lot of grading to do before we're finished. How's everything at the museum?"

Flynn smiled in return. "Attendance has been up 20% this year and those lectures you gave were a big hit."

Wyatt said "That was a lot of fun. If you would like us to speak again we would be happy to."

"That would be great. Thanks." The waitress came back to the table to take their orders. Flynn and Wyatt ordered steak with a baked potato and clam chowder while Lucy ordered salmon and rice with a salad.

"Have you finalized your plans for the treasure hunt?" Flynn asked.

"Almost," Lucy responded. "We have a general outline and are working on the details."

Flynn grinned. "Ah, but the devil is in the details….."

Wyatt and Lucy both laughed. "Yes, but we've learned that it's best to think like a Boy Scout and 'Be prepared.'"

"You're the treasure hunters, not me. I'll leave the details to you." Flynn reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a thick white letter sized envelope. He passed it to Lucy. "Here are your tickets for the train to New York and some spending money. There is also a letter of introduction to the Bank of New York and another to the Atlantis Travel Agency. The bank will give you additional cash in British pounds and a letter of credit. The travel agency will have plane tickets for you two and the Carlins. I've arranged for prepaid lodging along the way. The travel agency will have your itinerary with all the details for your trip there and back and your stay at the hunt. I know Stanford has taken care of all your arrangements at the dig."

Lucy and Wyatt both said "Thank you." Lucy opened the envelope and peeked inside. "A Pullman compartment….. very nice."

Flynn smiled. "It's a long trip. I wanted to make sure you are well rested before you get to India. You've got a lot to do once you get there."

Wyatt grinned back at him. "This sure will help. Thanks again."

"There is also a letter of introduction to my contact in India. He will make sure you have all the equipment and supplies you need. His name is Anand Singh."

Lucy nodded. "I hope he doesn't mind dealing with a woman."

"That shouldn't be a problem with him. He's a pretty progressive thinker."

Wyatt said. "We've been wondering something."

Flynn looked at him and Lucy. "What is it?"

"We heard that you were friends with Stone Goldberg, the German archeologist. Lucy and I were wondering why you chose us for this hunt instead of him."

Flynn chuckled. "I should have known you would be checking up on me. I know you have a sort of… rivalry with him. Truth be told, I did ask him first but he's become wrapped up with the Nazis. I'm not entirely sure if it's by choice, but he can't participate."

"So we're your second choice….." Lucy stated.

"Not really. I asked him first due to our friendship."

The waiter arrived with their food. They dug in and resumed their conversation.

"Mr. Singh can send me a cable message if you need to reach me…. like when you find the treasure."

Wyatt and Lucy both chuckled. "If and when that happens, we hope you have great security."

Flynn smiled. "That my friends, I do."


First week of June, 1940

Wyatt looked up from the papers on his desk at the clock on the wall of his office at Stanford. He stretched his neck to get the kink out and thought about dinner and what his wife would like to eat. Lucy was giving her last final exam and would be done in about an hour. He had time to run to the local restaurant to pick up some food before meeting her at home. Some spaghetti with meat balls, salad and garlic bread would do the trick with Spumoni ice cream for dessert. Wyatt picked up his phone and dialed the restaurant to place his order.

Lucy stared out at her students in the lecture hall while they took their final exams. She stood from her chair and began to walk around the room. She wondered if her husband had remembered to do something about dinner. Her stomach growled as she had skipped lunch and was really hungry. One of her students broke her out of her musings to ask a question about the essay. After giving an answer, she finished her tour of the classroom and returned to her chair in the front wishing for the clock to move faster.

About forty minutes later, Wyatt unlocked the front door to their house and took the food he picked up to the kitchen. After placing the ice cream in the freezer, he headed to their bedroom to change out of his suit. It was a warm late afternoon, so he put on a Oxford T-shirt and shorts which made him look like he was on the rowing team. After using the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror while washing his hands. I hope Lucy doesn't think I'm being a traitor to Stanford by wearing this. Wyatt chuckled to himself at his thoughts as he headed downstairs. He knew his wife wouldn't mind.

Wyatt set the table and plated the food. He set out a beer for each of them and sat down at the table to look at the mail and wait for his bride. A large envelope from Los Angeles caught his attention. It was from Monty Jones, the bookstore owner who gave them his grandfather's journals. Wyatt opened the envelope with curiosity. Inside was a handwritten note and some more pages and drawings. He read the note.

Dear Wyatt and Lucy,

While cleaning out the storage room, I came across another box of my grandfather's stuff. Inside, among other personal belongings were these pages and drawings. It looks like they had fallen out or were taken out of one of his journals. I thought they might be useful to you.

By the way, thank you for the free advertising. A few customers from the bay area have come to the store and mentioned that they heard about my store from lectures you two have done for the museum there in San Francisco.

Hope you have a safe trip to India and please be sure to look me up when you are back in L.A.


Monty Jones

Wyatt took out the pages and was about to look at them when he heard the front door open and saw Lucy come in. He immediately set the pages down and went to his wife carrying her purse and a few books. He took them from her and set them down on a side table before taking her in his arms and planting a toe curling kiss on her lips.

After breaking for air, Lucy smiled against her husband's lips and said "Wow... is that a welcome home kiss, an 'it's the end of the school year kiss', or a let's hurry up and eat so I can take you to bed and have my way with your kiss?"

Wyatt grinned and kissed her again while continuing to hold Lucy tight against his body. "How about all three?"

Lucy grinned back at him and said "I'm especially looking forward to the third item." She turned around and moved her hair to the said to give Wyatt access. "Unzip me please, darling. The food smells great. I'll change and be right back."

She kissed Wyatt on the lips and winked at him before heading up the stairs. Three minutes later she was back down the stairs wearing one of Wyatt's Stanford T-shirts and nothing else but her wedding rings. She sat down on his lap as he had returned to the table and was back perusing the new journal pages. "What are you looking at, my darling?"

Wyatt showed her. "Some new drawings and pages from Monty Jones' grandfather. Monty found them and sent them to us." Lucy's stomach growled. Wyatt chuckled. "I think it's time to eat."

Lucy slid over to the chair right next to Wyatt and smiled at him before sliding her chair so she was as close to her husband as possible. She slid her food over to where it was right in front of where she was sitting and leaned over to give him a kiss. "Thank you for picking up the food. It looks great."

Wyatt grinned at her. "My darling, with what I have planned for us tonight I needed to make sure you had enough strength to keep up with me. There's Spumoni ice cream too."

Lucy took a bite of her salad and looked at him coyly. "Just what did you have planned for us tonight? Grading papers? Looking at journal pages? Reading a book? Listening to the radio?"

Wyatt started laughing and reached over to place his left hand on the inside of her right leg. He leaned in to whisper in her ear causing Lucy to shudder. Wyatt slid his hand up the inside of her leg and Lucy parted her legs farther apart to give her husband access. When he reached her apex, he discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. Wyatt gulped and Lucy clamped her legs closed trapping his hand at her warmth. Wyatt lost all train of thought for a moment and Lucy turned her head, kissing him on the lips. "You were about to say something, darling?"

Wyatt shook his head as if to shake off any cobwebs on his brain. "I think you have the same thing planned for me as I have planned for you."

Lucy chuckled. "You know what they say…..great minds run in the same direction."

Wyatt smiled and said "I have to admit, though, that I wasn't planning our dinner being part of the foreplay."


Later that evening, after the spaghetti, salad and garlic bread were consumed and dishes washed, the love birds were sitting on the living room couch enjoying bowls of spumoni ice cream while listening to some music on the radio. Lucy put her head on Wyatt's shoulder between spoonfuls of ice cream enjoying the closeness of their bodies on the couch. When they were finished with their ice cream, they put the bowls on the coffee table and Wyatt started massaging Lucy's shoulders while kissing her neck.

"Mmmmm. That feels so good…" Lucy purred while she enjoyed what her husband was doing.

Wyatt grinned and whispered in her ear. "I love you and love to make you feel good."

Lucy turned her head and captured Wyatt's lips with hers. "I love you too my darling. I love to make you feel good too." She abruptly stood up and pulled Wyatt to his feet, leading him to the stairs. When they got there, Lucy let go of Wyatt's hand and started up the stairs while pulling her T shirt over her head, leaving her only wearing her wedding rings. Wyatt admired his wife's beauty as she ascended the stairs and when she reached the top, she turned and threw the T shirt at her husband with a smile. "See something you like, Mr. Logan? Lucy said as she waited for him in the doorway of their bedroom.

When Wyatt reached her location, he pulled her body into his and gave her a toe curling kiss, leaving them breathless. Wyatt picked up his naked bride and carried her to their bed while telling her "Very, very, very much, Mrs. Logan."

Lucy helped her husband shed his clothes and soon their bodies were entwined recovering from a blissful round of love making. Wyatt lay on his back while Lucy put her head on his chest and draped a long leg across his body. After they recovered a bit, Wyatt asked "Do you need any clothes or supplies for the trip?"

Lucy nodded. "I need a new negligee, my darling."

Wyatt chuckled. "Really?"

Lucy chuckled. "Unless you want me to sleep naked every night?"

Wyatt grinned. "Do you really want me to answer that my darling?"

Lucy climbed on top of Wyatt so he could feel as much of her naked body as possible before giving him a toe curling kiss. She shook her head. "No, but I do need to do some shopping." She then proceeded to kiss her way down his body.

Wyatt had a hard time forming a coherent thought before saying "Then I'll take you shopping tomorrow."

Lucy looked up at him and smiled before resuming what she was doing. She loved her husband and his moans of pleasure were music to her ears.


June 10, 1940

"Are you ready to go darling?" Wyatt called out to his wife who was still in the bedroom. Their suitcases were by the front door and he had finished checking the doors and windows. Carol had just arrived to take them to the train station.

"In a minute," Lucy called out.

Carol knocked on the door and Wyatt opened the door. They greeted each other with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

"Do you want to load up the car with your luggage?" Carol asked.

"Good idea." He took her keys from his mother-in-law.

Carol decided to go upstairs and check on Lucy.

"Is everything okay?" Carol called out as she got to the bedroom door.

"Oh, hi mom. Yeah, everything is fine. I just can't seem to get the bow on my dress straight."

Carol walked into the room. "Here, let me help you." Carol fixed the problem straight away and they headed down the stairs.

Wyatt had just returned from the car when Lucy and Carol reached the door. "All ready, my darling," Lucy said to her husband. Wyatt looked his wife up and down and smiled. "Gorgeous as always Mrs. Logan."

Lucy grinned back at him. "Why thank you Mr. Logan," Lucy said while batting her eyelashes at Wyatt.

Carol, seeing how happy her daughter was, secretly enjoyed the banter between the two love birds, asked "Can't you wait until you get in your train compartment?"

Wyatt and Lucy chuckled at her comment and headed out the door, locking it behind them and handing the keys to Carol so she could keep her eye on the place while they were gone and water the plants.

When they arrived at the train station, Wyatt unloaded the luggage and took it to the platform. The train was scheduled to leave in fifteen minutes so they had plenty of time to get settled. Lucy and Carol walked up Wyatt and waited with him until a conductor came over to help with the luggage and show them to their compartment. After an emotional farewell with Carol, Lucy and Wyatt settled into their seats and looked out the window. They waved at Carol one more time before she headed to her car. The train started to move beginning their first adventure together as husband and wife.


June 13, 1940

Lucy opened her eyes slowly. The light peeking through the gap in the curtains on the compartment window was shining on her face causing her to turn her head slightly where her lips were right next to Wyatt's ear. She took a moment to think back on the previous couple of days. Jiya and Rufus were right, she mused. The rocking of the train was magical. Lucy took Wyatt's earlobe between her teeth causing him to shudder. She then blew gently on his ear and whispered "I love you my darling Wyatt."

Wyatt, now awake from his wife's ministrations, pulled her on top of him before kissing her senseless. "What time is it?"

Lucy reached for her watch that was on the table next to the bed. "6am." It was her turn to kiss him senseless.

"6am, mmmm. Do you know what that means?"

Lucy chuckled and shook her head.

"We've got time."

"Time for what?" Lucy asked with a grin.

"This…." Wyatt rolled his wife onto her back and proceeded to kiss his way down her naked body.

When he got to a certain spot Lucy gasped "Oh!" She ran her fingers through his hair as she pressed down, encouraging her husband to continue what he was doing. He was eager to comply with her wishes.

A couple of hours later, Lucy and Wyatt got up and dressed for a trip to the dining car. The train was scheduled to arrive at Penn station in New York City at noon. They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while watching the scenery go by through the windows.

"I wonder what the countryside will look like in India," Lucy said.

"I'm looking forward to finding out." Wyatt responded. "Do you know what I'm really liking about this trip most of all?"

Lucy looked at her husband and shook her head.

"That we're doing this trip together."

Lucy smiled. "That's what I like best too."


At 12:03pm, the train pulled into Penn Station in New York City. After breakfast, the Logans packed up their belongings and sat next to each other in their compartment. Lucy rested her head on Wyatt's shoulder and closed her eyes, sighing contentedly. They sat there in companionable silence while waiting for the train to stop. Looking out of the window, Wyatt watched the hustle and bustle of the passengers and workers as they made their way around the station. A minute or two later, they felt the train jerk to a stop. Wyatt kissed Lucy on the top of the head. "Time to go, sleepy head."

Lucy looked up at him and said with a smile "I'd have more energy if you didn't wake me so early this morning."

Wyatt laughed and laughed. "Ah, my recollection is a little different about who woke whom. But it sure was a wonderful way to wake up!"

Lucy kissed him on the lips. "Let's go, my handsome husband. We have places to go and people to meet."

Wyatt stood and extended her hand to his wife. "Shall we?" Lucy took his hand and the headed out of the compartment to wait for their luggage.